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                                                      Time to Dance in the Street!*(307 mins)    

                                                       Time to Rock-n-Roll*(291 mins)

Time to
Dance Around
                                       The Sacred Campfire*(228 mins)

The Times
                                                              They Are A Changin'!*(308 mins)


                              Leader of Apache Stronghold**(4 mins)

Wendsler Nosie Sr.
invitation to 3rd
Annual March to Oak Flat,
Southeastern, AZ

February 16-19, 2017.

Help Protect Oak Flat or
Chi'chil Bildagoteel,
an Apache sacred site
in the Tonto National Forest
threatened by a Copper Mine
owned by a foreign mining company.

                              Sacred Drumming Circle**(3 mins)


~ Ancestral stolen lands ~
Views on Religion & More
Apache Stronghold, San Carlos, AZ

Wendsler Nosie, Sr. Audio*(41 mins)
Wendsler's Excerpt

Battle for the Bible:
Christian Nationalism
and the Movement

  to End Poverty**

* (130 mins)
January 25, 2020 ~ NYC, NY


Oak Flat
                          Year in Review**(53 mins)


                                      Sacred Oak Flat**(4mins)                                              Poor People's Campaign: A National Call For Moral Revival
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Moral March on Washington, June 21, 2018

                                               1st Nations Peoples*(532 mins)

John Trudell ~ Wendsler Nosie, Sr.
Buffy Sainte-Marie ~ Scott Momaday
Carlos Nakai & Friends
Wisdom of the Elders


                                           "John Trudell "Cry Your Tears"**(8 mins)

  "I will no longer enable the lie." - John Trudell

             John - Here**(6 mins)                             ~                              John - Here**(7mins)                   


                     John Trudell in Conversation*(110 mins)

          John Trudell, Buffy Sainte Marie,
                                       Carlos Nakai*(193 mins)

The Complete Trudell



All Lives Matter When:

Black, Red, Yellow, and Brown Lives Matter! 
Muslim, Jew, Christian, Spiritual, Pagan!
Gay, Straight, Trans, Poor, Elders, Disabled!


#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateEmergency!
 #BlackLivesMatter #ProtectJulian
#BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssemblies

Working with

#GeorgeFloyd  #PamelaSueRush
#WallofMoms  #WallofVets
#AbolishPolice  #AbolishCorporations
#AbolishAirTravel  #AbolishBillionaires
#WriteJulian! WriteJulian Here!

The Story of Plastic ~ Audio*(70 mins)

Harm to others and things,
is criminal** ~ utube (41 mins)
Evil is the effect. Peter Carter, M.D.
 Expert I.P.C.C. Reviewer and Roger Hallam
discuss the science and ethics with regards to
climate emergency! Corporation-caused extinction.

49,718 views•Nov 11, 2020


Nonviolent Rebellion ~ Roger Hallam**
with Chris Hedges ~ Aug 1, 2020 ~ Audio*(27 mins)



Roger Hallam and Valerie Brown**
July 24, 2020 ~ Audio*(22 mins)

"Roger & Valerie explain Beyond Politics @BespokePanic.
They are a breath of fresh air and humanity outside our
genocidal, radically evil political and economic system."

Hallum at AmnestyUK Feb, 2019 ~ Audio*(12 mins)


                                           One Bright Day*(174 mins)
Burning Spear with Peter Tosh & Buds

Burning Spear**(50 mins)

                          Marcus Garvey, Mom & Kids**(120 mins)

The Movement Continues!

                Family* (251 mins)

Earthstrong ~ August 5, 1936 - April 28, 2018 ~
Rev. Dr. James Cone

Speaks with Honorable Dr. Cornel West**


Marvin Gaye*(80 mins) - Bio


Curtis Mayfield*(200 mins) - Bio


         One Love                                                                                                                                   One Earth
 Rock'n Irie!

A Message for the Nation:
Forward Together, Not One Step Back!
Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II** ~ fb
Greenleaf Christian Church, Aug 30, 2020 ~ Audio* (57 mins)

June 21, 2018 - Summer Solstice
Capitol March** Audio* (135 mins)

More Pics

All of:
 The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call For Moral Revival!
Thursday Night Justice Arts
Movement Songs
                  and Spoken Word *(442 mins)
May 13 - June 21, 2018

OpEd News
The Intercept
Poor Magazine

Common Dreams
Popular Resistance
Inside Climate News
Poor People's Radio

Indian Country News

Multi-faith Clergy at work and ROCKIN'!

June 23, 2018:
Historic Fusion Rally and March

*(228 mins)


 Indy bay
Ad Busters
Black History
Mother Jones
Think Progress
The Indypendent

          Democracy Now!**
The Daily Climate
Poor People's Journal
Indy River Outdoors

Repairers of the Breach


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II 
Prez & Sr. Lecturer at Repairers of the Breach
& Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, are co-chairs of:
The Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call For Moral Revival
The Gathering is the podcast and Medium is the blog
In AZ:
Arizona Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival

History Is A Weapon!
 #AbolishCorporations are making
living decently impossible!  - For All of Us!
A Poor People's Campaign:
A National Call for Moral Revival - NOW!

How the 14th Amendment Made
Corporations Into 'People'


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Indy River Editor corporate crime reporter, takin' a
breather in Telluride Town Park, CO while working
as a stagehand for Planet Bluegrass! Exhausted! 
10 years before legal Ganja-rado!

Photo credit Ken Carpenter


Biography of Outdoor Bob Zavoda
Indy River Journal Editor
Desert Dweller and Expat Ohioan
Missed the Bus to:
                  Woodstock Revisited*(203 mins)
in '69! Jah!


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