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Keep on Rockin' in the Free World* (Neil Young) (9-mins)

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Today is August 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders - Here**
August 24, 2016

Green Party’s Jill Stein Praises WikiLeaks

Calls Julian Assange a Hero - Here

Revolt Against the System

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese

Dakota Sioux Block Pipeline

“Rock Against the TPP” Concert Tour
Comes to Portland & Seattle - Here & Here**

Chris Hedges
"The Illusion of Freedom"
written 8 months ago
- Here

CNN Replay - Here**
Green town hall of Aug 17

1969 Woodstock Revisited* (154-mins)

August 15, 16, 17, 18
Woodstock 3 Days of Music & Peace

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North America Storm Loop Today - Here**

August 24

Portland Tiny Home Eviction - Here

Happy B'day 90 Fidel - Here


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Dr. Cornel West at the
Convention - Here**

The Green Revolution
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Who is Jill Stein? Why Go Green?
Interview with Paul Jay of TRNN - Parts** 1 2 3

Ben Jealous & Jill Stein debate
on DemocracyNow! - Here**
On Contact with Chris Hedges - Here**
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Show 9: July 31 - In the Political Wilderness

Show 8: Protesting the DNC

Show 7: Capitalism in Crisis

Past Shows beginning June 12, 2016
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Greenpeace: Extremely High Jump in
Post-Fukushima Radioactive Chemicals

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We the People vrs the oligarchs.
Main Street takes on wall street!

"We are the People

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"One Love One Heart" - Bob Marley

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Aug 12, 2016

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RNC convention

The Green Party

Green in the News

We the undersigned urge your support – including your voice and your vote - for Jill Stein for President on the Green Party line as an essential, urgent step to continue building a true American revolution.
A movement for democracy and justice is sweeping the planet - from Occupy Wall Street to the Arab Spring to the Black Lives Matter movement. People are rising up to halt the neoliberal assault, calling for an America and a world that works for all of us. While our movement is winning important victories – notably for living wages and against fossil fuel infrastructure – the economic elite have only tightened their grip. People are realizing that if we want to fix the rigged economy, the rigged racial injustice system, the rigged energy system and more, we must also fix the rigged political system.
The toxic 2016 Presidential election is yet another manifestation of the desperate need for deep change. Many have flocked to the banner of socialism and equality raised by the Sanders campaign, while conservative voters have rejected the illusions peddled by Republican elites. Meanwhile the two corporate parties have anointed the two most disliked politicians in the country to be their standard bearers this November.
Jill Stein’s Power to the People agenda reflects many of the domestic policies of the Sanders campaign – income equality, climate justice, free public higher education, Medicare for All, immigrant rights, racial justice and an end to mass incarceration. In other areas, Stein goes much further than Sanders, calling for the cancellation of student debt, full public financing of elections, and the creation of public banks. Her rapid transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 makes wars for oil obsolete, enabling a 50% cut in the dangerously bloated military budget which has made us less safe, not more safe. Stein offers a foreign policy based on international law and human rights, not economic and military domination that has proven so catastrophic.
While support for the Sanders campaign surpasses that of all other campaigns, the elites of the Democratic Party have stacked party rules to sabotage his campaign, like principled and powerful grassroots candidates before him. The Democratic Party is proving once again that you can't have a revolutionary campaign in a counter-revolutionary party.
Each time a challenger such as Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich and Sanders inspired hope among progressives for change, Democratic Party leaders sabotaged the effort. All the while, the Democratic Party has continued to march to the right, becoming more corporatist, imperialist and militarist in spite of its inspired progressive electoral campaigns. The party’s trajectory has been to fake left, but go right.
As the Democrats shut down Sanders’ campaign, some "progressives" are advocating retreat from electoral politics, suggesting people double down on social movements. Of course we must continue to fight for these movements in every way possible. But if we do not also fight for political power, the battles of our social movements will count for little, as they will be outflanked by predatory elites making our laws, writing our budgets, and appointing government administrators. In the words of Frederick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” We must bring that demand into the halls of power.
Other loyal Democrats are calling for a focus on Congressional races. But even when the Democratic Party held both houses of Congress and the White House from 2008-2010, the Democratic majority delivered for its corporate sponsors, not everyday people, with Wall Street bailouts, wars for oil, an “all of the above” energy policy that was “drill baby drill” on steroids, and tax favors for the wealthy.
As the Democratic Party continues its assault, growing numbers are looking to the Stein campaign as the vehicle to continue the revolt. The Green Party is currently on the ballot for more than half of voters, and with Stein’s current petition drives, they expect to have ballot lines in all or nearly all states.
The potential for the Stein campaign to become a major force in the 2016 election should not be discounted. Forty-three million people locked in student debt have no way out except through Stein’s plan to cancel student debt and bail out the students like Obama bailed out Wall Street. Young voters overwhelmingly supported Sanders in the primary. Tens of millions of others have made clear that they are not interested in Clinton’s corporate, pro-war agenda.
The groundswell for Donald Trump was created by the economic misery of NAFTA and Wall Street deregulation – policies promoted by both Clintons. Neoliberal Clintonism caused the rise of Trump. Another Clinton presidency will only make things worse. Besides, the lesser evil merely paves the way to the greater evil, because people stay home rather than vote for a lesser-evil politician who’s throwing them under the bus. That’s why blue legislatures, governors, and Congress keep flipping red.
The clock is ticking – on the next Wall Street collapse, the climate meltdown, the expanding wars, the slide towards fascism, nuclear confrontation and more. This is the time to stand up with the courage of our convictions, while we still can. Forget the lesser evil. Fight for the greater good – like our lives depend on it, because they do. The corporate parties will not fix this for us. We are the ones we've been waiting for.
The Stein campaign provides the next time-critical step to build peaceful political revolution. Please join us in supporting, volunteering, donating and petitioning to get Jill on the ballot. Tell your friends and neighbors about this historic opportunity to build an America and a world that works for all of us. Together we can put people, planet and peace over profit. #ItsInOurHands

The Great Lakes Gathering - Here

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Is Now
Orbiting Jupiter - Here


A Moment to Remember!

Portland Birdie Landing** (Golden Finch)

Paul Jay Interviews Kshama Sawant - Here**
"The People's Summit" (Just passed 06/19)
"[T]o create real political change, movements
must abandon the Democratic Party"

Jah Know!

February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981


One Love* (192-mins)
Neil Young* (237-mins)
Latin Rhythms* (192-mins)
The First Peoples* (245-mins)
Times Are A Changin'* (210-mins)

Honoring our ancestors compels
the choosing of Love
over hate!

All Lives Matter
When Black Lives Matter!

Motown* (252-mins)

BB King* (197-mins)

John Coltrane* (195-mins)
Miles Davis & Friends

Gil Scott Heron* (151-mins)

Amiri Baraka Video Performance **
 Audio Interview & Poetry* (38-mins)

Tupac Shakur* (195-mins) - Here**



Get ready, it may just be time to pack our
bags and escape to ?!! Corporate-caused
poverty is rampant. Violence of corporate
hegemony is producing crazies.


ONE YEAR Ago, April 30, 2015
Bernie Sanders Announces! - Here**

'We Must Understand Corporate Power

to Fight It' - by Chris Hedges - Here

In the winter of 1941, a Jewish gravedigger from Chelmo, the western province of Poland, appeared in Warsaw and desperately sought a meeting with Jewish leaders.

He told them the Nazis were rounding up Jews, including the old, women and children, and forcing them into what looked like tightly sealed buses. The buses had the exhaust pipes redirected into the cabins. The Jews were killed with carbon monoxide. He had helped dig the mass graves for thousands of corpses until he escaped.

On the way to Warsaw, he had gone from village to village, frantically warning the Jews. Scores of Jews, in the villages and ultimately in Warsaw, heard his testimony of horror and dismissed it.

A handful of listeners, however, including Zivia Lubetkin, who two years later would help lead the uprising by 500 armed Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto, instantly understood the ultimate aims of the Nazi state.

“I don’t know how we intuitively shared the same horrible conviction that the total annihilation of all the Jewish communities in Nazi-occupied Europe was at hand,” she wrote in her memoir, “In the Days of Destruction and Revolt.”

She and a handful of young activists started planning a revolt. From that moment forward, they existed in a parallel reality.

“We walked along the overcrowded streets of the Warsaw Ghetto, hundreds of thousands of people pushing and rushing about in fright, antagonistic and tense, living the illusion that they were fighting for their lives, their meager livelihood, but, in reality, when you closed your eyes you could see that they were all dead …”

The established Jewish leadership warned the resistance fighters to desist, telling them to work within the parameters set by the Nazi occupiers. The faces of the established Jewish leaders, when they were informed of the plans to fight back, she wrote, “grew pale, either from sudden fear or from anger at our audacity. They were furious. They reproached us for irresponsibly sowing the seeds of despair and confusion among the people, for our impertinence in even thinking of armed resistance.”

The greatest problem the underground movement faced, she wrote, was “the false hope, the great illusion.” The movement’s primary task was to destroy these illusions. Only when the truth was known would widespread resistance be possible.

"There is no more will to reform, or to accommodate the needs and rights of the citizens by the corporate state, than there was to accommodate the needs and rights of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland."

The aims of the corporate state are, given the looming collapse of the ecosystem, as deadly, maybe more so, as the acts of mass genocide carried out by the Nazis and Stalin’s Soviet Union.

The reach and effectiveness of corporate propaganda dwarfs even the huge effort undertaken by Adolf Hitler and Stalin. The layers of deception are sophisticated and effective. News is state propaganda. Elaborate spectacles and forms of entertainment, all of which ignore reality or pretend the fiction of liberty and progress is real, distract the masses.

Education is indoctrination. Ersatz intellectuals, along with technocrats and specialists, who are obedient to neoliberal and imperial state doctrine, use their academic credentials and erudition to deceive the public.

The promises made by the corporate state and its political leaders—we will restore your jobs, we will protect your privacy and civil liberties, we will rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, we will save the environment, we will prevent you from being exploited by banks and predatory corporations, we will make you safe, we will provide a future for your children—are the opposite of reality.

The loss of privacy, the constant monitoring of the citizenry, the use of militarized police to carry out indiscriminate acts of lethal violence—a daily reality in marginal communities—and the relentless drive to plunge as much as two-thirds of the country into poverty to enrich a tiny corporate elite, along with the psychosis of permanent war, presage a dystopia that will be as severe as the totalitarian systems that sent tens of millions to their deaths during the reigns of fascism and communism.

There is no more will to reform, or to accommodate the needs and rights of the citizens by the corporate state, than there was to accommodate the needs and rights of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland. But until the last moment, this reality will be hidden behind the empty rhetoric of democracy and reform. Repressive regimes gradually institute harsher and harsher forms of control while denying their intentions. By the time a captive population grasps what is happening, it is too late.

The elaborate ruses set up by the Nazis that kept Jews and others slated for extermination passive until they reached the doors of the gas chambers, usually decorated with a large Star of David, were legend. Those taken to death camps were told they were going to work. Unloading ramps at Treblinka were made to look like a train station, with fabricated train schedules posted on the walls and a fake train clock and ticket window. Camp musicians played. The elderly and infirm were escorted from the cattle cars to a building called the infirmary, with the Red Cross symbol on it, before being shot in the back of the head. Men, women and children, who would die in the gas chambers within an hour, were given tickets for their clothes and valuables.

“The Germans were quite courteous when they led people to be slaughtered,” Lubetkin noted acidly.

Jews in ghettos, awaiting deportation to the death camps, were divided by those who worked for the Nazis and therefore had certain privileges, and those who did not. This division effectively pitted the two groups against each other until the final deportations. And collaborating with the killers, in the vain hope that they would be spared, were Jews themselves, organized into Jewish Councils, or Judenrat, and formed into units of the Jewish police, along with what Lubetkin called “their cronies, the spectators and profiteers, the smugglers.”

In the death camps, Jews, to stay alive a little longer, worked in the crematoriums as sonderkommandos. There are always those among the oppressed willing to sell out their neighbor for a few more crusts of bread. As life becomes desperate, the choice is often between collaboration and death.

Our corporate masters know what is coming. They know that as the ecosystem breaks down, as financial dislocations create new global financial meltdowns, as natural resources are poisoned or exhausted, despair will give way to panic and rage.

"It is time to step outside of the establishment."

They know coastal cities will be covered by rising sea levels, crop yields will plummet, soaring temperatures will make whole parts of the globe uninhabitable, the oceans will become dead zones, hundreds of millions of refugees will flee in desperation, and complex structures of governance and organization will break down.

They know that the legitimacy of corporate power and neoliberalism—as potent and utopian an ideology as fascism or communism—will crumble. The goal is to keep us fooled and demobilized as long as possible.

The corporate state, operating a system Sheldon Wolin referred to as “inverted totalitarianism,” invests tremendous sums—$5 billion in this presidential election alone—to ensure that we do not see its intentions or our ultimate predicament.

These systems of propaganda play on our emotions and desires. They make us confuse how we are made to feel with knowledge. They get us to identify with the manufactured personality of a political candidate. Millions wept at the death of Josef Stalin, including many who had been imprisoned in his gulags. There is a powerful yearning to believe in the paternal nature of despotic power.

There are cracks in the edifice. The loss of faith in neoliberalism has been a driving force in the insurgencies in the Republican and Democratic parties. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, of course, will do nothing to halt the corporate assault. There will be no reform. Totalitarian systems are not rational. There will only be harsher forms of repression and more pervasive systems of indoctrination and propaganda. The voices of dissenters, now marginalized, will be silenced.

It is time to step outside of the establishment. This means organizing groups, including political parties, that are independent of the corporate political machines that control the Republicans and Democrats.

It means carrying out acts of sustained civil disobedience. It means disruption.

Our resistance must be nonviolent. The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, condemned to imminent death and alienated from a Polish population steeped in anti-Semitism, had no hope of appealing to the Nazi state or most of the Poles.

But we still have options. Many who work within ruling class structures understand the corruption and dishonesty of corporate power. We must appeal to their conscience. We must disseminate the truth.

We have little time left. Climate change, even if we halt all carbon emissions today, will still bring rising temperatures, havoc, instability and systems collapse to much of the planet.

Let us hope we never have to make the stark choice, as most of the ghetto fighters did, about how we will die. If we fail to act, however, this choice will one day define our future, as it defined theirs.

“A Future To Believe In”
Bernie's in San Francisco 
with Dave Matthews &
- Here** & Here**

This Land is Your Land
Sing-a-long June 6, 2016 - Here*

Join Your Local Food Co-op!

 "The Women’s Sewing Cooperative of DouglaPrieta
Works (DPW) is the longest
running and closest fair
trade sewing project in our region. The women of
DPW make
quality hand-sewn products and support
a community center that teaches self-sufficiency
promotes food security in the community of Agua
Prieta, Sonora. The women
are agents for change in
this post-colonized town, and the project demonstrates
our consumer choices can make radical differences
in peoples’ lives, while countering
the global capitalist
paradigm that takes the means of production away from
for everything from the clothes we wear
to the food we eat...."
More - Here

Be Aware! Demand that the
USDA Change its
Organics law
okays hydroponics.
It's unacceptable!
- Here

Prof. Wolff's Economic

Update - Here

Noam Chomsky on Donald Trump:
'Almost a death knell for the human
- Here

Hillary Unveiled!
The Empire Files - Here**

Happy B'day Wavy!
- Here**

4/20/2014 at SLIM's . .
in San Francisco, CA
Wavy's Oral (Hippy) History of 
San Francisco (46-mins) - Here**

Climate Activists Put It On The Line -

Troublemakers - The Film
- Here
Star Axis

Spiral Jetty

The Intercept Reports: Dem Convention Hosted by
Repub Donors! - Here

Bernie at Pine Ridge - Here**

Monsanto gets 20-year Veteran
Iowa "Farm News" Cartoonist Fired! - Here

Michael Ratner Dies at 72!
- Here

Daniel Berrigan Dies at 94
Here & Here**

30th Anniversary of Chernobyl

April 26, 1986-2016
- Here

[The Dying Nuke Industry is Killing Us All]
Story by Harvey Wasserman - Here

April 26 Video - NY Public Library
Yanis Varoufakis & Noam Chomsky - Here**

April 19 - Slavoj Žižek [Guardian] interview - Here*

The Young Turks - Here**

Leap Year 2016 - Here

"Small steps are no longer enough;
To celebrate the Leap Year, groups
in Canada and around the world
are holding events to push for a
justice-based transition away from
fossil fuels and towards new economic
and energy systems. From Vancouver to
Prince Edward Island, Salt Lake City
to Zagreb, there are teach-ins, film
screenings, community forums,
mobilizations and more:"
- Here


Welcome Here

Rev's NEW Book - Here
Stop Shopping Choir - Here**

Live Shows • 2PM PST • Thursdays - WBAI

Shows at Joe's Pub, NY - Here**

Organic Thanksgiving at Monsanto - Here


Rockin' Mother Earth!!!

Tesla Model 3**

Green Party Senate Candidate Removed
From Debate Stage - Here**

"After Maryland Green Party candidate Margaret Flowers
was escorted off the debate stage at last night's forum

just outside of Baltimore, she talked to the Real News
about the two-party system's chokehold on democracy
and her decision to protest it." TRNN

Chris Hedges Interviews Michael Hudson - Here**

Awesome interview, Chris! Riveting.
"Citizen 4"-esque. "1984". ?2016?
Thank you TRNN & Telesur.
Can a "Political Revolution"
deliver in time? One
evening, a birdie in
Portland, only


"We don't need the empire
to give us anything."
Fidel Castro

University of Arizona, Tucson
A Conversation On Privacy, March 25

Video - Here**

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Retirement Co-op Ensures Seniors Are Not

Treated as Commodities - Here

Abandoned uranium mines
on 1st Peoples' lands
- Here**


More -

Five Years
Uncontrolled!  TRIPLE MELTDOWNS!
Deception! Fukushima Daiichi
RADIATION Still Rages!

Turkey Point, FL
Nuclear Plant Leak!

Chernobyl 30 Years Later

John Trudell

February 15, 1946 - December 8, 2015

Here** (8-mins) - Audio Here* (138-mins)

~ Have a Beautiful week filled with 

Love, Joy & Harmony ~

Pic by: Zohar Ron

Primitive Tribal Crafts is Here

Primitive is also Here.

Thank You, Tucson Peace Coalition!
I am thankful to have been there - Bob


For complete Primary season viewing pleasure!
Lost In Las Vegas filmed in 2001


Climate Chaos
January 14  North Pacific  See Today  >> Here


  "The Stop Shopping Choir" - Here

>>> Tuesday 11/25/2014 - Thanksgiving 2014! - Here
Popular Resistance Newsletter - Here


Norman Rockwell is dead at the easel, his paintbrush still hanging in the air. All our traditions are in anaphylactic shock. We chew together in the eye of the storm.

This turkey-day we gather around the steaming food to defend ourselves against what is outside. We are seated facing inward, admiring the steaming aroma of the overkill. We pretend for an hour that we don't notice what is behind us, the climate rattling the windows and the families knocking on our door.

We express our gratitude for what? That we have just a little more time; time for this meal. The ritual meal gives us a feeling of false momentum; that we are logically coming from 10,000 meals going back through time. This also suggests that there will be many more such celebrations to follow. This is a lie and we know it.

We all live in a gated community now. We all live within a militarized zone, in the center of which is an extreme form of retail culture which storms our minds with smiling graphics, actors, anti-depressants, fossil-sourced packaging and carbon shipping. This bizarre deathtrap is called our mainstream economy.

Here in 2015, after Beirut and Paris; after extinction sweeping through the natural world; after cops shooting unarmed black men sixteen times and cities hiding the evidence; after the language of candidates out-Hitlering the worst of the past - we take another bite. We use the words of mild-mannered love. We think of our family as a little culture with borders. Well, should we be grateful that we can still harbor this fantasy?

We hear the wind blowing against the side of our dining room. We call it a super storm, hoping to make it as manageable as the super bowl or a super mall. We are watching the geo-political super-storm of ISIS, Putin and Goldman Sachs, but we are belching the gas from the top of our packed stomachs and the problems of the world are on a screen on the wall. We are not witnesses to the world, we are consumers of it. It comes as information on a screen. It is our most violent border. We have ourselves to thank for corporate media.

Our mature response is to remain in a state of non-protest and keep shopping. Cornel West is right when he says, “Everything is commodified. All things are for sale.” This is a state-sanctioned religion. Extreme shopping is the psychic heart of modern racism. The shopping drug makes us the kind of idiots that accept violence. The Ferguson young people last year were right to march into Walmart and shout "Hands Up! Don't Shop!"

This year is a hard Thanksgiving. Our thanks must leap from our immediate love all the way over Trump and ISIS and toxin-coated seeds of 200 mile-an-hour wind. Our thanks flies out to Chelsea Manning, the truth-teller alone in her cell. Our thanks go to the families who miss their murdered loved ones, the survivors of state violence from bullets, drone bombs or Monsanto. Our thanks go to the piano player at the Paris theater; to the all-night campers in the Minnesota cold at Precinct #4, and to the police who are beginning to have, in the midst of their thanks, doubts about their leaders.

The sun is rising in our windows on Thanksgiving Day in the USA. It's getting warmer for the homeless here in New York. My thanks go out to them, and the 60 million homeless who walk hundreds of miles toward militarized horizons. We must escape to all of you, cross the borders from the shopping side, and give thanks to you for our freedom.

-- Reverend Billy Talen

Newsletter: After The Crash...

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

“We have never had a year start the way that 2016 has
started.  In the U.S., the Dow Jones Industrial Average

and the S&P 500 have both posted their worst four-day
starts to a year ever.  Canadian stocks are now down 21
percent since September, and it has been an absolute
bloodbath in Europe over the past four days. . . There

has been an emergency suspension of trading in China
two times within the past four days, and nobody is quite
certain what is going to happen next.  Eventually this

wave of panic selling will settle down, but that won’t
mean that this crisis will be over.  In fact, what is
is going to be much worse than what we
have already
- More

  Margaret Flowers, M.D.
Announces Run for the
U.S. Senate
in Maryland!

November 23, 2015

"Philosopher Slavoj Žižek and former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange discuss Europe’s future. With the recent economic crisis in Greece, unprecedented challenges to centralized European policy, and the lack of consensus on the ongoing refugee crisis, many would agree that Europe faces its greatest ever predicament. Slavoj Žižek, regarded as ‘the most dangerous philosopher in the West’ (The New Republic), and Yanis Varoufakis, self-described ‘erratic Marxist’ and economic ‘rock-star’ (Business Insider and other publications), met in Croatia in 2013. They have never appeared together on the public stage – until now. Take your seat to hear them discuss the urgent task of building a different and more democratic Europe. The conversation explores the contradictions of late capitalism and some of the solutions that might just save the European project. It is moderated by Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat."

Europe is Kaput. Long live Europe!

Slavoj Žižek, Yanis Varoufakis &

Julian Assange
- Audio Here*

"An Indigenous Peoples' History
of the United States"

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Review - Here

 E-Book PDF - Here

TRNN Interview
** >> Parts 1, 2 & 3

"A People's History of the United States
1492 - Present"
An E-textbook
By Howard Zinn

Historical Geology • Wikibooks.org Textbook

Sleeping Frog Farms
One Week Before Winter Solstice 2015

One Love One Earth

Learn from our Mistakes.

Create Peace and Happiness.

Interact with No Harm.

Teach through Kind Action.

Experience Wilderness Quiet.

Share your Bliss, Dance and Song.

Build Green. Protect and Care.

Recycle, Reuse and Create Sustainable Systems.

Save Our Wild Earth.

Her Animals, Land, Plants, Water and Air.

"The Empire Files" with Abby Martin Fridays
From The Real News Network - TRNN - Here

Glenn Greenwald:
November 20, 2015

"Greenwald says former CIA Director James Woolsey is the worst
of the Neo-cons, who was always pushing for War, including invasion
of Iraq. In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, media coverage has seen
familiar patterns: uncritically repeat government claims, defend expansive
state power, and blame the Muslim community for the acts of a few. We
discuss media fear mongering, anti-Muslim scapegoating, ISIL’s roots,
and war profiteering with Glenn Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize-winning
journalist and co-founder of
The Intercept." - TRNN

 Clips from Democracy Now! - Parts 1 & 2

Tunes! B.Y.O.B.

Kelley's Sacred Flute*

First Peoples*


Classical Guitar*

Good Morning Occupy!*

The Music at Bob's Camp Soundtrack*


     more R
tunes - Here

From The Real News Network - TRNN - Days of Revolt:
"The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History"
- HERE**
Chris Hedges: "Today we're going to be discussing trade agreements such as
the TPP, which Ralph Nader calls "the most brazen corporate power grab in
American history". We'll be talking with attorney Kevin Zeese, a former Green
Party candidate in Maryland for the Senate, and one of the leaders
of Popular Resistance."

"Youth Recognize Their Power & Build It" - Here
by Dr. Margaret Flowers, M.D. & Kevin Zeese

Daryl Hannah at the D.C. Pipeline Protest Last Spring

The Grateful Dead*(348-mins)


Indy Remarkable!

The Monsanto Years

Neil Young* (237-mins)

The Monsanto Years

"The Monsanto Years" are here!
The West Coast Rebel Content Tour
>> Here* (270-mins)
  All the Tunes (Perty sure)

Neil with Promise of the Real


Save Our Heritage! NO GMOs!
Boycott Starbuck's!!! Why?
- Here

Neil Young & The Promise of the Real* LIVE (108-mins)
Video - "Walk On" - Here**

Left: Lukas Nelson, Neil Young and Micah Nelson at the SLO Brewery,
April 16, 2015, playing a last minute, hour's-notice gig to announce
their June "The Monsanto Years" Tour - News Release Here

Set list
Live at the SLO Brewery

1. (blank)
2. New Song 1 - People Want To Hear
     About Love
3. New Song 2 - New Day For The Planet
4. Down By The River
5. New Song 3 - Big Box
6. New Song 4 -
Rock Star Bucks
     A Coffee Shop

7. Walk On*
8. New Song 5 - Monsanto
9. New Song 6 - I Don't Know You
10. New Song 7 - Seeds
11. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
12. New Song 8 - Big Sky/Wolf Moon
13. Love And Only Love
14. New Song 9
15. New Song 10
16. Country Home
17. Roll Another Number

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

The Monsanto Tour

The "Rebel Content Tour" Ends
Spokane, WA - October 2, 2015

3 Complete Set Lists

Versions below, some may not be from"RCT"

   1. After The Gold Rush
   2. Heart Of Gold*
   3. Comes A Time*
   4. Old Man*
   5. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)*
   6. Hold Back The Tears*
   7. Out On The Weekend*
   8. Unknown Legend*
   9. Field Of Opportunity*
  10. Wolf Moon*
  11. Harvest Moon*
  12. Words (Between the Lines of Age)
  13. Bad Fog Of Loneliness*
  14. Winterlong*
  15. Alabama
  16. A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop
  17. People Want To Hear About Love
  18. Big Box
  19. Cowgirl in the Sand*
  20. Workin’ Man
  21. Monsanto Years*
  22. Love And Only Love

  23. Encore: Powderfinger

Portland, OR - October 7, 2015

        After The Gold Rush
        Heart Of Gold
        Comes A Time
        Old Man
        Mother Earth
        Hold Back The Tears
        Out On The Weekend
        Human Highway
        September Song
        Western Hero
        Field Of Opportunity
        Wolf Moon
        Words (Between the Lines of Age)
        Walk On
        A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop*
        People Want To Hear About Love
        Big Box
        Southern Man*
        Workin’ Man
        I Won't Quit*
        Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere*
        Love and Only Love

        Fuckin' Up*

Eugene, OR - October 8, 2015

After The Gold Rush*
My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)*
Old Man
Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
Out On The Weekend
Human Highway*
Unknown Legend
Wolf Moon
Words (Between the Lines of Age)
Walk On*
September Song* (Lukas Nelson vocals & piano, Neil on Guitar)
A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop
People Want to Hear About Love
Big Box
Monsanto Years
Down By The River*
Workin’ Man
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Are You Ready for the Country?*
Roll Another Number (For the Road)*
Love and Only Love*

Vampire Blues*

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Las Vegas October 11, 2013 added tunes:

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

Other Rebel Content Tour tunes:


You ROCK!!! Dana Durnford!!!!!

The Nuclear Proctologist IS BACK! Live! - Here**

"Fukushima’s Political Fallout Puts Anti-nuke
Researcher On Trial" - Here
By Yoichi Shimatsu

  Dana with Zoie, live streaming from Masset, Haida Gwaii, B.C.
(formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) April 22, 2015

The North Pacific Ocean Is Dead!

The Expedition For Life
- Here - Reported Timeline - Here

>>> The Nuclear Proctologist IS BACK! Live!
        DAILY Streaming - Here**

The Fukushima Hounds Chat Room - Here

News Links to this Horrific Story - Here
Weather: Prince Rupert, BC - Inuvik, NW Territories -
N. Pacific Ocean


His Holiness Pope Francis**
Earth THANKS YOU! - Here**

"Farm Aid 30"

Willie & Family


Willie Nelson
- Here* (180-mins)


>>> September 12, 2015 - LEONARD PELTIER’S
- Here
Comment from John Trudell - Here**

Occupy wall street 4th Anniversary September 17, 2015

>>> September 10, 2015 - 'Off/On': Climate Leaders
Present Next Bold Phase for Global Action
From: Common Dreams - Here

Nearly 2,000 people attended an
evening event in Brooklyn, New York

on Thursday night
- Here**


"Farm Aid 30: A Song For America" - Here**
>>> September 19, 2015 - Chicago, IL - Here

Join Your Local Food Co-op!

Your Local Farmer's CSA!


Ed Abbey & Chuck Bowden

"In the desert you can remember your name."

A Horse with No Name*
America (4-mins)

Caesar Chavez* (1-min) - Documentary** (120-mins)

Gil Scott-Heron
* (151-mins)

We Owe You, Wang Wei Lin!

Babylon strikes the Amazon.

Outdoors is always best when Occupied!
Music. Midnight Talk.
Nuthin' better!

Jimi Hendrix

Well, I stand up next to a mountain
And I chop it down with the edge of my hand
Well, I stand up next to a mountain
Chop it down with the edge of my hand
Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
Might even raise just a little sand
'Cause I'm a voodoo child
Lord knows I'm a voodoo child

I didn't mean to take you up all your sweet time
I'll give it right back to you one of these days
I said, I didn't mean to take you up all your sweet time
I'll give it right back to you one of these days
And if I don't meet you no more in this world
Then I'll, I'll meet you in the next one
And don't be late, don't be late
'Cause I'm a voodoo child
Lord knows I'm a voodoo child
I'm a voodoo child - Thanks to Cindy

Surfing Tunes





Neil Young*

Latin Rhythms

Classical Guitar

Good Morning Occupy!

Conscious Party Rewound*

Rock-n-Roll Can Never Die*

The Last Waltz*

Camp Country



Tupac Shakur*




John Lennon*

Jimi Hendrix*

The Beatles*


Stan Getz*

B.B. King

Willie Nelson*

Times Are A Changin'*

Trudell Tapes*



One Love*

One Love2*


Babylon Break*

Conscious Party

Irie Days Starry Nights*

Rage Against the Machine*

Whatever Gets You Through*

The Music at Bob's Camp soundtrack*

The First Peoples

Gil Scott-Heron*

Sacred Flute*

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"Live a Good, Honorable Life.
Then when you get older and think back,
You'll be able to enjoy it a second time.

Thoughts by His Holiness

The Dalai Lama of Tibet


  >>>   The Real News Network (TRNN)

"Days of Revolt"
with Chris Hedges

•  •  •  Show #1 - The Premier of "Days of Revolt" Chris' first guest is Dr. Cornel West.
"The Black Prophetic Tradition"
Part 1** & Part 2**

>>> July 28, 2015 - "A Tribe Called Red's electric powwow puts indigenous
culture centre stage" - Here & Here**

•  •  •  Pluto  •  •  •

5:41 AM - 14 July, 2015 - 9/11/2015 update Here

15 July 2015 - Our Sun lights up Pluto's atmosphere. Looking back at 1 million miles.

Arizona Summer Solstice Dawn over the San Pedro
River Bridge and Galiuro Mountains to the East - 2015

Aloha Nui Loa - Here** And update: NO TELESCOPES! SPIRIT HOLDS!


•  •  • 

Details Pertaining to 1,000's of Tons of Powerplant Radioactive Waste
- Here

>>> Every Day, Nuke Power Plant Watch Citizen Monitors - Here
natural background counts should be below 35 CPM.

>>> World Inventory of Nuke Reactors - Here

More about Radioactive Decay - Here

      FIVE YEARS! 300 to 1000 tons per day of the deadliest possible
radioactive water
continues into the Pacific

      "What’s Really Going on at Fukushima?"
Counter Punch, June 15, 2015 - Here

    •    Important Fukushima updates - Here

A Citizen-piloted Zodiac Expedition cruised
the Canadian Pacific coast to see what is
up with our sea life!

In Three Parts: From Vancouver to Prince Rupert, BC
and over to the Haida Gwaii
archipelago and then
to Community Organizing
- Here

"We at Be Solar Dot Info demand dispatching
independent investigators to Japan! NOW!

From The "Guardian", "Dismaland: inside Banksy's
dystopian theme park" - Here

>>> August 20, 2015 - Russell Brand halts The Trews and
takes Facebook
and Twitter break - Here

Russell Brand Channels John Lennon?
n" by Russell Brand - Audiobook mp3 - Here*

      The 20th Century - Read by Matt Damon & Howard Zinn - Here*

From:  The Real News Network (TRNN)

Chris Hedges - eminent writer & journalist interviews Bob Sheer - editor-in-chief of
: "They Know Everything About You" - 7 Shows: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7

Paul Jay, senior editor, TRNN, with Bob Sheer
: "Plundering Our Freedom
with Abandon" - 10 Shows:  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10


•  •  •  Alternative Currencies and Economies - Here*

•  •  •  •  •  Nina Simone - 1968
By Dorian Lynskey - The Guardian US

Also  •  •  •  •  •  Holland 1965 - Here**

Commentary by Bob Zavoda

It's time, right now, to fill the halls of our public and private spaces
for thousands of face-to-face exchanges of questions and answers.
Geiger counters don't lie: neither do unexplained cancers, strange
absences of hundreds of inter-tidal species, the lack of outrage from
anyone. These facts lead to just one possible answer. People just don't
know! They don't know of the dramatic halt to unencumbered freedom
to snoop around by truthseeking journalists. Proven news of possible
"hot particle" bio-accumulations begins with eye-witness investigations
into what's out there now, against comparisons to facts in the historical
record. "The Expedition For Life" has found extreme deviations from
normal. The "red flag" is up and the call to action is ON!

Are we living in an invisible, ever larger cloud of deadly fissioned uranium
waste aerosols, every day now? We need to find out! Anyone from the public
sector looking? The few who do, do it at their own risk and expense! Why's
that? Goddess knows, we need thousands of photos and eye-witness reports
of evidence, YESTERDAY!

Criminal radioactive contaminations are going-on, right now and unchecked.
Public meetings are in order. "Fukushima: Catastrophe or Accident?
Town Halls can and will spark a Movement to abolish all nuclear power.
We really are playing with fire here.

Citizen "Town Halls" with both B.C. coastal residents and interior residents,
will certainly be looked upon approvingly, while we in the US will echo
Canada's voices. People of Good Citizenry will respond to the Call! Those
who want to know what the hell is going on with their air and water,
want answers and action!

Are drastic, invisible changes happening to our health? Are there any other unheard
rumblings of things happening to others? Are there witnesses to unexplainable losses
of inter-tidal life: starfish, sea anenomes, snails, sea cucumbers, algaes, etc.?
A Movement of People ready with these answers will spark a needed rout of
the corporate scoundrels responsible for the criminal poisoning of our children,
going on around us as I write. Many thousands would want to learn and help,
if they only knew!

B.B. King
September 16, 1925 - May 14, 2015

>>> May 16, 2015 - From the Guardian US by Zoie Heller
"Willie Nelson: 'I've bought a lot of pot and now I'm selling some back.'" - Here


"The Expedition for Life" by Dana Durnford - Here

Sole Expeditioner (most of the later months) & Citizen-Investigator,
with Zoie,
streaming from Haida Gwaii, CA. The carnage of the
still ongoing, four-year long, Fukushima Extinction Level Event
would have gone unreported without
Dana's up-standing character!

•  •  •  •  •  
The Big Debate with the BIG QUESTION:
What the hell do we do now? - Now that the seriousness of our very existence
is alarmingly true. Life on Earth is in jeopardy and we can prove it!

The Expedition Timeline Reported by Bob Zavoda - Here

Flush The TPP! (Trans Pacific Partnership)

Call your Congress Critters on this Trojan Horse! Rigged for trans-national
in an attempt at a corporate takeover of Earth and her People!
Fight back with a TOLL-FREE call
- Here & Flush Here!


>>> March 14, 2015 - "The Trans Pacific Partnership" MEANS: 

We The People OUT! Multi-national Banksters IN!


•  •  •  Stan Getz* & Chet Baker - Stockholm '83 - Here**

Take into account that Great Love and 
Great Achievements involve Great Risk. 

When you lose, don't lose the Lesson.

Follow the three Rs: Respect for Self, Respect for 
Others and Responsibility for all your Actions.

Remember that not getting what you want is 
Sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

Learn the rules so you know how 
To break them properly.

Don't let a little dispute injure 
A Great Friendship.

When you realize you've made a mistake, 
Take immediate steps to correct it.

Spend some time alone every day.

Open your arms to Change, but 
Don't let go of Your Values.

Remember that Silence is 
Sometimes the Best Answer.

Live a Good, Honorable Life. 
Then when you get older and think back, 
You'll be able to enjoy it a second time.

A loving atmosphere in your Home is 
The foundation for your Life.

In disagreements with Loved Ones 
Deal only with the current situation. 
Don't bring up the past.

Share your knowledge. It's a way 
To achieve Immortality.

Be gentle with the Earth.

Once a year, go someplace you've 
Never been before.

Remember that the best relationship 
Is one in which your Love for each other 
Exceeds your need for each other.

Judge your success by what you had to 
Give up in order to get it.

Approach Love and cooking 
With reckless abandon.

I also know that dreams really do 
Come true, and you have my best wishes 
And my best efforts in those.

Thoughts by His Holiness

The Dalai Lama of Tibet


One Love One Earth

Learn from our Mistakes.

Create Peace and Happiness.

Interact with No Harm.

Teach through Kind Action.

Experience Wilderness Quiet.

Share your Bliss, Dance and Song.

Build Green. Protect and Care.

Recycle, Reuse and Create Sustainable Systems.

Save our Wild Earth

Her Animals, Land, Plants, Water and Air.

Bob's Camp Blogs

Endangered Saguaros
2013 Climate-Change Archive

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