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  The Community Center near Indy River Camp
Owned and operated by the Cascabel, AZ Community

La Casa at Indy River Camp

One of three feeds from a 50-gallons per hour Flowing Artesian well
(uphill near the front gate) fills a 6' diameter by 2' tank that empties twice
a day into a mesquite & willow grove that shades several structures. A
canvas wall tent is seen in the background. The living area is a shaded
one-acre permaculture micro-environment watered by the artesian. You
can see one of the 50-ft willows (a 7-tree grove )and a few 30-ft mesquites.

Camp hammocks and chair & cooktent

Looking east from front gate, 600 feet of
blade-cut driveway winding toward the Campground

Virga (rain) falling

Hundred year-old Saguaros
Easter 2015

Mother Earth Day 2015

Returning to home, the Galiuros in the distance

Break of dawn meditation April 20, 2015

Easter 2015 -
creosote & mesquite in flower

60-ft Gooding willows with mesquite in foreground

40+ year-old pigpens - Looking East Vernal Equinox Sunset 2015

One mile of graded road left! lol

 March 23, 2015 - 7PM  PDT  Waxing Moon, Aldebaran and Venus

Welcome the Ides of March!


The Ides of March! The Mesquite and Hawthorn have leafed!

Winter Camp


Tibetan Spirit flags protect all who pass

Wildflowers One Month Early - March 1, 2015

Permaculture: onions, also basil, hawthorn,
dill, lettuce, chives, melons and sage

The Ol' Pick-up I've had since '76

A Frosty Desert Dawn - Winter Solstice, December 21, 2014

2014 Winter Solstice Sunset and Campfire in Cascabel

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Dawn,  September 21, 2014 - Happy Mabon People!

Sunrise! Giving Thanks!

Fresh-ground, Fair Trade, Chiapas,
Mexico Coffee Beans - Coffee cup,
hand-painted & hand-thrown

by Barb & Dave at The Cascabel Clayworks

Can eating responsibly prevent nuke-caused cancers and
auto-immune diseases? No! But every day eat only organic
food, locally grown, if possible. And your immune system
will have its best chance at fending-off the cellular
disruptions caused by ionizing radiation from the nuclear
catastrophe, at hand!

Every Morning, Wow! What a Breakfast! All organic:
Local lemons, baby spinach, blue corn tortilla chips;
toasted potatoes, jalapeños & onion; fresh-sliced tomato
and mushrooms; curry and fresh-ground peppercorns

Later in the day all-organic or locally grown:
Toasted multi-grain bread, fresh-ground coffee,
wild-grown by a community-owned co-op in Nayarit,
Mexico. Fresh lemon & lime, celery, tomato, green
pepper, carrots and sliced mushrooms topped with
blue corn tortilla chips.

Winter - Jan 2015

An old '65 Chevelle still sittin' for decades on, now!
Left by people unknown.

Yucca & Gooding Willows late afternoon - Jan 2015
The willows have leafed-out one month early - 2/18/2015!

Water holding tank under mesquites - Jan 2015

The tank, filled with pure Artesian mineral water
ready for a plunge - March 23, 2015

Adiós - Sunset, Jan 2015

Jimson Plant (or Jimson Weed) found along rural desert roads

Wintertime San Pedro River Valley

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