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Times are PT (Pacific Time). Pacific Standard Time begins November.
Pacific Daylight Time adds one hour beginning in March, except HI & AZ.

US Time Zones  -  Time Zones by Country

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Democracy Now! - One of  The BEST daily, non-corporate, investigative  news video & audio stream with Amy and Juan

KPFA - The flagship of Pacifica Affiliate Stations - Berkeley, CA - Archives - Weekly Schedule - The Original!

KMUD - Community Radio Garberville, CA - Schedule (pdf)

KRVM - Public radio Eugene, OR - ScheduleSolartopia - Produced by Harvey Wasserman 2 pm Thursdays on PRN • Harvey Wasserman's No Nukes! - Green Power Radio

KPOO - San Francisco Community Radio - Soul, Blues, Reggae and Jazz - Schedule (pdf)

First Voices Indigenous Radio - (FVIR) “First Voices Indigenous Radio will give me an opportunity to help bring a
voice to Indigenous peoples’ issues beyond my passionate advocacy for my people and our struggles with New York State and the
federal government.” John Cane - Added 02/10/2014

Clearing The Fog Radio  with Margaret Flowers, ACTIVIST KEVIN ZEESE PASSES AWAY and Others - "You can listen to Clearing the FOG Radio Show live every Monday morning at 11 am Eastern time on 1480 am in the Washington, DC area or on on
iTunes and Ustream TV a complete archive on"

National Radio Project -

Radio Rebelde - English version from Cuba - "........ the voice of the Cuban Revolution, began as a clandestine pirate radio station nestled in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the eastern part of the island." "It was 60 years ago today that the now-famous Cuban radio station founded by iconic guerrilla leader Che Guevara finally crackled into life over the Caribbean airwaves." "Radio Rebelde, the voice of the Cuban Revolution, began as a clandestine pirate radio station nestled in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the eastern part of the island. Founded by Ernesto 'Che' Guevara at Altos de Conrado, the station's on-air signature became a screeching howl of "Aqui, Radio Rebelde!" Its February 24, 1958 maiden broadcast, which lasted 20 minutes, came at a time when almost all of Cuba's media was controlled by loathed dictator Fulgencio Batista. The broadcast began with the rebels' anthem, followed by a report on the battle of Pino del Agua and other news from Che's guerrillas."Here is Radio Rebelde, the voice of the Sierra Maestra, transmitting for all Cuba on the 20 meter band at 5 and 9p.m. daily... I'm Station Director Captain Luis Orlando Rodriguez. Rebelde's first director, Rodriguez then read an editorial on the founding of the station and notable events from that day in Cuban history – of which its own initiation is now one. As the battle continued to rage between capitalist, U.S.-backed President Batista and the Communist guerrillas led by Fidel Castro, Radio Rebelde broadcast firsthand reports of the rebels' progress almost round the clock. "

WBAI - Pacifica Radio - NY,  NY - Schedule

The Rev Billy Show & the Stop Shopping Choir - Podcast "The Earth Wants You" - Here

PRN fm - Non-corporate Radio Network - Schedule

KPFK - Pacifica Community Radio - Los Angeles, CA - Schedule - Archives - Check out Background Briefing with Ian Masters
at 5PM PST - M-Th and Sunday at 11AM PST and preceded by World Focus at10AM then  followed by Reggae Central at 2PM.

WFNX Radio - "The Phoenix Network" - Radio for all

We Act Radio - Occupy Radio Talk - "Truth is Our Product." - M-F & S-S - Schedule - "AlterNet Weekly Radio Show,"
 - Sun 3PM PST, plus  Sam Seder "Majority Report,"  M, W, TH, F  - 5PM  PST

Net Roots Radio - Occupy Talk

KTHX - Reno, NV

KTAOS - Solar Radio from Taos, NM

Mix Cloud - This is, most importantly, an Audio Archive of Independent (and corporate) Political Talk. - Plus 20 Music
Categories, including Reggae, Jazz, World, Soul and Rock!

Peaceful Uprising - Building a Healthy World through Activism at its best - with Conscious Blogs, Video and News!

Canadian Broadcast System - Canada's Public Radio/TV - Radio Schedule - Radio/TV Player

Radio Netherlands - News and True-Free-Spirit Vibes -Take a break from fascism's oppression - Schedule

Eco Shock Radio - "Latest Science, Authors, Issues - from Climate Change, Oceans, Forests, pollution, peak oil,
the economy, and Peace - Ready for re-broadcast, computer, IPOD, smart phone, or mp3 player

The Majority Report - With Sam Seder - A daily, Non-corporate, political talk show, M-F at 12PM EST (Sam is
also on "Ring of Fire" with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mike Papantonio). - Sat 3PM EST

950AM - Non-corporate Talk in Minnesota - "Ring of Fire at 4pm PST airs a Sunday Rebroadcast." - Schedule

92.1 FM - "The Mic" - Non-corporate Talk Radio - Madison,WI - Schedule - Pre-recorded Mike Malloy re-played at 10 pm
PST -  M-F

Thom Hartmann Radio - Non-corporate Talk Radio - Weekdays from 9am - 12 pm PT - Intelligent, but often rides
the corporate fence, and at times acts as the apologist for the dems.

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The Revolution - 880AM Non-corporate Talk Radio - Progressive Talk from Ashville, N Carolina - Schedule

KOWA - Olympia, WA - Schedule

WRFL - Lexington, KY - Schedule

KGHI - Westport, WA - Schedule

Radio Boise - Boise, ID - Schedule

WEFT - Champaign, IL - Schedule pdf

No Lies Radio - San Francisco, CA - Schedule

Star Talk Radio - With Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, PhD.

KKFI - Kansas City,  MO - Schedule pdf

WXPI - Williamsport, PA - Schedule

WRFI - Community Radio,  Ithaca, NY

Geneva Community Radio - Geneva, New York - Schedule

WPRR - Grand Rapids, MI - Schedule

Radio Free Moscow - Moscow, ID - Schedule - Posted 08/14/2013

KXCI - Tucson, AZ - Community Radio! - Schedule

KUAT - Classical Tuneage in Tucson, AZ

Progressive Radio Network (
Non-corporate)- "PRN: The #1 Station for Progressive [Non-corporate] Minds"
 - Posted 4-17-2012

AM 1600 WWRL - NYC Progressive Talk Radio - Schedule

KAOS - Community Radio Olympia, WA - Schedule

Free Radio Santa Cruz - Underground, Unlicensed Radio Station and Proud Of It! - Santa Cruz, CA - Schedule

KALW - San Francisco Community Radio - Schedule

KOTO - Community Radio Radio Telluride - Schedule

KBUT - Community Radio Crested Butte, CO - Schedule

Vancouver Cooperative Radio - Vancouver, CAN - "A voice for the voiceless that strives to a
provide space for under-represented and marginalized Communities" - Schedule

KBOO - Portland, OR Community Radio - Schedule - very annoying pledge request, all-the-time!

KFAI - Minneapolis-St Paul, MN Community Radio - Schedule

WUMB - Folk Music Radio
- University of Massachusetts
, MA - Schedule

WOMR - Provincetown, MA Community Radio - Cape Cod - Schedule

KUNM - NPR Albuquerque? - MUCH Better than most - Schedule

KGNU - Boulder, CO Community Radio - Schedule

WERU - Maine Community Radio - Schedule

KSFR - Santa Fe, NM Public Radio - Schedule 

KPFT -  Houston, TX Community Radio - Pacifica Network - Schedule (pdf) - Archive

WPFW - "THE MESSENGER" - Pacifica Community Radio in DC - Schedule

WORT-FM - Wisconsin Community Radio - Schedule

KVMR - Community Radio Nevada City, CA - Irie Friday Reggae! - Schedule pdf

KNBA - ''Nonprofit Alaska Native Radio"

KAJX - Aspen Public Radio - Schedule 

WMNF - Tampa, FL Community Radio - Schedule

KBRP - Radio Free Bisbee, AZ - Schedule (pdf) - "A web radio directory showcasing over 4000 radio stations from across Europe streaming Live on the Internet"

World-wide Radio Streams - Listen to any station, any language, any country - At any time

Democracy At Work Dot Info - "Economist Richard Wolff and his wife, psychologist Harriet Fraad, will discuss how
economic policies impact our psychological and social well-being"

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WBGO - Great Jazz - New Jersey - Schedule pdf

KCRW - Santa Monica, CA - Schedule - Archives 

KSFR - Fresno, CA - "Home for Jazz! - from the classic artists like Miles Davis and John Coltrane to today's stars" - Schedule 

WRFG - "Radio Free Georgia" - Schedule 

KDNK - Radio Carbondale, CO - Schedule 

KVNF - Paonia, CO - "Grassroots, Creative, Volunteer based, Community oriented Public Radio serving Western Colorado for
25 years" - Schedule

WFMT - Radio Network - "One of the world's most well-regarded sources for Fine Arts Radio programming" - Schedule

KSDS -FM - Jazz from San Diego - Schedule

Radio Woodstock - 100.1 WDST

Detroit Oldies Radio - 580AM Motor City favorites - You  get tons of crapola ads but I love the trippy tunes.

Smooth Radio - R & B from London, England

WDVX - East Tennessee's rockin' radio!  Bluegrass and Country All Day and no commercials - Schedule


Start Times are PT (Pacific Time). Pacific Standard Time begins November.
Pacific Daylight [Savings] Time adds one hour beginning
in March, except HI & AZ.

1) Click Call Letters, below,  in 'sapphire' for complete stream info.


2) Locate Call Letters, in 'blue' for instant playing (farther below) in  Radio Express.

If It's Sunday, It's Reggae!

KKCR  - Sun 11pm   Hawaii Reggae
KXCI  - Sun 9pm     Tucson Reggae
WPFW  - Sun 7pm     DC Reggae      SAT 9pm African
Free Radio Santa Cruz -
Santa Cruz, CA - City powers-that-be, have no love in their hearts -  Reggae Rules!
- but alas, the idiots of us, still hate a "them".
KKFI  - Sun 4pm     Kansas City,  MO
-  Reggae **KKFI
KPFK  - Sun 2pm     LA Reggae
WMNF  - Sun 1pm     Tampa Reggae/Carribean

Saturday Reggae Riddims

KBOO   - Sat/Sun 3am    Portland Reggae
KBUT  - Sat 9pm   Crested Butte Reggae   TH 12:30pm Reggae
KMUD   - Sat 7:30pm Reggae     Garberville, CA
Vancouver BC  - Sat 6pm   Vancouver Reggae   TUES 10am - 12pm
KAOS   - Sat 6pm   Olympia Reggae
KSFR   - Sat 6pm   Santa Fe Reggae
KKFI   - Sat 4pm    Kansas City,  MO

KPOO   -  SAT 4-7pm Reggae     MON 7-9am   San Francisco
                 Reggae/Jazz  WED 3-5:30pm   Reggae THURS 8 -11pm
                 Reggae  FRI 2-7am
6-10pm  Mix of Reggae, Blues, Soul and Jazz
                 TUES noon-4pm Coltrane
                 TUES 10pm-2am  
Vintage Soul 
                 SUN 10pm -1am 50's & 60's!

KFAI   - Sat 3pm      Minneapolis Reggae
KGNU   - Sat 12pm     Boulder Reggae      SUN 9pm Dub Reggae
WRFG   - Sat 11am     Georgia Reggae
WERU   - Sat 10am     Maine Reggae
WORT  - Sat 10am     Madison Reggae
KMUD   - Sat 5am Reggae     Garberville, CA

Irie Reggae Friday
Vancouver BC  - Fri/Sat 12am   Vancouver Reggae
WBAI  - Fri 11pm    NY Reggae
KVMR  - Fri 8pm    Nevada City, CA
  - Fri 7pm    Eugene, OR         
KDUR  - Fri 5pm     Durango, CO Reggae

I and I Reggae Thursday

KPOO  - Thurs 8 -11pm    San Francisco Reggae
WEFT  - Thurs 6pm    Champaign, IL
KUNM  - Thurs 6pm    Albuquerque Reggae
KBOO   - Thurs noon-2pm    Portland Reggae    
WERU   - Wed 5-7pm     Maine Reggae
KPOO  - Wed 3-5:30pm    San Francisco Reggae

Tuesday Rasta Reggae Riddims
KBOO   - Tues/Wed 3am  (1st & 3rd)    Portland Reggae     
KPFA   - Tues 10pm  Berkeley Reggae - WED 1:30-6:00 am  Reggae
KOTO   - Tues 8pm      Telluride Reggae   (every other Tues)
KPOO   - Tues noon-4pm I&I know! But it's Coltrane!  San Francisco

KKCR   - Tues 3-5pm     Hawaii Reggae

Monday Rasta Reggae Riddims
KPFK   - Mon 11am     LA Reggae and/or World Beat

Reggae Super Site - "Keeping alive the spirit of the Reggae Prophet"
Reggae For Sure, Mon       Jah Know.

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Instant-on (mostly) Webradio  Streams

Start Times are PT (Pacific Time). Pacific Standard Time begins November.
Pacific Daylight [Savings] Time adds one hour beginning
in March, except HI & AZ.

Recommended: QuickTime & Itunes
Browsers: Safari or Firefox (OR  WINDOWS 10 "Edge").


Available free players:

     ▼▼         Blue Station Call-letters are live streams.

Free Radio Santa Cruz - Free Radio - Santa Cruz, CA
KXCI - Tucson, AZ Community Radio
KPFK - 90.7 FM - Community Radio - Los Angeles, CA - Pacifica Station
KKCR - Kawa'i Community Radio - Hawai'i
KRVM - Eugene Community Radio
WPFW - Community Radio - DC
KDUR  - Community Radio - Durango, CO
We Act Radio - Activism in DC
KPOO - Community Radio - San Francisco, CA
Community Radio - Garberville, CA
KBUT - Community Radio - Crested Butte, CO
KOWA - Olympia, WA
KUAT - Classical Tucson, AZ
KPFA - 94.1 FM - Community Radio - Berkeley, CA - Pacifica Flagship Station (64k stereo)
KPFB - 89.3 FM - Community Radio - Berkeley, CA - Pacifica Flagship Station (16k mono)
KVMR - FM 89.5 - Community Radio - Nevada City, CA
WBAI  - Community Radio - New York City - Pacifica Station
KALW - 91.7 - Community Radio - San Francisco, CA
WORT - Community Radio - Madison, WI
Non-corporate Talk AM - Chicago, IL
KOTO - Community Radio - Telluride, CO
KGNU - Community Radio - Boulder, CO
WERU - Community Radio - Maine
KPFT - Community Radio - Houston, TX - Pacifica Station
KSFR - NOW A FLASH PLAYER (talk over tunes) - Community Radio - Santa Fe, NM
Jazz - Community Radio - San Diego, CA
WMNF - Community Radio -Tampa, FL
Mike Malloy -
Non-corporate Talk - Tune to Progressive Voices UNCENSORED! (Begins weeknights PST Feb 8, 2016!) - On Live Stream
Thom Hartmann Radio - Non-corporate Talk - Live M-F 9 AM  - Chatroom Here
Bob Kincaid - Non-corporate Talk - Live  at 3PM - Week Days  - Also  Here
WBGO - Newark, NJ Jazz- 24/7
KBUT - Community Radio - Crested Butte, CO
WOMR - Community Radio - Provincetown, MA
- Folk Music Radio - University of Massachusetts, MA - Schedule

KBOO - Portland, OR - pdf schedule
KDNK - Community Radio - Carbondale, CO
KFAI - Community Radio - Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

Vancouver, BC - Community Radio - Vancouver, Canada

BELOW, links marked with [**] - Click Station Call-letters to open "Shoutcast". Click "Listen".
**WINDOWS using "IE" or "Edge" must copy "listen link" and then paste into I-tunes (or other player) in "File" menu,
as Windows media player cannot play these!

**Fresh Air Radio - Community Radio - Minneapolis, MN
**KBRP - Community Radio - Bisbee, AZ
**WDVX - Knoxville, TN Bluegrass 24/7
**950AM - Progressive Talk - Minneapolis, MN
**WEFT - Champaign, IL
**No Lies Radio - San Francisco, CA
**KKFI - Community Radio - Kansas City, MO
**Geneva Community Radio - Geneva, New York


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Commentary and Originals

Liquid Sound Lounge - Rockin' Reggae, Ska and Soul from NY, NY - Tune into WBAI Sats from 4pm to 7pm PST

John Coltrane Music - His Music and Life! - Go to KPOO  for 4-hours of John Coltrane every Tues noon-4pm - San Francisco.

Kickstarter - "[Kickstarter] is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.[Kickstarter] - does not investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. Backers ultimately decide the validity and worthiness of a project by whether they decide to fund it."

Rising Up Radio - "We hope to motivate our listeners to take an active role in their communities - On KPFK, 
Pacifica Community Radio in Southern California from 8-9 AM PST.

Great Soul Music - From London?

The Internet Archive - A digital audio/video/print and photo Library of Internet Sites and other Cultural Artifacts
in digital form. - Like a paper library! We provide free access to Researchers, Historians, Scholars and the general public."

Ring of Fire Radio Show - 12pm PST Saturdays - Replays 5pm PST Sundays - With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,
Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder.

Nuclear Free Planet - "A project from "The Helen Caldicott Foundation" - We Love You, Helen. Nobel Peace
Prize-nominated pediatrician Helen Caldicott, MD fights the Good Fight: "Planetary Survival issues such as global
warming, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, deforestation, toxic pollution, ozone depletion, hunger and poverty and species
extinction." - We say goodbye to her weekly series that ended December 2012,  If You Love This Planet and greetings from
her foundation.

Radio National - The Science Show - Everything Science.

Noam Chomsky - 24/7 around the clock streaming - To Listen.

Richard P. Feynman - "Nobelist Physicist, Teacher, Storyteller, Bongo player." - Deceased. View his Quantum Physics
Lecture: 4-Part Lecture

The Daily Audio Stash - Available at 4:20pm PST and brought to you by NORML.  "Good people about reforming the
inhumane criminalization of Marijuana consumption"

Making Contact - "An international radio program that links people, vital ideas and important information"

Pacifica Radio Archives - "To preserve this Historic Audio Collection for future generations and to make them
available for research and reference use" - From The Vault -  the Weekly Series

CounterSpin - Commentary Radio Show of F.A.I.R. (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)

New Dimensions - Each new show fosters living a more Healthy Life of Mind, Body and Spirit, while deepening our
connections to Self,  Family, Community, the Natural World and the Planet.

Etown - Environmental Concerns with Musical Variety - Live from Boulder, CO

Native American Radio (A.I.R.O.S. - American Indian Radio On Satellite) - "Authentic Native American Music,
News, Entertainment, Interviews and Discussions of the Current Issues in Indian Country and the World"

Activist Radio Network - "You can upload an audio mp3 track together with related Artwork, Description and Link to
your own Website as it will appear in the new Receiver Interface."

PEN American Journal "Largest of the 141 centers of International PEN - The world’s oldest Human Rights Organization
and the oldest International Literary Organization"

Story Corps - "Oral-history interviews with everyday Americans across the country"

Real World Radio - "Main goal is to create a space where community radios in the Americas and the world would
exchange productions on sustainability and environmental issues."

Drug Truth Network - "A media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness
of the “war on drugs"

RadiOM - Other Minds web radio station. "Selected Rare LP's and a number of general Music reference books, Recordings
on analog and digital audiotape of Interviews, Music, Concerts and Documentaries on Contemporary and Classical Music recorded
over a period from 1957 to 1992" - "Dedicated to the founding principles of public broadcasting, which urge that programming
serve as a Forum for Controversy and Debate, be diverse and provide a voice for groups that may otherwise be unheard" - All Programs

Other Minds - "A global New Music Community where Composers, Students and Listeners discover and learn about Innovative
Music by Composers from all over the World." - "Award-winning leader in lossless digital audio distribution on the Internet! We are a Community."

Wisdom of the Elders - "An American Indian 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation committed to American
Indian cultural preservation, education and race reconciliation -We share these teachings with younger generations of American
Indians as well as Public Audiences of All Cultures via our radio series, "Wisdom of the Elders Radio". Try Our Online Speaker's
Bureau for American Indian Oral Cultural Artists, Turtle Island Storytellers Network, the newly forming Northwest Indian
Storytellers Association and other Educational Venues."

Earth Songs - Native American Music

Prison Radio - "[We] challenge mass incarceration and racism by airing the voices of men and women in prison by bringing their voices into the public dialogue on crime and punishment."
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Mostly News Video

Democracy Now! - One of  The BEST daily, non-corporate, investigative  news video & audio stream with Amy and Juan.

- International-funded news from the Southern Hemisphere & The Place to watch "The Empire Files" with Abby Martin on Fridays.

The Real News Network - No corporate influence

France 24 - International-funded
video Corporate News from France - Non-corporate video stream

RT America -
Russian propaganda vrs USA propaganda! lol!

Mike Malloy Show - Mike live streams now M-F at 6PM PST
- On Live Stream

Global Revolution - "Brings you live streaming video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world"

Acronym TV - The latest news never heard from corporate bankster media - covering especially the super crisis of all time: The Fukushima accident and the end of life as we know it.

Dark Universe - This is a SMOKIN' 7-minute clip on Bill Moyers. "Written by Timothy Ferris and narrated by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson" - "The Hayden Planetarium space show "Dark Universe",which opened in New York in November, aims to give audiences a better understanding of our universe’s past, present and future." 
[] - A different spectacular view - Here**

Bill Moyers and Company - Moyers Is NOT Gone, Really! Thank you, Bill! - Formerly produced the Bill Moyers Journal - Bill is an Author, Journalist, TV Personality and Peace Activist. He Created a previous show, "On Faith and Reason."POV - (Point Of View) - On PBS (Public Broadcasting) - Independent  Films

PBS's Frontline - Watch the latest breathtaking, issue-driven Documentaries.

C-Span 1, 2 and 3 - A must watch but may leave you in an irritable, mind-altering state - Schedule PressTV - Propaganda from Iran

The Other Possibilities Network - "[They are] collecting and sharing interviews with activists and organizations engaged in positive social change and challenging the status quo of greed, corruption and excess."

The Merry Pranksters - Ken Babbs, Ken Kesey, Alan Ginsberg, Timothy Leary and more

Wavy Gravy's 75th Birthday - Great Sound/Video on 5/14/11

Woodstock Videos - The Original FREE AND BEAUTIFUL Occupy Event - The highlight of Free Expression here on Our EARTH!! -  SECOND MILLENNIUM, C.E.!! Will it be the last? The bankster-military-surveillance state hopes, I'm sure!

Wavy Gravy, KenKesey and Timothy Leary - A Conscious Time-distant View, far Removed from today's Insane Asylum of madison avenue and corporate slime machines

Aboriginal Peoples Network - A Canadian First Peoples Perspective

We The Media.TV - "An All-Volunteer Nonprofit Group dedicated to bringing Independent Progressive Video Programming, both locally produced and nationally distributed"

Busboys and Poets - "Tribal Statement" - [It]"is a [Washington D.C.] Community where racial and cultural connections are consciously uplifted...A Place to take a deliberate pause and Feed Your Mind, Body and Soul...A Space for Art, Culture and politics to Intentionally collide...We believe that by Creating such a Space We can Inspire Social Change and begin to Transform our Community and the World."

Link TV - "Broadcasts programs that Engage, Educate and Activate viewers to become involved in the World"

Kulak's Woodshed - Independent Performance Venue - Not-for-Profit,  Acoustic Music, Video Webcast, Singer/Songwriter, Broadcasting Live and Archived over the World Wide Web 24/7

YouTube - "Broadcast yourself. Watch and share your videos Worldwide! Watch this one!  They follow you and sell your personal info.

Vimeo - Do your own video. - "Created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to Share their Creative Work along with intimate personal moments of their everyday life" - Free and pay versions

LiveStream - "Join the Livestream community to discover, watch and share live events for free."

Ustream - Live Streaming

Online Since 2003!


Explodes Into Being.

The DreamDimension

Becomes  The   NOW!

Colossal Galaxies Condense  and Group.

The Cosmic Neighborhoods Sparkle.

We Awake into The NOW.

A OneLove  OneEarth Cosmos!

One Love

A Primitive Camping Retreat

One Earth

~We The People promise~

Learn from our Mistakes.                                                   

Create Peace and Happiness.                                                                                                       

Interact with No Harm.                                                              

Teach through Kind Action.

                                                                Experience Wilderness Quiet.

                         Share Our Bliss, Dance and Song.

Build Green. Protect and Care.                                   

Recycle, Reuse and Create
Sustainable Systems.

Save Our Wild Earth,
Her Animals, Land,

Plants, Water and Air.

And further,

~We The People promise~

"We of the Green Artisan Communities,
join in spirit and in our street presence
with Bernie Sanders, non-corporate
Democratic members of Congress,
trade unions, senior groups, health
care activists and all those who
believe in a Green Earth economy
with social justice."

"To all corporate fascists, to the
corporate Republicans, to the
corporate Democrats and any
and all other1% privatizers,
Loudly, Clearly and Honorably:

We The People, will honorably,
never let you throw nearly 30
million of us off of health
insurance (no matter how lousy),
make massive cuts to Medicaid
and defund Planned Parenthood.
We The People demand
NIMA!!  (HR676)
It's all about Green Art & Music,
Mom Earth, People over profit
and getting along.

National Improved Medicare for A!!
"Is the Healing of the Nation!" - a Jahmin' Notion!"


Aloha Nui Loa

Lots of love

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