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Poor People's Journal News Page

Indy River Outdoors

I am honored to publish
Poor People's Journal!~
Outdoor Bob

Dateline: Babylon

To Today's Weather - Fires!

August 13, 2018

Moral Monday Press Conference

10:00 am PT**(on fb) - Audio*(56 mins)


An Ecological Justice Moral Monday with Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II and Former Vice-President Al Gore: Presented by the North Carolina Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, an important Ecological Justice Moral Monday in Greensboro where North Carolinians impacted by ecological injustice in their communities share their stories. The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, Former Vice President Al Gore, and Karenna Gore will join to help offer solutions for radical change that can help create safe and healthy communities in North Carolina and across the country.

Followed by:

 3:00 pm PT Mass Meeting!**(on fb) - Audio*(173 mins)




August 12, 2018
Rev. Barber and Al Gore
A Spiritual Call to Address Ecological Destruction
Greenleaf Church of Christ, North Carolina

                                                                                       Sunday Recorded LIVE**(on Repairers of the Breach) (on fb**)

Rev. Barber and Al Gore Audio* (108 mins)



August 10, 2018**

Rev. Barber ?Censored by C-SPAN?

In the last moments of this live stream Rev. William J. Barber, II
shows up for the Keynote Address and the feed is CUT!

August 8, 2018**

Ninety-nine year old Ben Ferencz in a recent lengthy interview with
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein (68 mins)

August 7, 2018

Hawaii County under state of emergency
as Hurricane Hector approaches
  ~ Honolulu Star Advertiser

August 7, 2018

Mendocino wildfire explodes
into raging monster
nearly the size of Los Angeles
Clear Lake wildfire now largest

in California history
  ~ San Francisco Chronicle

August 6, 2018
Firefighters battle to save communities
from epic California fire
~ Reuters

U.S. Forest Service Wildfires Reports & Updates Here

Ahed Tamimi ROCKS!

August 6, 2018
Democracy Now! Exclusive Interview**

The Intercept Reports


August 7, 2018 ~ Frontline
Charlottesville: Documenting Hate**

July 31, 2018** ~ Democracy Now!
Ron Dellums:

August 12 - 13, 2018

July 31, 2018
The Young and Unsettling Force in the
Poor People's Campaign Youth Forum #3
Ecological Devastation - Audio* (63 mins)




July 30, 2018** ~ Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky:
U.S. Must Improve Relations with Russia and Challenge the Expansion of NATO
Survival of Organized Human Life is at Risk Due to Climate Change & Nuclear Weapons
Condemns Israel’s Shift to Far Right & New “Jewish Nation-State” Law
Amid Deadly Israeli Crackdown on Gaza Protests,
Chomsky Says U.S. Must End Support for “Murderers”

Noam Chomsky:
July 27, 2018** ~ Democracy Now!
“Brutal and Sadistic”: Noam Chomsky on Family Separation & the U.S. Roots of Today’s Refugee Crisis
Noam Chomsky on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Spectacular” Victory & Growing Split in Democratic Party
Noam Chomsky on Mass Media Obsession with Russia & the Stories Not Being Covered in the Trump Era
Chomsky Criticizes “Autocratic” Nicaraguan Government, Urges Ortega to Call for New Elections

July 29, 2018
LIVE!**Audio*(110 mins)

25 Year Tribute to Rev. Dr. Bishop
Barber's Ministry at Greenleaf Church

Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

Map shows 40 state coverage

July 23, 2018
Multi-faith Clergy Press Briefing on
SCOTUS Kavanaugh
** - Audio
*(54 mins)


July 19, 2018

Nicaragua Defeats The Not-So-Soft Coup ~ Tele Sur

July 17, 2018
The Young and Unsettling Force in the
Poor People's Campaign Youth Forum #2
  Systemic Racism -
* (63 mins)




#3 Youth Forum will be July 31, 2018 7:00 pm ET
Ecological Devastation

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The Hijacking of Evangelicalism

By William J. Barber, Liz Theoharis, Yvette Flunder & Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrov

July 12, 2018
Reviving Our Democracy**Audio*(67 mins)
Rev. Barber with Mother Jones' Ari Berman, Berkeley, CA

July 9, 2018:
The real scoop of the under-handed treatment by
the U.S. corporate-corrupted government, toward
the duly elected, democratic government of
Nicolás Maduro Moros in Valenzuela!
Reviewed: Alan MacLeod's
'Bad News From Venezuela'
~ Tele Sur

Thursday Justice Arts Movement
Night Week One: May 17, 2018
(84 mins)

June 23, 2018

40 Days Season Completed!
 Non-violent, Citizen Disobedience
Here to Stay!
A Multi-year Movement Launches!
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival!


A 21st Century National Call for
Moral Revival! Forward Together!
Not One Step Back!

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~ Must Know News: For and by the Poor ~
~ Must Have Conscious Music ~
~ Respect. Love. Music. Peace. Family. ~

  Be Solar Dot Info Index

~ "With the Power of Soul, ~
 ~ Anything is Possible." ~
                   Jimi Hendrix*(440 mins)

The Poor People's Journal

Multi-faith Clergy at work and ROCKIN'!

June 26, 2018
A Young and Unsettling Force
Town Hall Youth Forum #1
*(60 mins)



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Mother Earth ROCKS!

Love You, Mom!

                                    We Are the People Known as Earth*(363 mins)
Dixie Chicks, Neil  Young with Promise of the Real and  Buds Be a Jahmin'!

                   Love*(257 mins)          Music* (203 mins)     Honor*(500 mins)
               Respect* (236 mins)        Peace*(218 mins)         Family* (251 mins)

Poor People ROCK!

Twitter  @bob outdoor

Campfire Tunes du jour
(482 mins)
Bruce Cockburn, Bob and Ziggy Marley, War
  Donovan, Peter Tosh, Cheech and Chong, CS&N
Steven Stills, Carlos Santana, Cesar Chavez
Neil Young & Promise of the Real, Dixie Chicks
Talking Heads, Carlos Nakai, Joni Mitchell

Desert Dweller Expat Ohioan!
Woodstock Revisited*(203 mins)

Missed the Woodstock** Bus in '69!
Learned to live in The
Be Jahmin' Now!

Indy River Journal Editor's Take on Reality

Since my freshman year at Ohio State University in 1963 to today, I 've
been living in either extreme poverty or just plain poverty! lol And today,
I'm not alone! 143,000,000 of us are either existing below the official b.s.
federal poverty line or
the rest of us are
paycheck-to-paycheck. The history
behind this has been cleverly kept almost impossible to figure out - for me, a
lifetime almost, lol. Connecting the events of what really has brought America
to her present insanity is efing, mind-boggling. I and others are very possibly
decedents of a settler, colonial, criminal past.

I and others must live knowing that We the Poor are among the
millions of
poor who compose in part several groupings: First off, t
he original Indigenous
Peoples whose pristine lands were stolen by white European settlers. Once,
15,000,000 people were free to move anywhere and everywhere. Today, there
are over 300,000,000 - either on "reservations"
(imprisoned or confined on).
A few Americans (like in parts of Nevada and on U.S. Indigenous reservation
land - own casinos, land with oil and minerals rights, that are virtually never
given-up willingly to machine-like corporations.) Either in cities that are
crumbling infrastructures morphing into super-fund sites and sacrifice zones
of low wealth survivors. Rural residents that live without hospitals or near-by
health clinics. Like the Palestinians, we are all learning that we are prisoners.
We are survivors of malevolent mass displacement and longterm systemic
genocide. First People's lands were
seized at gunpoint or worse. We're next.

e, me, or maybe you, may be included in the approximately seventy million
disabled Americans, the elderly and millions of children living in poverty. There
are over two million incarcerated people in America: fathers, mothers,
members and orphaned
children remain in crowded, inhumane conditions. Many
 inmates suffer from untreated mental and other medically needed conditions in the
under-staffed, for-profit internment-like camps due to often questionable sentences
brought about by inadequate defense council. Poverty is slavery, especially as in
for-profit privatized, state prisons. Many communities of Color and of Poor Whites
"red-lined" and over-policed, putting the residents in a constant state of stressed
existence, not knowing from day-to-day and from paycheck-to-paycheck, whether to
flee or stand their ground and fight back! Not ever knowing the long-lasting
feeling of real joy and peaceful rest!

Ancestors of many of the current
ruling classes were "plantations" owners - written into
history as so-called
colonists - some whose heirs would be today's "banksters". And some
of these scoundrels are revered as patriots then and today.
Crooks who banked some MAJOR
wealth from their unchallenged cruelty and forced labor-camp slave holdings. Imagine: stolen,
robbed, chained and murdered like many indigenous African People - many children.
 Hunted-down. Brutalized. Branded and sold as if they were cattle, "labor" commodities. Slave
auctions brought immense accumulated
wealth that grew over the years and decades. Blood
money that paid for tall buildings, ships and railroads and
flows still, gaining immense accrued
interest through many U.S. and trans-national banks. Corporate coffers will be confiscated
and returned to the rightful owners, just as happened for the victims of the Nazis, whose
similar crimes against the Jews and the Romas is well documented. It's time for another
 war-crimes and crimes against humanity trial as happened during the Nuremberg Trials

Yet, slavery still lives today as private prison labor, low wage, non-union jobs, non-union
sweatshops, child sex
trafficking and immoral child abduction by I.C.E. from their immigrant
parents. If most Americans are not direct decedents of these first American colonist settlers,
then we're the decedents of immigrants or perhaps decedents of the First Nation Indigenous
Irregardless, today with few exceptions, most of us who are poor, are so because
of a rigged system, that stems directly from these original criminal minds that came mostly
from Europe.
Many of the "plantation" owner elites, have successfully passed on their
wealth and corporate corruption schemes from coast to coast and north to south, up to the
 present day.

Where did all these damn police come from? Not out of thin air. Law enforcement, normally
would be at village and city level, hired by, hired from, and paid for by the citizens, collectively.
Taxes done ethically and morally right for all equally is the way that works. Security forces for
the ridiculously wealthy slave owners were originally
privately-hired militias, formed from the
desperately poor of the day. These individuals were chosen for their hunting and combat abilities.
They took
orders directly from their paymasters, the plantation slaveholder class. This system of
"human hunters" who
willingly hunted down runaway slaves, for their bosses, the "slaveholder"
elites, worked in tandem and with impunity. And this would go on  through the years,
to involve
other enforcement duties that has grown gruesomely out of hand.

Today's militarized police has its roots in slavery - a cross between slave enforcement
and population control. We poor are kept in perpetual low wealth, with few exceptions,
living in a
nightmare, paycheck-to-paycheck "consumer" trap. The trap forces us to
ruthlessly compete for an artificially constructed scarcity of available jobs. Most of
us (without credit) are
unable to pay for a sudden $400 cash emergency, like a co-pay
for a for-profit hospita
l or perhaps the need for another refrigerator or a car repair.

Andrew Goodman
Michael "Mickey" Schwerner
James Chaney,
54 Years to the Day
Summer Solstice June 21, 1964
hree Civil Rights leaders
Three beautiful Human Beings
Were gunned-down murdered

                 John Trudell, Buffy Sainte Marie,
Carlos Nakai Teach-in
(193 mins)

Apache Stronghold, San Carlos, AZ


First Peoples Rock!*(500 mins)
Scott Mamaday, John Trudell,

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Carlos Nakai & Friends

Carlos Nakai*
Flute (58 mins)

Mother Earth ROCKS!

Love You, Mom!

                              We Are the People Known as Earth*(249 mins)
Dixie Chicks, Neil  Young with Promise of the Real and  Buds Be a Jahmin'!

Sacred Oak Flats**(53 mins)

The 21st Century Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Fusion Moral Revival

~ Must Know News: For and by the Poor ~
~ Must Have Conscious Music ~
~ Respect. Love. Music. Peace. Family. ~

Thursday Justice Arts Movement
Night Week One: May 17, 2018
(84 mins)

June 23, 2018

40 Days Season Completed!
 Non-violent, Citizen Disobedience
Here to Stay!
A Multi-year Movement Launches!
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival!


A 21st Century National Call for
Moral Revival! Forward Together!
Not One Step Back!

The Poor People's
Has Some Dancin'
and Singin' to IT!

June 21, 2018
Theomusicology and Justice Arts Thursday**Audio
*(122 mins)




More Pics

June 23, 2018
Rally and March on the D.C. Capitol**Audio
*(228 mins)



More Pics

June 21 - Summer Solstice
Capitol March**
* (135 mins)

More Pics

OpEd News
The Intercept
Poor Magazine

Common Dreams
Popular Resistance
Inside Climate News
Poor People's Radio

Indian Country News

Multi-faith Clergy at work and ROCKIN'!

June 23, 2018:
Historic Fusion Rally and March

Capitol**Audio*(228 mins)


 Indy bay
Ad Busters
Black History
Mother Jones
Think Progress
The Indypendent

          Democracy Now!**
The Daily Climate
Poor People's Journal
Indy River Outdoors

Trans-national Corporations are making
living decently impossible! - For All of Us!
A Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival - NOW!

"Green" litmus test: Kindness to Our Mother Earth ("Indy" = non-corporate)
Underlined Italic Yellow Gold are Be Solar Dot Info links.

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 All of the Thursday Night Justice Arts
Movement Songs and Spoken Word*
(442 mins)
May 13 - June 21, 2018


TMABC Slideshow**(178 mins)
                                        The Music at Bob's Camp (soundtrack)*(178 mins)
                          Rock and Roll Will Never Die!*(291 mins)

First Peoples Rock!*(500 mins)
Scott Mamaday, John Trudell

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Carlos Nakai & Friends

Indy River Camp Weather - Sonoran Desert

New Springtime diggs!


Mama cardinal partaking in a yucca flower feast!

Blooming Yucca at Camp

Near Solstice Early Morning 2018

Pure artesian water!

This cattle tank is one of three feeds from a 50-gallons per hour
Flowing Artesian well (uphill near the front gate). It is located
under a mesquite tree. It is a 6' by 2' tank that empties twice
a day into a mesquite & willow grove, 50 ft. away - a
grove that includes 30 ft.
mesquites.The living area is shaded
during the 3 months of intense UV summer sun. She's a one
acre Permaculture micro-environment of eight fenced Sonoran
habitat acres.

3.14 x 9sq-ft x 2ft = 56.54 cu-ft = 423 gallon tank

                               Love Gets You Through! 1*(256 mins)
2*(209 mins)            3*(354 mins)
Greg Brown, Iris Dement, Steven Stills, Neil Young,
Joni Mitchel, Joan Baez, John Prine, Sade,
Carlos Nakai, Bob Dylan, Tim O'Brien & Buds!

              Winter Solstice*
Caesar Chavez, Carlos Santana
Bruce Cockburn and Buds
(233 mins)

             Campfire Tunes*
Neil Young & Promise of the Real
Dixie Chicks, C S & N and Buds (249 mins)

                           Wolf Moon*(4 mins)
              Neil Young & Promise of the Real     

Standing Rock, ND
weather update - Here

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II  President & Sr.
of Repairers of the Breach
Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis,
co-chairs of:
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call For Moral Revival

December 4, 2017 D.C. Press Briefing
 The Gathering
is the podcast and Medium is the blog

                     The Souls of Poor Folk (pdf)

We Rise: A Movement Songbook (pdf)

Thank You.

Outdoor Bob

The Very First Thursday Justice Arts
Movement Night: May 17, 2018*
(84 mins)

The Founding Poor People
The 21st Century
Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival!


We the Poor have arrived to save

 Every Morning I Wake with my
Mind Stayed on Freedom!
(122 mins)
June 21, 2018 from late afternoon to dusk, on the D.C. Capitol Mall

June 23, 2018

10,000 Rallied and Marched on the D.C. Capitol,
50,000 Witnessed online   Audio
* (228 mins)

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Banksy in Paris

Banksy Rocks!

This Banksy was recently stolen from a Canadian art exhibit

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This Revolution
Has Some Dancin'
and Singin' to it!

June 21 - Theomusicology Justice Arts Thursdays**Audio*(122 mins)


More Pics

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II  President & Sr.
of Repairers of the Breach
Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis,
co-chairs of:
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call For Moral Revival

December 4, 2017 D.C. Press Briefing
 The Gathering
is the podcast and Medium is the blog
Over Thirty State Capitols that are Rockin'-N-Reelin'!

Arizona Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival

Solstice was at 3:07 am PT
 June 21, 2018

54 Years to the Day - Three Poor People's Civil Rights
Beautiful Human Beings were gunned-down murdered.

Week Six

June 17 - June 23, 2018

Hashtag Poor People's Campaign

A New and Unsettling Force challenging Our Nation’s
Distorted Moral Narrative - a Fusion Movement Rising Up

June 17 - Tent Mass Meeting Washington, D.C.**Audio* (81 mins)
June 18 - Rally at the Capitol Washington, D.C.**Audio* (165 mins)
June 19, 7:30 pm ET - Truthful Tuesday**Audio*(70 mins)
June 20, 6 pm ET - Revs Barber and  Liz Theoharis Youth Webinar**
June 21, 7:30 pm ET - Thursday Justice Arts**Audio*(122 mins)
 Summer Solstice March**Audio*(135 mins)
June 23, 10 am ET - Mass Fusion March on the DC Capitol Mall**

June 21 - Summer Solstice
Capitol March**
* (135 mins)

More Pics

June 19, 2018
Truthful Tuesday** Audio*(70 mins)



More Pics

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Monday, June 18, 2018
Historic March on HUD, EPA,
DOJ and HHS in Washington, D.C.**

More Pics

June 17, 2018
Historic Tent Mass Meeting of
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival -
Washington, D.C.**Audio
* (81 mins)

More Pics

Week 5 ends Week 6 begins

375 Arrested for Week Five of the Poor People’s Campaign ~ Kyle Moore

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June 14, 2018
Thursday Justice Arts Night**- Audio*(95 mins)

More Pics

June 12 - Truthful Tuesday Night**- Audio*(72 mins)

St. Mark's Episcopal Church: We're joined today by
Prof. Cornel West of Harvard University,

Jitu Brown of Journey for Justice, and
Aaron Scott of Chaplains on the Harbor


More Pics

June 11 - Week Five Rally at the Capitol** - Audio*(126 mins)

Yara Allen

                             Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis                                                                                               Rev. Bishop Dr. William J. Barber, II
More Pics

Live - Fusion Mass Meeting** - Audio*(66 mins) 
Bethesda, Maryland

More Pics

Was LIVE - Sunday, June 10** Audio*(62 mins)
National City Christian Church, Washington, D.C

More Pics

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Week 4 ends Week 5 begins

Week Four

June 3 - June 9, 2018

The right to health: Ecology, Justice and Health,
Water, Extreme Extraction, Climate Change, Health Care

June 7, 2018
Justice Arts and Poetry Night ** Audio*(72 mins)
Bloom Bars in Washington, D.C.

~ Yara Allen with Music from DC's Courtney Dowe
and poetry from
Katherine E.H. Robinson
are showcased
in this weeks Justice Arts Event ~

More Pics

June 5, 2018
Truthful Tuesday Teach-in** -
*(86 mins)
The Festival Center, 1640 Columbia Rd NW,
Washington, D.C.


More Pics


6:00 pm PT (MST)
First Church U.C.C. Phoenix, AZ,
1407 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Anti-poverty group denied
access to Kentucky Capitol
~ AP

288 Arrested for Week Four
of the Poor People’s Campaign


More Pics

June 4, 2018
Fusion Monday was Live in D.C.**

Live 2** Audio* (87 mins)

More Pics

June 3, 2018
Sunday Fusion Mass Meeting**- Audio*(82 mins)


More Pics

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11:15am - 1:15 pm ET - June 3, 2018
Rev. Barber Preaches**Audio*(112 mins)
Live Washington National Cathedral  

More Pics

June 3, 2018
Post Church Service Forum** Audio* (42 mins)


More Pics

Week 3 ends Week 4 begins

Rev. Barber & Yara Allen at Week 3
Thursday's Theo-musicology Jam*
(60 mins)

Week 3

May 27 - June 2, 2018

Veterans, Our War Economy/Militarism
and the Proliferation of Gun Violence

May 31, 2018
Justice Arts and Poetry Night** - Audio*(60 mins)
AFL CIO, 815 16th street NW, 20005
    Washington, D.C.


More pics

May 30, 2018
D.C. Truthful Teach-in** - Audio*(60 mins)

More pics

May 29, 2018
Live in D.C.**(38 mins)

More Pics

May 29, 2018
Lansing, MI Capitol Building

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May 29, 2018
Live in Raleigh, N.C.**(85 mins)

Bishop Rev. Dr. William Barber, II

More Pics

May 28, 2018
Sunday Mass Meeting** Audio*(120 mins)

Greenleaf Christian Church, Goldsboro, NC



Week Two ends Week Three Begins:

Week 2

May 20 - May 26, 2018

Linking Systemic Racism and Poverty:
Voting Rights, Immigration, and
Mistreatment of Indigenous Communities

May 24, 2018
Thursday Theo-musicology Night!
 Justice Arts and Poetry Night** Audio*(94 mins)
AFL CIO, 815 16th street NW, 20005

More Pics

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 May 22, 2018 
Truthful Tuesday Night**Audio
*(85 mins)

Just one pic


Monday, May 21, 2018
DC Rally and Arrests**
(101 mins)


13 people arrested at NC Legislative Building in
Poor People's Campaign protest
~ Winston-Salem Journal

Boston, Mass - More than a dozen protesters
arrested at Statehouse
~ The Seattle Times

Arrests at Poor People's Campaign rally
inside Pa. Capitol
~ Penn Live

Religious leaders arrested in Capitol while demanding
restoration of Voting Rights Act
~ Think Progress

Indiana Poor People's Campaign asks Gov. Holcomb
to address racism, poverty

21 Poor People's Campaign demonstrators blocking
traffic arrested in downtown Nashville ~

Albany, NY - Video: Poor People's Campaign protesters
arrested at Capitol

‘Poor People’s Campaign’ rally at Capitol
for felon's rights
~ Talahassee Democrat

Columbia, SC - 16 arrested at State House after
‘Poor People’s Campaign’

More Pics

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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Fusion Mass Meeting**
- Audio*(121 mins)
National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Cir NW

More Pics

Week 1

May 13 - May 19, 2018

Women, Youth, the Disabled and Children in
Poverty and the Right to Education:

May 17, 2018
Thursday Night Musicology Live** Audio
*(84 mins)


More Pics

May 15, 2018
Truthful Tuesdays Teach-In - Audio*(76 mins)
No video to be found, yet!

Monday, May14, 2018

 Live - Washington, D.C.
Audio*(157 mins) - Arrest video** - Audio*(44 mins)
Part 2**(video 69 mins) Part 3
*(video 18 mins)

More Pics

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Hundreds arrested as activists pick up
where Martin Luther King left off
~ The Guardian

Activists kick off new Poor People's
Campaign, echoing MLK in 1968
~ L.A. Times

Poor People's Campaign Protest
results in arrests
~ Indy Star

Poor People's Campaign activists arrested
at State Capitol protest
~ Star Tribune

Poor People's Campaign launches days
of protests around US
~ Tampa Bay Times

Sunday May 13, 2018

First Sunday Fusion Mass Meeting!**- Audio*(124 mins)
National City Christian Church, 5 Thomas Cir NW, Washington, D.C.

Somebody is Hurting Our People and Its Gone on Far Too Long*(4 mins)

Just one pic

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Dateline: Mother Earth

To Weather and Climate Change Links

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

W. Hemisphere
6:45 am PT

N.O.A.A. Weather Composite

World Land and Ocean Temps Composite

N.O.A.A. website

6:00 am PT - West
Winds & Precipitation



6:00 am PT - East
Night Lights & Winds


6:00 am PT - Pacific Rim
Winds & Precipitation


6:00 am PT
Europe, Africa and Middle East

Winds & Precipitation


     Endangered Saguaros**

All Lives Matter When:

Black, Red, Yellow, and Brown Lives Matter! 
Muslim, Jew, Christian, Spiritual, Pagan!
Gay, Straight, Trans, Poor, Elders, Disabled!

Honoring our ancestors compels the
choosing of Love over hate!

NoDAPL Solidarity

"Water is Life" Mni Wiconi**

Standing Rock!

Standing Rock, ND
Weather update - Here


Outdoor Bob's Camp Forecast

D.C. Weather Forecast

Tucson, AZ
Weather - Here

North America Pacific Storm Watch

One Love                          One Earth

                         Bob Marley*(236 mins)
Three Shows 1979-1980 - pics here

North Atlantic   Storm Watch

2017 hurricane** season look back.

U.S. Wildfires Reports & Updates Here

            August 14, 2018        Update map - Here

August 14, 2018

Large fire activity continues in 15 states where more than 28,000 firefighters, support personnel, military and national guard soldiers are working toward containment goals. The Mendocino Complex is nearly 350,000 acres and the Carr Fire continues to grow and is more than 206,000 acres. Residents in communities near the fires in several states remain evacuated from their homes.

Weather: A strong monsoonal surge of moisture into the northern portion of the Four Corners and Great Basin will provide some relief to Utah, eastern Nevada, and Colorado in the form of higher humidity and scattered wet storms. Given the strength of the surge, convection should reach as far north as North Dakota, southern Montana, Idaho, and possibly southeastern Oregon. The Sierra could also see isolated storms. There is a concern that some of the storms on the northwestern fringes could be relatively dry. Previous days’ winds should diminish across the northern tier but remain breezy across the Dakotas as a weak disturbance moves east across Manitoba. Texas will return to hot and dry conditions as the low pressure area previously over the northern portion of the state moves northeast toward the middle Mississippi River Valley, bringing storms to the upper Midwest. Scattered showers and storms are also expected across the Mid-Atlantic region, as a low pressure area remains stalled over the area.

U.S. Drought Monitor - Updates every week - Here

Antarctic Icecap Arctic Icecap

Update Here

~~ National Weather Forecast - Here  ~~

World Jet Streams - Update Here


The undersea cables that keep the Internet alive

  Total Solar Eclipse photo credit Slooh

             After the Gold Rush*(3 mins)

Dateline Respect:

One Love

A Primitive Camping Health Retreat

One Earth

~We The People promise~

Learn from our Mistakes.

Create Peace and Happiness.

Interact with No Harm.

Teach through Kind Action.

Experience Wilderness Quiet.

Share Our Bliss, Dance and Song.

Build Green. Protect and Care.

Recycle, Reuse and Create
Sustainable Systems.

Save Our Wild Earth,
Her Animals, Land,
Plants, Water and Air.

And further,

~We The People promise~

"We of the Green Artisan Communities,
join in spirit and in our street presence
with Bernie Sanders, non-corporate
Democratic members of Congress,
trade unions, senior groups, health
care activists and all those who
believe in a Green Earth economy
with social justice."

"To all corporate fascists, to the
corporate Republicans, to the
corporate Democrats and any
and all other 1% privatizers,
Loudly, Clearly and Honorably:

We The People, will honorably,
never let you throw nearly 30
million of us off of health
insurance (no matter how lousy),
make massive cuts to Medicaid
and defund Planned Parenthood.
We The People demand
NIMA!  (HR676)
It's all about Green Art & Music,
Mom Earth, People over profit
and getting along.

NIMA!  (HR676)

National Improved Medicare for All
"Is the Healing of the Nation!" - a Jahmin' Notion!"

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