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>> 5 am • (Later Re-broadcasts) Democracy Now!** - Daily one-hour, non-corporate - World News Video Stream  >> Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales!

>> 3 pm • Bob Kincaid - The Good Fight is - Here

>> 6 pm • Berkeley Regional & World News - KPFA the original!

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>> 8 am • Mondays • Clearing the FOG Radio Hour is a non-corporate news analysis of empire with Margaret Flowers, M.D. & Kevin Zeese, Atty. - Popular Resistance Newsletter - Here

>> 10 am Sunday Blase Bonpane Office of the Americas - Here

>> Out Protesting • The Rev Billy Show - The Stop Shopping Choir - WBAI  All Past Shows at Joe's Pub, NY - Here**

>> 2 pm • Th on PRN • Harvey Wasserman's No Nukes Green Power Radio


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>>  Archive Dot Org - Many good reads here! 

>>  The Magna CartaUniversal Bill of Human Rights • US Bill of Rights History Is a Weapon Michael Parenti, Mark Twain, Noam Chomsky & others

>>  "A People's History of the United States 1492 - Present" by Howard Zinn ebook - Here

>> S.P.Q.R.: A History of Ancient Rome - S.P.Q.R. is the Roman Senate e-book by Mary Beard

>> Wall and Piece and Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall e-books by Banksy

>> The Power of Myth  and books by Joseph Campbell - Moyers Interview - Here*

>> Radiation Monitors  US Background Map

>> World Nuclear Sites Expedition for Life (post Fukushima)

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