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One Love     One Earth




~ Must Know News: For and by the Poor ~
~ Must Have Conscious Music ~
~ Respect. Love. Honor. Music. Peace. Family. ~

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A Poor People's Journal




                                   Woodstock Revisited*(203 mins)

Aretha!*(389 mins)    Motown*(252 mins)
  Earthstrong ~ March 25, 1942 - August 16, 2018 ~

                                                                                                                                                                                                To Aretha's Funeral  >>  >>  >>

Farm Aid 33
Saturday, September 22, 2018 on the lands
of the Mohican, now called Connecticut
* (200 mins)  Pics


First Nation Peoples*(500 mins)


Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call For Moral Revival
Thursday Night Justice Arts
Movement Songs and Spoken Word*
(442 mins)

May 13 - June 21, 2018


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II 
Prez & Sr. Lecturer
at Repairers of the Breach
Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis,
are co-chairs of:
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call For Moral Revival
The Gathering is the podcast and Medium is the blog
In AZ:
Arizona Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival

raincoast: @raincoast0
Ilhan Omar: @IlhanMN
Neil Young: @Neilyoung
Banksy: @originalbanksy
Dalai Lama: @DalaiLama
Cornel West: @CornelWest
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Michael Moore: @MMFlint
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Outdoor Bob:  @bob outdoor
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Naomi Klein: @NaomiAKlein
Bruce A. Dixon: @brucedixon
Bill McKibben: @billmckibben
Mike Hudema: @MikeHudema
David Tomkins: @davidtomkins
Rev Dr Liz Theoharis:  @liztheo
Oliver Stone: @TheOliverStone
Beto O'Rourke: @BetoORourke
Jeremy Corbyn: @jeremycorbyn
Shepard Fairey: @OBEYGIANT
Glenn Greenwald: @ggreenwald
Danny Glover: @mrdannyglover
Luis V. Gutierrez: @RepGutierrez
Raul Grijalva: @RepRaulGrijalva
Noam Chomsky: @noamchomskyT
Sunrise Movement: @sunrisemvmt
Hip Hop Caucus: @HipHopCaucus
Midnight Shine: @midnightshineon
Extinction Rebellion: @ExtinctionR
Medea Benjamin: @medeabenjamin
Thrashers Wheat: @ThrashersWheat
Reverend Billy Talen: @revbillytalen
Eleanor Goldfield: @ActivistEleanor
Apache Stronghold: @ProtectOakFlat
Rev Jesse Jackson, Sr.: @RevJJackson
Dr. Margaret Flowers: @DrMFlowers
The Ferment Podcast: @thefermentcast
Red Letter Christians: @RedletterXians
David Suzuki FDN: @DavidSuzukiFDN
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: @Ocasio2018
Black Agenda Report: @blkagendareport
Climate Emergency: @ClimateEmergency
Campfire_Convention: @Campfire_Circle
Poor People's Campaign:  @UniteThePoor
Rev. Redeem Robinson: @Redeem Robinson
Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II: @RevDrBarber
Indigenous Peoples Movement: @IndigenousPpls
BBC News (World)Verified account: @BBCWorld
Rev Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: @wilsonhartgrove
North Carolina Poor People's Campaign: @NC_PPC

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Mother Earth ROCKS!

Love You, Mom!

                                    We Are the People Known as Earth*(363 mins)
Dixie Chicks, Neil  Young with Promise of the Real and  Buds Be a Jahmin'!

                   Love*(257 mins)          Music* (203 mins)     Honor*(356 mins)
               Respect* (236 mins)        Peace*(218 mins)         Family* (251 mins)

Poor People ROCK!

Twitter  @bob outdoor

Learn from our Mistakes.

Create Peace and Happiness.                          

     Interact with No Harm.                                               

Teach through Kind Action.      

                               Experience Wilderness Quiet.

         Sacred Flute*
Kelly's Sacred Rites
                Flagstaff, AZ   (46 mins)
Share Our Bliss,                                                            
   Dance and Song.

                                                              Build Green.

Protect and Care.

Recycle, Reuse and Create      
                                         Sustainable Systems.

Save Our Wild Earth, Her Animals,
Plants, Water, and Air

 Outdoor is Outdoors.
I checked the back fence,
now checkin' the north fence.

Musical Debut!

Macs using Safari >> Fence Check .mov**(38 mins)

A Bob's Camp Irie!  musical debut la Ipod 6 touch & IMovie

PC's or Macs NOT using Safari:
Fence Check the movie

Campfire Tunes

Conscious Party '69*(180 mins)

Conscious Party Rewound*(240 mins)

Conscious Riddim*(195 mins)

Mendocino on My Mind*(355 mins)

Rock-n-Roll Can Never Die*(291 mins)



Desert Dweller Expat Ohioan!

                  Woodstock Revisited*(203 mins)

Missed the Woodstock** Bus in '69! more**
Learned to live in The
Be Jahmin' Now!

My Take on efin' Reality

Since my freshman year at Ohio State University in 1963 to today, I 've
been living in either extreme poverty or just plain poverty! lol And today,
I'm not alone! 143,000,000 of us are either existing below the official b.s.
federal poverty line or
the rest of us are
paycheck-to-paycheck. The history
behind this has been cleverly kept almost impossible to figure out - for me, a
lifetime almost, lol. Connecting the events of what really has brought America
to her present insanity is efing, mind-boggling. I and others are very possibly
decedents of white settler, colonial, criminal, racists.

I and others must live knowing that We the Poor are among the
millions of
poor who compose in part several color-based, economic-class-based and
urban vrs. city groupings: First off, t
he original Indigenous Peoples whose
pristine lands were stolen by white European settlers. Once, over 15,000,000
people freely moved to anywhere and everywhere in America. Today, there are
over 300,000,000 of us, mostly in large cities. A merciless genocide led.
First People's nations and tribes were encountered, hunted down and murdered.
The "Discovery Doctrine
" was used to "legally" steal the land of anyone found
 not to be of land-owner, white Christian ancestry or citizen of other colonizer
countries. Internment camps were hastily created, followed-up by forced marches
to tracts of land re-named "reservations",
(then undesirable for white settlement).
Greed, expanding empire and racism has culminated into today's sprawl of malls,
highways, clear-cut wildlands, mountain-top removals, pipelines,
poverty and despair,
private prisons, etc. A few U.S. Indigenous reservation lands house
gambling casinos or lease oil, water and minerals rights, (virtually never given-up
willingly) to violent, machine-like corporations - as some sort of "reparations" that
supposedly pays for the millions of children and people killed or displaced.

America is divided between the vast majority who are poor, made so by the
intentional greed of the rich at the expense of everyone else, either making us
poor if we are not willing to be "better-off", by working us at odious tech jobs
or working us so that we would have to violate our common sense: to not
pollute water, food and air. Or we might be made to accept unreasonable risks
in dangerous manufacturing or construction projects. You name it, and many,
if not all elites are not putting People over profits - just the reverse!

Cities are either suffering crumbling infrastructures, or morphing into super-fund
sites, or sacrifice zones of low wealth survivors. All Americans live without
"Single-payer Medicare for All".
Rural Americans do not have access to doctors or
hospitals or health clinics. Like the Palestinians, if you are not rich (or not
willing to do their bidding), we, no matter what country, are all learning what it's
like to live without freedom from violent oppression by a 1% "ethnic rich" ruling
class. Multi-national corporate malevolence has forced us poor into survival mode.

War-like corporatists have
forced mass migration and regional displacements through
mass destruction of infra-structure, economic sanctions and generalized aggression.
Ecological destruction has led to longterm systemic
famines, causing genocide. First
People's lands were
seized at gunpoint or worse everywhere, on every continent, but
Antarctica! We're next on "their" agenda.

e, me, or maybe you, may be included in the approximately seventy million
disabled Americans, the elderly and millions of children barely existing. There
are over two million incarcerated people in America: fathers, mothers,
members and orphaned
children remain in crowded, inhumane conditions. Many
 inmates suffer from untreated mental and other medically needed conditions in the
under-staffed, for-profit internment-like camps due to often questionable sentences
brought about by inadequate defense council. Poverty is slavery, especially as in
for-profit privatized, state prisons. Many communities of Color and of Poor Whites
"red-lined" and over-policed, putting the residents in a constant state of stressed
existence, not knowing from day-to-day and from paycheck-to-paycheck, whether to
flee or stand their ground and fight back! Not ever knowing the loving, peaceful
feeling of real joy and restful relaxation! We poor must learn to self-organize with others.

Ancestors of many of the current
ruling classes were "plantations" owners - written into
history as so-called
colonists - some whose heirs would be today's "banksters". And some
of these scoundrels are revered as patriots then and today.
Crooks who banked some MAJOR
wealth from their unchallenged cruelty and forced labor-camp slave holdings. Imagine: stolen,
robbed, chained and murdered like many indigenous African People - many children.
 Hunted-down. Brutalized. Branded and sold as if they were cattle, "labor" commodities. Slave
auctions brought immense accumulated
wealth that grew over the years and decades. Blood
money that paid for tall buildings, ships and railroads and
flows still, gaining immense accrued
interest through many U.S. and trans-national banks. Corporate coffers will someday soon, be
confiscated and returned to the rightful owners, just as happened for the victims of the Nazis,
whose similar crimes against the Jews and the Romas is well documented. It's time for another
war-crimes and crimes against humanity trial as happened during the Nuremberg Trials

Yet, slavery still lives today as private prison labor, low wage, non-union jobs, non-union
sweatshops, child sex
trafficking and immoral child abduction by I.C.E. from their immigrant
parents. If most Americans are not direct decedents of these first American colonist settlers,
then we're the decedents of immigrants, stolen and brutalized African, Asian, South American
Indigenous Peoples and others - or perhaps decedents of the First Nation Indigenous Peoples.
Irregardless, today with few exceptions, most of us who are poor, are so because of a rigged
system, that stems directly from these original criminal minds that came mostly from Europe.

Many of the "plantation" owner elites, have successfully passed on their wealth and corporate
corruption schemes from coast to coast and north to south, up to the present day.

Where did all these damn police come from? Not out of thin air. Law enforcement, normally
would be at village and city level, hired by, hired from, and paid for by the citizens, collectively.
Taxes done ethically and morally right for all equally is the way that works. Security forces for
the ridiculously wealthy slave owners were originally
privately-hired militias, formed from the
desperately poor of the day. These individuals were chosen for their hunting and combat abilities.
They took
orders directly from their paymasters, the plantation slaveholder class. This system of
"human hunters" who
willingly hunted down runaway slaves, for their bosses, the "slaveholder"
elites, worked in tandem and with impunity
. And this would go on  through the years, to involve
other enforcement duties that has grown gruesomely out of hand.

Today's militarized police has its roots in slavery - a cross between slave enforcement
and population control. We poor are kept in perpetual low wealth, with few exceptions
living in a
nightmare, paycheck-to-paycheck "consumer" trap. The trap forces us to
ruthlessly compete for an artificially constructed scarcity of available jobs. Most of
us (without credit) are
unable to pay for a sudden $400 cash emergency, like a co-pay
for a for-profit hospita
l or perhaps the need for another refrigerator or a car repair.

                 John Trudell, Buffy Sainte Marie,
Carlos Nakai Teach-in
(193 mins)

Apache Stronghold, San Carlos, AZ


First Peoples Rock!*(500 mins)
Scott Mamaday, John Trudell,

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Carlos Nakai & Friends

            Carlos Nakai*
           Flute (58 mins)

Mother Earth ROCKS!

Love You, Mom!

                              We Are the People Known as Earth*(249 mins)
Dixie Chicks, Neil  Young with Promise of the Real and  Buds Be a Jahmin'!

Sacred Oak Flats**(53 mins)

The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival

A 21st Century New and
Unsettling Force Movement (fb
) (tw)

~ Must Know News: For and by the Poor ~
~ Must Have Conscious Music ~
~ Respect. Love. Music. Peace. Family. ~

Thursday Justice Arts Movement
Night Week One: May 17, 2018
(84 mins)

June 23, 2018

40 Days Season Completed!
 Non-violent, Citizen Disobedience
Here to Stay!
A Multi-year Movement Launches!
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival!


A 21st Century National Call for
Moral Revival! Forward Together!
Not One Step Back!

                                    The World is a Ghetto*(65 mins)
         Bruce Cockburn, Cheech and Chong    
War, Bob and Ziggy Marley & Buds


The Poor People's
Has Some Dancin'
and Singin' to IT!

June 21, 2018
Theomusicology and Justice Arts Thursday**Audio
*(122 mins)




More Pics

June 23, 2018
Rally and March on the D.C. Capitol**Audio
*(228 mins)



More Pics

June 21 - Summer Solstice
Capitol March**
* (135 mins)

More Pics

OpEd News
The Intercept
Poor Magazine

Common Dreams
Popular Resistance
Inside Climate News
Poor People's Radio

Indian Country News

Multi-faith Clergy at work and ROCKIN'!

June 23, 2018:
Historic Fusion Rally and March

*(228 mins)


 Indy bay
Ad Busters
Black History
Mother Jones
Think Progress
The Indypendent

          Democracy Now!**
The Daily Climate
Poor People's Journal
Indy River Outdoors

History Is A Weapon! #AbolishCorporations are making
living decently impossible!  - For All of Us!
A Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival - NOW!

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 The Poor People's Campaign:

A National Call For Moral Revival!
Thursday Night Justice Arts
Movement Songs
                  and Spoken Word
*(442 mins)
May 13 - June 21, 2018

                                                    TMABC Slideshow**(.mov - 178 mins)
                                                                 The Music at Bob's Camp (soundtrack)*(78 mins)
                                                   Rock and Roll Will Never Die!*(291 mins)

                                                First Peoples Rock!*(500 mins)
Scott Mamaday, John Trudell

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Carlos Nakai & Friends

New Springtime diggs!


Mama cardinal partaking in a yucca flower feast!

Blooming Yucca at Camp

Near Solstice Early Morning 2018

Pure artesian water!

This cattle tank is one of three feeds from a 50-gallons per hour
Flowing Artesian well (uphill near the front gate). It is located
under a mesquite tree. It is a 6' by 2' tank that empties twice
a day into a mesquite & willow grove, 50 ft. away - a
grove that includes 30 ft.
mesquites.The living area is shaded
during the 3 months of intense UV summer sun. She's a one
acre Permaculture micro-environment of eight fenced Sonoran
habitat acres.

3.14 x 9sq-ft x 2ft = 56.54 cu-ft = 423 gallon tank

                               Love Gets You Through! 1*(256 mins)
2*(209 mins)            3*(354 mins)
Greg Brown, Iris Dement, Steven Stills, Neil Young,
Joni Mitchel, Joan Baez, John Prine, Sade,
Carlos Nakai, Bob Dylan, Tim O'Brien & Buds!

              Winter Solstice*
Caesar Chavez, Carlos Santana
Bruce Cockburn and Buds
(233 mins)

             Campfire Tunes*
Neil Young & Promise of the Real
Dixie Chicks, C S & N and Buds (249 mins)

                           Wolf Moon*(4 mins)
              Neil Young & Promise of the Real     

Standing Rock, ND
weather update - Here

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II  President & Sr.
of Repairers of the Breach
Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis,
co-chairs of:
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call For Moral Revival

December 4, 2017 D.C. Press Briefing
 The Gathering
is the podcast and Medium is the blog

                     The Souls of Poor Folk (pdf)

We Rise: A Movement Songbook (pdf)

Thank You.

Outdoor Bob

Andrew Goodman
Michael "Mickey" Schwerner
James Chaney,
55 Years to the Day
Summer Solstice June 21, 1964
hree Civil Rights leaders
Three beautiful Human Beings
Were gunned-down murdered

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Banksy XR Girl at Marble Arch, London


@ClimateCrisis must be fought!
500 years of Corporate Lies Ends NOW!
The Epoch of The Solar Age
~ Extinction Resilience ~
~ Cosmic Enlightenment ~

U.S. National Weather Forecast


Current CO2 ppm
2020 highest CO2 measurement at Mauna Loa, Hawai'i
~ 417.93
parts per million (5/24/2020)
(Carbon Dioxide was 280 ppm just two hundred years ago!)


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Antarctic Icecap Arctic Icecap

Update Here

The Arctic climate was extraordinary in 2020, but the year ended with a less spectacular December. Ice growth was faster than average throughout the month, but extent at month’s end remained among the lowest in the satellite record. Air temperatures for the month were higher than average in most areas, but less so than in many previous months. Overall, it was an extremely warm 2020, especially over Siberia.

Arctic sea ice extent averaged for December 2020 was the third lowest in the satellite record. The monthly average extent of 11.77 million square kilometers (4.54 million square miles) was 1.07 million square kilometers (413,000 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 December average. Sea ice cover was below average in the Bering Sea on the Pacific side and the Barents Sea on the Atlantic side. Compared to 2016, which had the lowest December sea ice extent on record, the ice edge in 2020 is further south in the Barents and East Greenland Seas, but further north in Davis Strait and the Labrador Sea

Sea ice extent increased by 2.71 million square kilometers (1.05 million square miles) during the month of December. This was greater than the 1981 to 2010 average gain in December of 1.99 square kilometers (780,000 square miles). However, after a rapid early and mid-month gain, the rate of extent increase slowed considerably (Figure 2a).

December air temperatures at the 925 mb level (about 2,500 feet about sea level) continued to be relatively high for this time of year over much of the Arctic Ocean, particularly north of the Laptev and East Siberian Seas, which saw temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) above the 1981 to 2010 average (Figure 2b). Average and below average temperatures prevailed in the Beaufort and eastern Chukchi Seas.

The Arctic Oscillation (AO), after being in a strong positive mode for most of November, flipped to a negative mode for most of December. As a result of the AO flipping to negative, a sea level pressure pattern formed in December with high pressure over the Arctic Ocean, a fairly strong  Beaufort Sea High pressure pattern, and low pressure over the Atlantic and Pacific subarctic. Earlier research (Rigor et al., 2002) argued that during winter, a negative mode tends to retain older and thicker ice within the Arctic Ocean, which potentially portends a more moderate ice loss the following summer. Conversely, when the AO is positive, the wind pattern helps to transport ice from the Siberian coast, across the pole and out of the Arctic Ocean via the Fram Strait, leaving more thin ice along the Siberian shore that melts out readily in summer. The strong positive AO during the winter of 2019 to 2020 may have played a role in this past summer’s low sea ice extent. However, this relationship between the AO and summer ice extent has not been strong in recent years.

Through 2020, the linear rate of decline for December sea ice extent is 3.6 percent per decade, which corresponds to 46,500 square kilometers (18,000 square miles) per year, about twice the size of New Hampshire. The cumulative December ice loss over the 43-year satellite record is 1.97 million square kilometers (761,000 square miles), based on the difference in linear trend values in 2020 and 1978. This is equivalent to about three times the size of Texas.

After being above average for much of the austral winter and spring, Antarctic sea ice extent dropped below average in the last week of December. Ice extent tends to see a steep decline in December as the ice begins to disintegrate all around the continent. However, the decline in sea ice extent in the Weddell and Ross Seas has been unusually rapid this year and large regions of low-concentration ice are present at year’s end (Figure 4a).

In a recent study, Handcock and Raphael (2020) note that in the Antarctic, much of the departure from average extent depends on the timing of the ice loss. For example, when extent is dropping substantially each day, a few days difference in the timing of the beginning and end of ice loss and gain can result in relatively large departure in ice extent from average. The causes of earlier or later onsets of ice loss—weather or ocean forcings on the cyclical annual trend—have long-running effects if they adjust the phase of the cycle.

After an extended period of below-average ice extent since the second half of 2016, Antarctic sea ice expanded to above-average levels in August of 2020 and remained high until the last week of this month. Once again, the Maud Rise polynya was open, but only briefly in late November and early December, as sea ice retreat in the Weddell proceeded and the ice edge swept past the polynya.

The year 2020 was extreme for the Arctic, even compared to the past 20 years. Notable was the extreme heat over Siberia. The annual average temperature at the 925 mb level (about 2,500 feet above sea level) was over 3.5 degrees Celsius (6 degrees Fahrenheit) above the 1981 to 2010 annual average over a broad area of North Central Siberia extending over the Kara and Laptev Seas (Figure 5a). Temperatures were particularly high in the region through the first six months of the year, culminating in a 100-degree Fahrenheit (38-degrees Celsius) temperature reading in June in Verkhojansk, Russia. This was the first recorded temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit north of the Arctic Circle.

These very warm conditions, coupled with winds from the south, led to early melt onset and ice retreat in the Laptev Sea. By mid-June, ice in the Laptev Sea had reached record low extent for that time of year. The strong positive mode of the Arctic Oscillation (AO) during the 2020 winter from January through March may have contributed to thin ice in the region that melted out easily once melt started. The average 2020 winter AO index was the most positive in the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) record, dating back to 1950. Only 1989 and 1990 rivaled 2020 (Figure 5b).

The winter and spring conditions and early sea ice melt onset and retreat led to the second lowest September minimum extent in the satellite record, above only 2012. While Arctic air temperatures ranked as the highest recorded during both July and August, changes in the winds likely prevented extent from falling below the 2012 record low. There was a remarkably long open water shipping season along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) along the Russian coast. The relatively thin winter ice along the Russian coast (relative to the Central Arctic Ocean) allows for Russian icebreakers to maintain a channel for ships to navigate the passage throughout the year. However, as the summer ice extent has decreased, the NSR has become ice free for a longer period of time. In many recent years, the NSR was ice free for several weeks. A recent report indicates that this year’s ice-free season was the longest on record.

While the Arctic sea ice story largely centered on the Russian side of the Arctic Ocean, eyes also shifted toward the Atlantic in late summer with the retreat of the ice edge towards the pole. During late summer, the ice edge retreated to within about 500 kilometers (300 miles) of the North Pole north of the Barents and Kara Seas. Along that ice edge, the ice was not very compact. This allowed the German icebreaker, R.V. Polarstern, to easily cruise to the pole in early August as part of the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC) expedition.

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The Daily Climate
"Independent media organization working to increase public
understanding of climate change"- Posted 01/07/2013

Climate News Network
"the free, ready-to-use factual service that brings you the
latest news of climate change science"

Nature Climate Change

"A monthly journal dedicated to publishing the most
significant and cutting-edge research on the science
of climate change, its impacts and
wider implications
for the economy, society and policy"


The Nations Online Project
World Almanac

"A portal to the countries of the World"


Political map of the North Pole (Arctic)
South Pole

The World at Night
Definitely ONLY Sustainable, with
Concentrating Solar-thermal,
Photovoltaic and/or Geo-thermal, etc.
as alternatives - by 2025!


360 View from Mt. Everest
"Sagarmatha" means "Forehead of the Sky."

Space Science Engineering Center

Astronomy Picture of the Day
"A different image or photograph
of our
fascinating universe is featured"

Coronado National Forest
Fire and weather info - S. Arizona

U.S. Drought Monitor
Updates every week - Here

U.S. Wildfires Reports
& Updates

National Preparedness Level 1

as of November 11 at 6 p.m. MST (on a scale from 1 to 5)

Current hours for the National Fire Information Center are
(MST) 8:00 am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

This report will be updated on Fridays.
Please check the IMSR for more information.

February 5, 2021

Five new large fires were reported this week, two in Oklahoma and Texas, and one in Florida. To date, 2,039 wildfires have burned 45,375 acres which slightly more than the 10-year average.


Arctic air will slide south from Canada across much of the CONUS, especially along and east of the Rockies, during the upcoming week. This will lead to well below normal temperatures across most of the Plains, Midwest, western Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley for the next week. Heavy snow is likely in parts of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast as well. Upper lows will track along the periphery of the upper-level ridge into the Pacific Northwest, Northern Rockies, and into the Colorado Rockies bringing snow to the mountains and some basins and valleys. The upper-level ridge over the northeast Pacific and West Coast will retreat westward and eventually weaken next week. California and the southern half of the West are likely to remain mostly dry, but there are chances of scattered precipitation mid to late next week as the upper-level ridge weakens off the West Coast. Dry and breezy conditions are likely at times across the southern High Plains through this weekend and possibly into next week.


    Update map - Here

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Fairewinds Energy Education
Demystifying Nuclear Power Through Education

Radiation Monitors:

The Nuclear Threat is VERY REAL!
  "Mineral Lab" produces this Background Radiation Map, in Prescott, AZ
 and shows
xx CPM (Counts Per Minute) at almost 5400 ft-asl (1646 m-asl). This is
(probably) from
a Geiger-counter with a 3/4" side-mounted detector screen
(light-lined circles)
Today, I read (not working xx CPM at 2800 ft-asl 853 m-asl). The lower the
elevation, the lower the gamma ray count from outer space! (Notice the low
counts at sea level!)
On the map, the heavy-lined circles are counts 2-3 times
more sensitive, like my
ONYZ NX-10 Geiger-counter with a 2" back-mounted
"pancake" detector.
Confusing? Corporately, damn straight! On purpose!
> > More about radiation here

"Santa Ana winds" are easterly winds in the Spring.
This means a bump in my downwind CPM count!
We'll watch and see! Nano-sized, radioactive,
& other
nuke contaminants, are carried in the dust of
the desert floor region surrounding the

radioactive "waste" depository region, nearby Carlsbad,
New Mexico, the source. W.I.P.P. had a major release
around the time of Valentine's Day,
2014. Successful detection of dangerous radioactivity
is from noticing CPM up ticks of normally benign natural
 background radiation. A bump in
, sounds
the alarm! Radioactive Cs-137 is dangerous if ingested or
 inhaled. It is a short-lived radioactive nuke-fission waste
(lasting 300 yrs = 10 x 28 yr half-life) - a co-product
 with Pu-239 (
the deadliest poison known to humankind),
in the
process of Uranium-235 (that produces
 incredible heat used to convert liquid water to steam)! So,
when my
Geiger CPMs double or triple in number, I know
that many dozens
of other nuke waste crap like Pu-239
IS THERE! W.I.P.P. is in southeastern NM, near TX.

  Update here

US Gamma Ray Background Radiation Map

World Nuclear Sites Expedition for Life

(Post Fukushima-Daiichi Indy Investigation)

The Periodic Table of Elements - Larger Version - Here


Courtesy of Nuke
Nuclear Weapons Complex: Sites & Facilities
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Nuke Reactors World Map - 437 in 31 Countries,
180 Propulsion Reactors - Here

For current monitoring of Radiation Station's CPM's:
Click one of the six Regions below:
 US     Hawaii & Alaska    Europe
South America     Japan     Australia

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