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One Love

One Earth
Poor People's Journal

Poor People

*(389 mins)

Motown*(252 mins)

                                                                                                                                                                                                To Aretha's Funeral  >>  >>  >>

                                       The World is a Ghetto*(65 mins)
         Bruce Cockburn, Cheech and Chong    
War, Bob and Ziggy Marley & Buds


Mauna Loa, Hawai'i
Current CO2 ppm


140,000,000 Poor Americans!
(Almost One of Every Two!)

the former budget
The Souls of Poor Folk (Page 42 has the 140 mil breakdown)

Mother Earth ROCKS!

Love You, Mom!

A meditative space.
A Green Musicality.
People over profits.

Outdoor Camping.
Reporting and resisting 3 more
corporatist presidents, immoral
warfare and an avoidable
Extinction Level Event.

E = m × c2
Family  = Mother Earth  × Solar Agenow2

~We the People Promise~

Learn from our Mistakes.

     Create Peace and Happiness.                                      

     Interact with No Harm.                                                              

Teach through Kind Action.      

                               Experience Wilderness Quiet.

         Sacred Flute*
Kelly's Sacred Rites
                Flagstaff, AZ   (46 mins)

Share Our Bliss,                           
                                                                        Dance and Song.

                                                                                          Build Green.
                 Protect and Care.

          Recycle, Reuse and Create
                                                                          Sustainable Systems.

                                                                       Save Our Wild Earth,
        Her Animals, Land,     
  Plants, Water, and Air                                                                 

                                               1st Nations Peoples*(532 mins)

John Trudell ~ Wendsler Nosie, Sr.
Buffy Sainte-Marie ~ Scott Momaday
Wisdom of the Elders


The Complete Trudell
                                                 "John Trudell "Cry Your Tears"**(8 mins)

                               John - Here**(6 mins)

          "I will no longer enable the lie." - John Trudell

John Trudell, Buffy Sainte Marie,
Carlos Nakai*
(193 mins)
    John Trudell in Conversation*(110 mins)

White Allies, Let’s Be Honest
About Decolonization
~ Yes

I want to experience the solidarity of allied actions that
 refuse fantastical narratives of commonality and hope.

Photo by Josué Rivas
How can settler allies move beyond being sympathetic beneficiaries
 of colonialism? What approach is legitimately decolonizing?
Kyle Powys Whyte posted Apr 03, 2018

Indy River  ROCKS!

Crowds gather in New York to welcome Greta Thunberg after Atlantic crossing! August 28, 2019










Greta Thunberg School Strike Day One!
20th August 2018 08:57

Article 20th August 2019

Live Moral Monday March**Audio* (60 mins)

Wendsler Nosie Sr.**(4 mins)
Wendsler Nosie stands with Revs. Barber, Theoharis and Jesse Jackson!
Wendsler, a former San Carlos Apache Council member, addressed
The Poor People’s Campaign: A Call for Moral Revival rally.

Monday, May 21, 2018 ~ Washington, D.C

Apache Stronghold Spiritual Fleet


A powerful and important cross country Sacred Journey begins on 6/10 and you don’t want to miss it! Documented by & shared from photographer Steve Pavey. #HopeInFocus.

Prayers and Blessings at the Holy Ground at Oak Flat to prepare for the Sacred Journey ahead of the Apache Stronghold and allies to travel to holy sites crossing the US to join the #PoorPeoplesCampaign on June 23 in DC in order to confront the deception of the birth of America so we can build anew as family. Wendsler Nosie explains what this sacred journey means: “We the Stronghold with our allies, support groups, religious leaders, tribal spiritual leaders, tribal state, federal leaders and those from different parts of the world will be departing and crossing our great indigenous land making our way to Washington DC to join the poor peoples campaign on June 23, 2018. For hundreds, and hundreds of years our people have faced many atrocities, from being forcefully removed from our home land, to the federal policy of 90% native people being exterminated. Plus dealing with many other violations and illegal acts on our religion and race. This conquest gave birth to what is known today as the United States of America. Rev Barber and the poor people’s campaign have fully recognized the wrong that occurred to our indigenous families over 500 years. The National call for Moral Revival is an opportunity that gives us the platform to educate America about it’s true history but also it will begin the work to change federal policies that are outdated and create stronger laws that will protect the environment from greedy corporations. “ — Wendsler Nosie Sr.

If you are unable to attend but would still like to donate to a successful caravan:





More Pics

A 21st Century National Call for
Moral Revival! We the Poor People
Are Forward Together.
Not One Step Back!

Dateline: Love

Neil Young and Promise of the Real**
Peace Trail

Screenshots from "Peace Trail" trailer

        Love*(257 mins)        Honor*(356 mins)     Peace*(218 mins)         Respect* (236 mins)

                                    Neil Young*(420 mins)


                                     Family*(251 mins)

One Kickass Party!

The film Paradox** directed by Daryl Hannah

Paradox Soundtrack Tracklist
01. Many Moons Ago in the Future
02. Show Me
03. Paradox Passage 1
04. Hey
05. Paradox Passage 2
06. Diggin' in the Dirt (Chorus)
07. Paradox Passage 3
08. Peace Trail
09. Pocahontas
10. Cowgirl Jam
11. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
12. Paradox Passage 4
13. Diggin' in the Dirt
14. Paradox Passage 5
15. Running to the Silver Eagle
16. Baby What You Want Me to Do?
17. Paradox Passage 6
18. Offerings
19. How Long?
20. Happy Together

21. Tumbleweed

  "I have not viewed "Paradox" or almost any other movie in over a decade!
 If it takes corporate $bucks$, I never will! I'm poor! - lol
- All outside
content on "The Poor People's Journal
" has been taken from what can be
readily and freely found on the Internet. SO FAR, THAT IS!" - Outdoor Bob
!!the banksters have stolen almost everything!!

                                                         Love and Only Love*(242 mins)
Cuts from "Paradox" with Neil Young and
POTR, plus Live
at Telluride Town Park

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Apache Stronghold, San Carlos, AZ

Oak Flat- Year in Review**(53 mins)

Sacred Oak Flats**(4 mins)

Carlos Nakai*
Flute (58 mins)

First Peoples Rock!*(500 mins)
Scott Mamaday, John Trudell,

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Carlos Nakai & Friends

Outdoor Bob is threatened by banksters every day.
Being poor is not a sin. Poverty is a sin. Created
and perpetuated by a system of immoral white
supremacy. Class-division must be resisted.
peacefully and relentlessly,
every efin' day.



Outdoors Baybeee!

A Primitive Camping Retreat

Follow your Bliss!

Outdoor Bob

Music*(203 mins)
The largest Peace and Music gathering
in Human History, WOODSTOCK!

'69 Wavy Gravy and 500,000 Campin' & Jahmin'!

Indy River Retreat is a primitive
pristine ecosystem. My Home.

  Camp Weather - Sonoran Desert

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Winter Diggs!

Springtime looking West!

Summertime looking East!

              Winter Solstice*
Caesar Chavez, Carlos Santana
Bruce Cockburn and Buds
(233 mins)

             Campfire Tunes*
Neil Young & Promise of the Real
Dixie Chicks, C S & N and Buds (255 mins)

                           Wolf Moon*(4 mins)
          Neil Young & Promise of the Real     

Historical Geology is the Official
Indy River Science Textbook!

The Wisdom of The Elders

One Love  Irie!  One Earth

 Love Gets You Through!
*(256 mins)    2*(209 mins)            3*(354 mins)
Greg Brown, Iris Dement, Steven Stills, Neil Young,
Joni Mitchel, Joan Baez, John Prine, Sade,
Carlos Nakai, Bob Dylan, Tim O'Brien & Buds!

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A modest meditative retreat. An outdoor camp setting.
Landline phone & highspeed internet.
24/7 flowing artesian water. A wildlife habitat.
A major migratory bird route
near Tucson.

Spring mesquite flowers bigtime in 2018.

Path leading to mesquite and water tank.

Mama cardinal partaking
in a yucca flower feast!

Blooming Yucca at Camp

Near Solstice Early Morning 2018

Pure artesian water!

This cattle tank is one of three feeds from a 50-gallons per hour
Flowing Artesian well (uphill near the front gate). It is located
under a mesquite tree. It is a 6' by 2' tank that empties twice
a day into a mesquite & willow grove, 50 ft. away - a
grove that includes 30 ft.
mesquites.The living area is shaded
during the 3 months of intense UV summer sun. She's a one
acre Permaculture micro-environment of eight fenced Sonoran
habitat acres.

    3.14 x 9sq-ft x 2ft = 56.54 cu-ft = 423 gallon tank

Spring Sunrise

Meditation Sunrise

Spring Late Afternoon

Mosquito-protected hammocks, chair & cooktent.
Indy Camp needs chairs and more mosquito netting!

Looking east from property gate,
600 feet to permaculture shady grove.

Virga raining over the Rincon Mountains

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2 of 7 endangered saguaros on property, Easter 2015

Mother Earth Day 2015
Returning home from a food run in Tucson with the Galiuro Mountains
in the distance. This road is now paved within one mile from the

Break of Dawn Meditation April 20, 2015

Easter 2015 - creosote & mesquite in flower, looking down hill,
up by the road looking east,with the shade-tree grove in view. 

Gooding willows and mesquite

Spring Equinox at sunset 2015

Mail comes 3 times per week.

The sun setting over Tucson about 70 miles away

 March 23, 2015 - 7pm  PT the waxing Moon with Aldebaran and Venus

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Welcome the Ides of March!


The Ides of March! The mesquite and hawthorn have leafed!


Winter Camp

The property gate

Wildflowers one month early - March 1, 2015

Permaculture: onions, also basil, hawthorn,
dill, lettuce, chives, melons,
sage and more

Viewing deck used for one RV camping - ole '65 Chevy

A Frosty Desert Dawn - Winter Solstice, December 21, 2014

2014 Winter Solstice Sunset and Campfire

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Dawn,  September 21, 2014 - Happy Mabon!

Sunrise! Giving Thanks!

Fresh-ground, Fair Trade coffee from Chiapas, MX
 Coffee cup,
hand-painted & hand-thrown by the
good folks at
The Cascabel Clayworks

Can eating responsibly prevent nuke-caused
cancers and toxic environmental-caused
auto-immune diseases? No! But every day eat
only organic food or locally grown CSA
farm-fresh, if possible. Our immune system
will have its best chance at fending-off the
cellular disruptions caused by the ionizing
radiation from radionuclide dust and carbon
pollution - both bankster "consumerism" created!

All meals cooked chuckwagon style (no kitchen,
just fridge, toaster oven, coffee pot and rice cooker.)

Every Morning, Wow! What a
Breakfast! AllLocal organic.
Hope to build greenhouses with
new tenants soon, willing to share
8 acres with an ol' Hippy. Must
love nature and solitude and music.

Pasta Dinner. Yummee!

Winter - Jan 2015

An old '65 Chevelle is still sittin' for decades,
left by people unknown.

Yucca & Gooding Willows late afternoon - Jan 2015
The willows have leafed-out one month early - 2/18/2015!

Water holding tank under mesquites - Jan 2015

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The tank, filled with pure Artesian mineral
water ready for a plunge - March 23, 2015
Hydro-therapy with Rock-n-Roll or Reggae?

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Jimson Plant (or Jimson Weed) found along the roads all over

Wintertime. The Indy River Camp lies in the very deepest and narrowest
part of the south-to-north running, 150-mile long San Pedro River Valley.

50 miles away, looking west from Redington Pass is Gates Pass,
a favorite Peace & Meditation hangout. Behind meis a cliff
and in the distance is west Tucson, barely visible.
Our Sonoran Desert Sun is setting.
Photo credit: Frank Slaby

Looking east to the tree-lined San Pedro River
& the Galiuro Mountains horizon
Photo credit: Outdoor Bob

Coming back, down into the "Indy" San Pedro River Valley from
Redington Pass and Tucson 30 miles back. This is an absolutely
critical north-south migratory bird route corridor and wildlife
habitat. The San Pedro stretches from Mexico to just
southeast of Phoenix.

Prayer Flags Protect All Who Pass Photo credit: Outdoor Bob

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And down the dirt road about 15 miles:

Cascabel Community Center

"Campfire Mesquite-Roasted Hot Chilis!
ROCKin' Tunes! Dancin' Heals!"

Tucson, AZ
Weather - Here

Woodstock*(203 mins)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

                        Walk On *(3 mins)
Live at the SLO Brew
Neil Young and Promise of the Real
2015, Cali
Whole Show*

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Yoko & John

  John Lennon*
(168 mins)
The Whole World

                                         Rock and Roll Will Never Die!*(291 mins)
Janis Joplin, Lou Reed,
Pink Floyd and Friends

                                            Can We Just Get Along?*(251mins)
Steve Winwood, Carlos Santana and Buds
"Can we just get along?"
Rodney King, L.A. 1992

                               Indy Camp Country*(330 mins)
Dixie Chicks, Hank, Willie, Merle,
Waylon, Lucinda, Patsy and Friends

Fuck monsanto Tour*
Neil Young & Promise of the Real
Rebel Content Tour" (270 mins)
Set lists - Here

   I Won't Quit*(9 mins)
Neil Young & Promise of the Real

Latin Rhythms*(286 mins)
Carlos Santana and Buds

                                  The Indy Camp Slideshow (.mov)**
                                    The Indy Camp Slideshow Soundtrack (.mp3)*(178 mins)

                      A Rock Star Bucks Monsanto*(12 mins)
Neil Young & Promise of the Real

Stanley, Idaho Telephoto by Slooh

  After the Gold Rush*(3 mins)

Art by Banksy

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Farm Aid 33
Saturday, September 22, 2018 on the lands
of the Mohican, now called Connecticut
* (200 mins)





Lukas Nelson Introduces:
  Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds



John Mellencamp




Invocation by America's First Peoples

 Neil Young

Neil Young and Promise of the Real












                                                  Willie Nelson                                Lukas Nelson

                                                                                                                                                        Willie                                               Micah              Lukas

Bobbie Nelson                                                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                     Willie                                                                Micah Nelson
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                                                                                                                                               Jesse Rafael




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Farm Aid 32

Neil and Promise of the Real opened their show with
Fuckin' Up, Cortez Cortez and Cinnamon Girl
*(21 mins)

Neil Young and Promise of the Real Medley*(18 mins)

Willie and Family*(22 mins)

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World*(5 mins)

23,000 very partyin' people!

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real with Margo Price*(7 mins)

Sheryl, Willie, Lukas & Band

Sheryl Crow

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Farm Aid 32 Grand Finale

We be Jahmin'!

Neil Young is stage-center-left with the hat, in the back in the shadows

Willie, Lukas and Micah Nelson

Stage right, Bobbie, Willie's Sister, Willie and Lukas - A Fine Piano!

Thoughts by His Holiness
The Dalai Lama
of Tibet

Take into account that Great Love and 
Great Achievements involve Great Risk. 

When you lose, don't lose the Lesson.

Follow the three Rs: Respect for Self, Respect for 
Others and Responsibility for all your Actions.

Remember that not getting what you want is 
Sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

Learn the rules so you know how 
To break them properly.

Don't let a little dispute injure 
A Great Friendship.

When you realize you've made a mistake, 
Take immediate steps to correct it.

Spend some time alone every day.

Open your arms to Change, but 
Don't let go of Your Values.

Remember that Silence is 
Sometimes the Best Answer.

Live a Good, Honorable Life. 
Then when you get older and think back, 
You'll be able to enjoy it a second time.

A loving atmosphere in your Home is 
The foundation for your Life.

In disagreements with Loved Ones 
Deal only with the current situation. 
Don't bring up the past.

Share your knowledge. It's a way 
To achieve Immortality.

Be gentle with the Earth.

Once a year, go someplace you've 
Never been before.

Remember that the best relationship 
Is one in which your Love for each other 
Exceeds your need for each other.

Judge your success by what you had to 
Give up in order to get it.

Approach Love and cooking 
With reckless abandon.

I also know that dreams really do 
Come true, and you have my best wishes 
And my best efforts in those.

His Holiness
the 14th 
Dalai Lama
of Tibet

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RocKerS Unite Baybeee!*(11 mins)
Neil Young Live at Farm Aid 31

"Mni Wiconi"  Water Is Life

One Love

                        Love and Only Love*(64 mins)
Neil Young and POTR at Telluride Town Park     

One Earth

Music Culture Rules!

Indy Radio  Video  Commentary
Investigative Journalism

and b.s. Corporate News

Off Grid News
Living Green
Heroic People-of-Peace
Music and Peace  Festivals
Miscellaneous and Reference

I Won't Quit*(9 mins)
Neil Young & Promise of the Real

Camp Country*(330 mins)
Dixie Chicks, Hank, Willie, Merle,
Waylon, Lucinda, and Patsy

Kickass Mountain Bluegrass*(151 mins)
Ralph, Jerry, Sam, Tim, Bill
Iris, Alison  and Buds

Mom Earth's Gorgeous Desert

                           Wolf Moon*(4 mins)
              Neil Young & Promise of the Real    

Indy River runs S to N.
Tucson is to the west.

The San Pedro River, Aravaipa Creek, and Babocomari River

Archive Dot Org - Many good reads here!

The Magna CartaUniversal Bill of Human Rights
US Bill of RightsHistory Is a Weapon
Michael Parenti • Mark Twain • Noam Chomsky & Others

The Power of Myth & other writings by  Joseph Campbell
Bill Moyers Interview*(303 mins)

"A People's History of the United States 1492 - Present"
by Howard Zinn - Here

S.P.Q.R.: A History of Ancient Rome
S.P.Q.R. is the Roman Senate e-book by Mary Beard

Wall and Piece and Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall
e-books by Banksy

U.S. Citizen Radiation Monitors - Background Map
History Is A Weapon  and more recommended Reading - Here
".....some histories paint a picture where only the elites have the power
to change the world, while others point out that social change is rarely
commanded from the top down."

Historical Geology • e-book

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Campfire Tunes!
B.Y.O. musical instrument
Neil Yong and  Promise of the Real
*(64 mins)


"There's a [Green] Revolution starting. It's called eating
good [non-gmo] food that your your neighbor made for ya.
Not goin' and buyin' the stuff from the corporations that's got
all the chemicals on it and everything. It's a pretty simple thing -
HELPING YOUR NEIGHBOR. Let your neighbor help you.
Let the Earth bring us all together, so we get back to the roots.
So we eat good food. We don't need the drugs anymore. Took
us a long time to get this far. We got a long way to go!
But with People like you, we're gonna make it!"


"That shirt says 'Fuck Monsanto'! Fuck it!" (10,000 people applaud)
The above direct quote is from Neil Young on stage - August, 2016
at Farm Aid 31, just before he and "Promise of the Real"
played this: 

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World* (11 mins)
Thank you, Neil! Mni Wiconi.
(babylon edited video version - Here**)
The Music at Indy Camp Soundtrack*(178 mins)

*John Trudell in Conversation*(110 mins)

Kelley's Sacred Flute*(45 mins)

Carlos Nakai Flute*(58 mins)

Classical Guitar*(168 mins)

Jazz Rhythms*(220 mins)
John Coltrane, Miles Davis,
Stan Getz, 
Eta James,
Dave Brubeck & Friends

Meditation*(306 mins)

Stan Getz*(156 mins)

"Campfire Mesquite-Roasted Hot Chilis!
ROCKin' Tunes! Dancin' Heals!"

  75 years Earthstrong (almost!) ..  Some day ...
dammit .... I and I will be THERE! At the
Irie! Reggae on the River!

update! ROTR was cancelled indefinitely! - lol

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Tent's up!

Day 2 before the tent arrives. After moving a lot
of sh*t, to get to here!

Move the four 4'x8'x3/4" plywood sheets over
against the mesquite. Get the concrete blocks
ready to move. OUCH!

Next day
Clear overhanging branches. Move blocks.
Set perimeter to 8' radius. Blah. Blah.

Grading the spot takes two
efing back-breaking days!

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Tent arrives a day early!

Grading finished

Tent is up. Two more days
of effing with details.

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5-days later - Party time -
after rehab of 1-week recovery.

Damn! Will take a year to payoff.
But feeling human, again
in a "shithole" time is a ROCKIN MUST!

Barely alive but expected to recover!

The Hunkerin' Down 
Mesquite Campfire Report
Begins NOW!

Arizona Well-owner's Guide to Water Supply

Wanna keep it safe from the robber banksters?

Also from Popular Resistance - Here

Community Land Trust (10) Fundamentals

Since 1992, the defining features of the CLT model in the United States have been enshrined in federal law (Section 213, Housing and Community Development Act of 1992). There is considerable variation among the hundreds of organizations that call themselves a community land trust, but ten key features are to be found in most of them.

Nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation

A community land trust is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that is legally chartered in the state in which it is located. Most CLTs are started from scratch, but some are grafted onto existing nonprofit corporations. Most CLTs target their activities and resources toward charitable activities like providing housing for low-income people and redeveloping blighted neighborhoods, making them eligible to receive 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS.

Dual ownership

A nonprofit corporation, the CLT, acquires multiple parcels of land throughout a targeted geographic area with the intention of retaining ownership of the parcels forever. Any building already located on the land or later constructed on the land can be held by the CLT or sold off to an individual homeowner, a cooperative housing corporation, a nonprofit developer of rental housing, or some other nonprofit, governmental, or for-profit entity.[2]

Leased land

Although CLTs intend never to resell their land, they can provide for the exclusive use of their land by the owners of any buildings located thereon. Parcels of land can be conveyed to individual homeowners or to the owners of other types of residential or commercial structures by long-term ground leases. The two-party contract between the landowner (the CLT) and a building's owner protects the owner's interests in security, privacy, legacy, and equity and enforces the CLT's interests in preserving the appropriate use, the structural integrity and the continuing affordability of any buildings on its land.

Perpetual affordability

The CLT retains an option to repurchase any residential (or commercial) structures on its land if their owners ever choose to sell. The resale price is set by a formula contained in the ground lease that is designed to give present homeowners a fair return on their investment but giving future homebuyers fair access to housing at an affordable price. By design and by intent, the CLT is committed to preserving the affordability of housing (and other structures), one owner after another, one generation after another, in perpetuity.

Perpetual responsibility

The CLT does not disappear once a building is sold. As owner of the underlying land and as owner of an option to repurchase any buildings located on its land, the CLT has an abiding interest in what happens to the structures and to the people who occupy them. The ground lease requires owner-occupancy and responsible use of the premises. Should buildings become a hazard, the ground lease gives the CLT the right to step in and force repairs. Should property owners default on their mortgages, the ground lease gives the CLT the right to step in and cure the default, forestalling foreclosure. The CLT remains a party to the deal, safeguarding the structural integrity of the buildings and the residential security of the occupants.

Community base

The CLT operates within the physical boundaries of a targeted locality. It is guided by and accountable to the people who call the locale their home. Any adult who resides on the CLT’s land and any adult who resides within the area deemed by the CLT to be its community can become a voting member of the CLT. The community may encompass a single neighborhood, multiple neighborhoods, or, in some cases, an entire town, city, or county.

Resident control

Two thirds of a CLT's board of directors are nominated by, elected by, and composed of people who live on its land or people who reside within its targeted community but do not live on the is land.

Tripartite governance

The board of directors of the "classic" CLT is composed of three parts, each containing an equal number of seats. One third of the board represents the interests of people who lease land from the CLT (leaseholder representatives). One third represents the interests of residents from the surrounding community who do not lease CLT land (general representatives). One third is made up of public officials, local funders, nonprofit providers of housing or social services, and other individuals presumed to speak for the public interest ("public representatives"). Control of the CLT’s board is diffused and balanced to ensure that all interests are heard but that no interest predominates.

Expansionist acquisition

CLTs are not focused on a single project located on a single parcel of land. They are committed to an active acquisition and development program.aimed at expanding the CLT's holdings of land and increasing the supply of affordable housing (and other types of buildings) under the CLT's stewardship. A CLT's holdings are seldom concentrated in one corner of a community but tend to be scattered throughout the its service area, indistinguishable from other owner-occupied housing in the same neighborhood.

Flexible development

There is enormous variability in the types of projects that CLTs pursue and in the roles they play in developing them. Many CLTs do development with their own staff. Others delegate development to nonprofit or for-profit partners, confining their own efforts to assembling land and preserving the affordability of any structures located upon it. Some CLTs focus on a single type and tenure of housing, like detached, owner-occupied houses. Others take full advantage of the model’s unique flexibility. They develop housing of many types and tenures or they focus more broadly on comprehensive community development, undertaking a diverse array of residential and commercial projects. CLTs around the country have constructed (or acquired, rehabilitated, and resold) single-family homes, duplexes, condos, co-ops, SROs, multi-unit apartment buildings, and mobile home parks. CLTs have created facilities for neighborhood businesses, nonprofit organizations, and social service agencies. CLTs have provided sites for community gardens and vest-pocket parks. Land is the common ingredient, linking them all. The CLT is the social thread, connecting them all.

Before Homelessness Was

Excerpt from "Plutonium Plantation Homelessness"


Homelessness is not just life without a shelter,
but life without a “Commons” – a collective
“home” kept up-and-running by social contract.

Where are the community health and recreation
centers, public restrooms with showers, laundry
and lockers, free public phones and city-wide
wi-fi, paid through progressive taxation?
Imagine our Commons as safe for children,
the elderly, hitchhiking travelers to pitch a tent.


During Occupy wall street

Occupy Tucson was moved by the police twice from three locations over  3-1/2 months, through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanuka and Happy New Years! Shameful. As many probably know, back in 2011-12, our 1st Amendment Right to peacefully assemble had been abridged. Our first and most important lesson as newbie Occupiers was learned, right off -  that first night! (And relentlessly afterward up to the final days of our physical, non-violent right to exist as citizens exercising our Rights). We were ticketed for breaking local camping laws, nothing new for the homeless victims of home foreclosure and a rigged economy! Our Right to protest the greater "evil" - the corporate coup d'etats by "wall street" over us citizens of "Main Street" was violently smashed and belongings were confiscated - instead of the civil reception that we deserved (but not expected). The City of Tucson not only offered no help ("porta potties", etc) but harassed us. The 99% of us came through, though, with food and economic support that flowed non-stop - a very, very deeply felt civic experience! Tucson government can no longer be touted as one of the few progressive places to live, as a now totally corrupt Arizona is ruled by a corporate class that uses A.L.E.C. as their cover to further rig a systematic agenda of "privatization" of our Commons (and anything else of value). Against all odds, we 99% prevail. A citizen-run government that works for all, including our planet, will insure that the Commons will always provide Life's necessities. A sense of fairness and an honorable Family of people, will usher in a "New Green Deal" that brings together people, not divide us.

Since the days of our active coast-to-coast Occupies (world-wide, in fact), the economic criminality of the 2008 "crash" continues to go virtually un-prosecuted to this day. However, certain key historic markers have been put in play, since. It's fact now, it is universally accepted - that the banksters have become too big to fail - BUT NOT jail! Prison is beckoning! The bankster as criminal is now permanently etched into the consciousness of countless of citizens throughout the world, especially with "the Berners" And Greens. The "Demexit" is real. The Greens could "flip" this election (barring a very probable electoral fraud without paper trails). Historically, never before, have the duopoly candidates been so derided as liars, takers and narcissists. Go Jill!

We must credit the US sitting Senator, Bernie Sanders for turning on the youth this election. He chose to "put up" rather than "shut up". He ran against another corporate hireling, Clinton(2). His courageous feat of candor, truth-telling and endurance has fomented a Movement of 13 million followers after over the span of a year of non-stop campaigning, that spilled the beans on our rigged society - now and for good. The oligarchs have had to send their own, "The Donald" to hold back the "throngs" of us pissed-off, former suckers. Also, thank you, Dr. Jill Stein, from us Human Beings, as Americans for Peace and Love - your tenacity and courage to carry the pledge of truthfulness forward as the Green Party's presidential candidate (with Ajamu Baraka). And you, Dr. Margaret Flowers, who is running for the US Senate seat in Maryland. Margaret and Kevin Zeese, attorney, for decades have worked relentlessly to thwart the TPP and the other "so-called trade deals " - that are, rather, trans-national corporations colluding in secret, masquerading as governments, that think they can own us - not only a contemptible attempt at world domination, but a down right sleaziness that speaks volumes - to the max.

The 1%, corporate/political power establishment, has been pulled out into the light of day, recently on corporate media. Seems their pundits (on CNN and others), are now interviewing Dr. Stein and Ajamu Baraka in prime time.The truth of the rigged system and our dying Mother Earth must be trumping the "Donald" in some corporate circles.  Seems the (our) corporate "owners" deem it appropriate to interpret The Constitution, NOT as declaring all of "our" Rights as sacrosanct, BUT as "theirs", as owners - such conceit! lol AND a direct conflict with the "equal protection clause" of the 14th Amendment! Wholesale violence ordered by the "establishment" upon WE THE PEOPLE as Occupiers - was and is - ours, theirs and everyone's -  wake-up call.

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Plutonium Plantation Homelessness

Campfire Update - August 09, 2016

Homelessness is not just life without a shelter, but life without a “Commons” – a collective “home” kept up – and running by social contract. Where are the community health and recreation centers, public restrooms with showers, laundry and lockers? (Thank you, Your Holiness Pope Francis, from myself and others to hear that the poor of Rome have free laundry!) So? So, where are the free public phones and city-wide wi-fi, paid through “Progressive” taxation? Imagine our Commons as safe for children, the elderly, hitchhiking travelers to pitch a tent – these needs can be met! Progressive means, “All in no one out!”

NO MORE ISOLATION – ENOUGH is ENOUGH! America, let’s envision our selves as a true nation “Of The People, By The People and For The People” – FAMILY! – Get it? Mr. & Mrs. “Corporate-bashed Citizen”? I get it. And I know that at least 13 million “Berners” “got it” – in 2016.

Noam Chomsky, You ROCK!!!!!!! The Prospects for Survival –

To boil water for steam-powered electricity, the banksters provide money that is contaminating Earth, Our Commons, for thousands of years into the future. Burning unimaginable amounts of fossil fuels into our atmosphere is criminally ignored. Fissioning mined, then refined Uranium 235, into millions of tons of metallic radioactive products to boil water, is incredibly insane. Nuclear waste has YET to begin to be dry-casked at 450+ nuclear reactors! Many sites have been operating for multiple decades and many more lie idle, awaiting decontamination (at costs of $multi-billions$ per site). Poisonous from day one to millions of years is unacceptable. Radionuclide contamination from nuclear powerplants is unavoidable AND NOT ACCEPTABLE! Thousands of tons of thermo-nuclear fusion bomb fragments have been exploded into perpetual atmospheric suspension, already.

Are Planet Earth & all of Life’s Gifts just grist for the doomsday death cult of the very stupid corporate class? The US duopoly system is corporate-rigged; and locally, our electoral systems of machine-counting ballots, have been found to be rigged, too – criminally manipulated by individuals yet unknown.

No Indy 3rd party has been welcomed into American politics for over for 2 centuries. We good-intentioned citizens have been “giving it our all”, but still have not produced a single, permanent, opposition party that has been able to breakthrough the mine field of the anti-democratic, duplicitous corporate criminality. These so-called corporate “people” that never die, somehow have been written into law as having the same Rights as WE, the alive and mortal beings. Cowards of commerce are still peddling the same immortal lies for 40+ election cycles. BUT NOW – Earth is in peril.

We citizens (the US & the world over), especially of colonial empire, need to electorally take over. Here in the U.S., one or the other of our two, faux, so-called – representative parties – the corporate-owned Republicans or Democrats – might as well be monarchies. (In Nevada, last year, didn’t that snarky Dem lady seem just a little authoritarian? – you know, telling us to sit down! lol)

We could give a damn what to rename the current political party abominations, but ridding our selves of their bankster puppet masters, we must! As it turns out, Senator Bernie Sanders, has delivered the majority of 13 million primary voters to the Greens – or perhaps not the Greens – but a 2020 Surprise!

To explain whether the Dems can be turned back to the working people party, watch Bernie and the bankster-connected Perez, being discussed on The Real News Network: aired April 23, 2017 – about their current Dem-sponsored Unity Tour.

The above link is of The Real News Round Table with Paul Jay, Aaron Mate and Kim Brown – discussing the above MSNBC News interview by Chris Hayes. My comment there, is reprinted here:

    Paul, You nailed it, dude! I concur that Bernie will run in 2020 against another Clinton2-esque bought-and-paid-for actor. And yes, he will take the lion’s share of Dems with to another party. Not 18-million like last year, but tens of millions making this bankster-owned party’s toadies run for cover to the Repubs. Will Earth be inhabitable, when all is said and done? Meantime. People are STILL watching corporate media, i.e. MSNBC and FOX.

    Glarey-eyed, maybe a six-pack or two and sooooo unbelievably isolated from the rest of their world of wilderness, oceans and moonlight, camping and campfires. Caring people in the streets protesting – but outa sight outa mind – to the cable-viewer. Families in the streets, who have work to go to, kids to raise, too! The new “Home of the Brave” right outside that door, down the street – a bus ride away to the protest. Protesting greed and criminality of the current bankster-couped government who occupy The Oval Office. Same in Argentina. Same in Brazil. An epidemic of cruel plutocrats, across the globe, are forcing their will on the 99% of us. Protests are essential to guaranteeing that these criminals cannot abrogate our right to protest. Some states already have bankster-financed bills being pushed through to criminalize the FIRST AMENDMENT – to use militarized police on us. Our Constitutional Right to Free Speech is really, really, really in jeopardy! The numbers of us who have made it out that door and away from cable are growing and are learning that we are many and not alone – fighting for our children’s lives …. a livable Earth.

I see the tipping point has finally arrived for a third party permanence. Ya gotta love the courage of this man, Bernie. Some myopic and disappointed followers didn’t get the “Movement” message firmly ensconced into their thinking. Some now, accuse this good man as a “sell out” – far from it. Bernie, it turns out, becomes the “dragon slayer of yore!” And it ain’t over yet!

The US is not a parliamentary system made of many parties, a better suited system for America, I feel – and would solve a lot concerning public debates! American political history began as us ordinary working people and the landed gentry, temporarily joining forces. Together, they accomplished regime change through pressing a Revolutionary War of Independence. Since, we moved from non-industrial, peasant share croppers, into a duopoly-controlled political structure; while the landlord-owner elites gobbled-up their renters’ and indentured servants’ time and energy. Greedy back then, already! lol

Now, the oligarchs own almost everything – but keep it? So they think! The Commons (essentials of Life) will never be “owned”. The banksters: the Dems and a more ruthless violent bunch, the Repubs – will never be sustainable actors in a world that depends on knowing how to preserve Life. Using the Precautionary Principle – ( – the Precautionary Principle is essential to utilizing scientific investigation. I would be surprised if any of the elites eats gmo food or lives downwind from a nuclear powerplant.

So, let’s look – from 1776 until now, third parties have come and gone, America is past post-agricultural and past post-industrial – and is now, stumbling through a period, of bankster-mafias. The same two duopolist parties have endured as family gangs, the “own-everything elites”. We had the Bush crime family and the now we see an emerging Clinton extended family-gang of privatized prison owners & pay-day lenders. And look! The cowardly banksters have dared to come out of their gated boardrooms and countryclubs to help their owner billionaire crime bosses run for President – Berluscone in Italy, Putin in Russia, Le Pen in France, Temer in Brazil, Macri in Argentina – and here in the United States of America, Yeow!

We can go deeper, but my point is: We the People, can become a “Bernie-led“, truth-telling, non-sectarian movement. We can and we will, capture the duopoly beast that the oligarchic “owners” have manufactured – a human beast of a machine, whose on-going, monumental betrayal of a free society – whose sweatshop production of fear and loathing of the “other” –  whose lies have overwhelmed the (corporate) media since our nation’s founding – these “owners” have brought industrialized civilization to the brink of a brutal self-correction or perhaps, even annihilation. Prior to the last presidential primary voting, we GREENS were tryin’ our best to fight the good fight. (And we Greens are still the best choice, in order for Life on Earth to exist as we know it!) For a real chance, though, big voter turnout must happen – without selling-out to our core Green principles. “Yuge”, me thinks, will actually win the hearts and minds of most of our America’s working poor. (“Yuge” or huge was Bernie’s signature word during his whirlwind tour of dozens of U.S. cities and counties during his 2016 presidential Dem primary run.)

Not using organic cotton when it was available, last election cycle, was entirely – soooooo – NOT GREEN – for our Green Party memorabilia! lol – So, let’s never loose sight of our pledge to: Be Green! We Greens (I switched from a Green to a Dem, then switched for the last time – to a Green “Berner”).  Will all of us, who have been Plutonium Plantation raised – will we remember our  human need, to live and let live, while we share our Gift of Life, together, well and with dignity? We Greens are doin’ it Bernie style and pledge to make life a wonderful embracing home by restoring our “Green Earth Mama” back to health – an experience for all who want it. A choice between a lifetime of bliss or no planet – both are doable, but one is ……. Which will it be? The Greens can dig in their heels to stay away from the Berners – and same for the Berners. The solution is clear.

What do we mean by “Green”? We have drifted, I’m afraid from the core meaning of Green, due to politics. What is most “Earth friendly” is the litmus test. So, Green Party, let’s get it together. Earth’s last call is beseeching us to act sanely in her final death throws. We better team up with the thirteen million Berners, if you want me there.

Greens, stay independent. OKAY! That satisfies an ideological dream, but I and Mom Earth and millions want a viable third party. And the Green Party will be that first viable party! We Greens can say, one day soon: “See! We joined forces for our children.” “We became the sanity coalition of working Americans – a unified front against the banksters’ rush into fascism. A Green future IS what we want – a rigged duopoly will destroy us all – as though Rome raised its ugly, cruel, selfish self – again. We must recognize that beast in us and resist. To love one another, again, as we love our children. Bernie Rocks! Water is Life. Rock and Roll will never die!

Before Homelessness Was

(This article is being re-written (above) for publication)

True, some of us have escaped the stifling, straight-jacket numbness of a
 comfortable "consumerism". Those of us who did not break free are now stuck with major debt, with no promise to ever break even, let alone any chance of  accumulating savings. We are living in virtual isolation from one another. Rather than having any time at all to relax, we can never live casually. Fast-paced city life has become an impossible routine to maintain, without the loss of happiness, the jeopardizing of one's health and the placing of limitations on one's time for structured civil engagement.

Pressing societal issues are going unresolved or steered into the abyss of the corporate machine. Our lack of engagement to govern these machinations has brought us to the brink of civil chaos. People's lives are now force-fitted to a strictly enforced set of a greed-based system of laws that chokes the very life out of us and Earth, too! Get up! Get outa there! Look around. Ask questions. Demand answers. Before panic sets in! Outa that chair!

Live with Honor. Stop Shopping (for only the "best" & cheapest). Buy local. Buy organic cotton or hemp clothing. Try organically grown food. Be respectful to Earth. Give honor to those who have little but beam with love. Reach out to people, if just with a smile. Read more. Dance every day. Try tunes right Here! Question everything. Push back against greed & suffering. Don't do nothing..... ? Then get in return, the loneliness of a dying planet.

The concept of permanence eludes me these days. Kinda like back at Geology Boot Camp, in the pre-Fukushima era, "The Glory Days"; a phrase that I borrow from poet, John Trudell: "The Glory Days". (However, the honorable era that he refers to was prior to 1492, when humans in America were being kind to Mother Earth.) Alaska in '85 was glorious. Around Mt. Denali's foothills, I and 3 other grad students produced a circum-navigation map of the sacred mountain's granitic roots by measuring, in detail, her g-force fluctuations - a very Irie mapping detail! lol

So, NOW THAT I KNOW - My life becomes a juggling act to accept impending catastrophe - What the hell to do?! - besides panic, that is.

 I now see all life on the run -and done for. "The Grateful Dead" comes to mind. My family of close friends don't get it; or at least, they choose to ignore any intrusions into their comfort zones, even if the truth were to be known. Brings me back to that scene in the "Matrix" when the bad guy admits that the food he is eating isn't real - he doesn't give a crap anymore. He'd rather pretend and than live the truth. I cannot do that, no way. Do I say, "I give? Take me to the looneytunes room?" Too many of us have profoundly lost sight of the world of touch and good vibrations, all our Peoples, seen as one family. Rather than reflecting upon ourselves as we truly are: trapped in a rat-like maze of highways and gigabytes, we grasp at paid-for solutions devoid of any satisfying, "BE HERE NOW" reality. (Thank you Ram Dass.) Human, person-to-person , non-corporate reality. Not to worry, though. No one gets to skate by on just using the avoidance response. Though, John & Mary Q. Public DO NOT want to know. I get why. But really, the moment in time has come, where and when, we human citizens of Main Street must stave off the bullies and tyrants of corporate-owned America. They are fearsome and violent, but they must be taken on! These multi-national corporate fraudsters mean us harm. A "Babylon" of corruption - as many see us.

The focus of "Be Solar Dot Info" has changed a lot these past few years, since Occupy and the triple 100% reactor core meltdowns at Fukushima that is not over by any stretch of the imagination. Things, invisible to the eye, have gone completely haywire and have gone virtually unreported. Nevermind the greenhouse effect of carbon emissions exceeding 400 ppm.

The never-ending story of struggle, like so many others, has a Beginning and a Now. My introduction to another un-reported "invisible things" story, began by a happenchance tuning on "YouTube" out of a ceaseless pursuit of liars and thieves in US government. This guy, Durnford, was noticing sea life dying in the tidal pools of Vancouver Island, while also showing government computer models, that showed plumes of radioactive dust from (just one of the four reactor plumes) the many super explosions, post March 11, 2011. The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear facility in Japan, that was pummeled by a thirty ft high tsunami wave 300 miles long, along the northeast coast. When this happened, back during the time of my stint with "Occupy Tucson",  I had at first, poohooed any serious concerns about relevant concentrations of radiation coming over here from all the way over there - y higher education bias refused to accept anything other than what my geophysics colleagues were repeating. Well, I stand corrected, lol

3 Japanese meltdowns and no believable reporting, still - after almost 6 years! So last year, not yet turned 70 years old, I thought is was time to resurrect my geology boot camp days-past back in Alaska! Back to the books; but, this time nuclear physics? Nukes are a totally insane, suicidal, undesirable and a totally disturbing discipline to stomach, let alone master, especially in these heavily propagandized, historical times. The corporate elites are going for the Holy Grail of world empire: Total economic ownership of all of us. The Irie Rastafarians call this moment, "Babylon". I agree. But with nukes? These corporate fools are efin' idiots that will cause the world irreparable death and destruction. Global warming will repair itself within a few thousand years, nuke contamination stays for millennia.

The reality that I now "get", is the radionuclide fall-out from Japan's latest so-called accident, that has NOT been investigated independently, and it STILL RAGES out of control. I and millions, now perceive all nuclear reactors as direct, irreconcilable threats to life. Nuclear reactor spent fuel particulates, are constantly circulating, RIGHT NOW, around the world's atmosphere, high up in the jet streams. Radioactive dust remains suspended in them, until toxic rains bring them down to the planet surface and surface winds whip up the dried-out particles back up into the jet streams. So now it's everywhere - and cannot be seen without a Geiger counter or scintillator device. Invisible clouds of nano-sized dust particles, forever suspended in Earth's atmosphere. We're talking about an accumulation of decades of exploded bombs of Uranium/Plutonium/Hydrogen, dozens of accidents: 3-Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima's 3-100% melt downs (& throughs) including the incredibly lethal MOX fuel that was used as fuel in reactor building #3. The deadly radionuclide contamination of Cesium 137 will take a minimum of 3-hundred years to decay to safe levels. The combined half-lives of the other dozen or so fissioned fuel products will extend into centuries and millennia. I and others have discovered or collected the data and have run the numbers. Success at trying to stop the operation and construction of new nuclear powerplants (435+ worldwide in operation) is at best, questionable, but doing nothing won't stop it, either. Madness! The word needs to get out and discussed.

Numbers don't lie. We are all toast and don't even know it. Worrying does nothing, and it is no fun! Those of us who see this as a certainty, could start "Wake-up Wake Parties", perhaps. Maybe party invites to someone's home, or meet-ups at clubs, places of worship, even block parties or running informative live streams as a Mr. Durnford has in Vancouver, Canada. Maybe, just maybe, we can wake-up our fellow citizens to action. Cures for the cancers befalling all of humanity and the genetic disruption of our beautiful natural world, will be big topics needing solutions. "Wake-up Wakes" might just be in order here.

    Regular working people did not bring this. This is NOT a citizen-caused, worldwide extinction, and must NOT be confused as being our fault. We were taught this crap as okay and safe, and we all got 'As'. I and others who are awakening from the nuclear lie, have been duped and that is unacceptable. Enough is enough. Every citizen of every country must wake up to the WAKE, asap! That is, the mournful wake of our dying planet due to specific individual's actions and their glaring betrayal of our trust. They must be brought down into the Public Square of accountability and answer to us. Honorable people must push back against the nuclear liars with actions that will produce the long-term, kind solutions needed to deal with those who have deceived us with their reign of terror and havoc. Climate chaos aliens have contaminated our planet with enormous plumes of greenhouse gases, and with their nuclear powerplant poisons, too. Radionuclide dusts cannot be stopped. Low concentrations are now in our homes and parks, everywhere. DO NOT INHALE OR EAT ANY PLANT THAT HAS BEEN CONTAMINATED!! We are under siege. Droughts followed by floods, then a hot and buggy future not far behind. The alien !THEM! - sometimes called bozo billionaires are still lose and even running for elected positions. No way, man.

    The perverse goal of profits at the expense of the least of us, will devour the bankster, too - a myopic conservative money-lender, whose mindset denies the existence of the natural rhythms for Life. These corporate “personhoods” are a story in itself! They have brought us an alien world view of an urbanized reality based upon lies. A basic understanding of planet-wide "consumerism" is in order.

    Hoping beyond hope, despondently down, an epiphany came my way, a few years ago, and I grabbed on to it. Joseph Campbell's:"Follow your Bliss" rings true to this day. Or: "Always do what the hell turns you on!" And sure enough, little by little, following this mantra, I did only what I truly wanted to do, absolutely nothing else, (still following the “Golden Rule”) no matter the consequence – and it worked! The gloom and doom - Woosh! Gone! To my gleeful surprise, my suppressed natural self sprang back to life from the Babylon (a neo-liberal / neo-fascism) induced, bleakness of spirit, the dreaded corporate psychosis - ”consumerism”. Reality set in. Now I'm 100% organic, even with my clothing and living environment. My life is back and it talks to me through favorable outcomes to choices presented.

    "Know Thyself!” someone once said. Campbell's Bliss is Knowing. We all need Bliss to get the fact that we have been fucking betrayed by "others" that we blindly followed. The "others" were bankers, police working for "banksters", professors accepting bribes to endorse corporate lies or politicians, who swore an oath to serve the American Constitution, but only serve the rich. Seems all we have now, are elites and their "house-slaves", who do no productive work, but line their own pockets. And they must know about the radioactive dystopia and climate chaos looming up ahead! Can they possibly think that they can live in a bunker? They've proven, that smarts (or morals) are not their strengths. Seems they are caught up in their hapless, delusional self-importance.

    Homelessness betrays the horizon of today's beauty, where there lies the horror of Babylon's cover-up - the horrific truth that the media pundits have been ordered to ignore - an irreversible deluge, drought and radioactive pestilence is on its way - that can't be prevented, but if we act as a nation of families, not wage slaves, the unstoppable horror can be scientifically dealt with in a very possible punch-out blow to its sources: nuke operations & greenhouse gas emissions. With honorable adults taking over the helm of our sinking Mother Earth Ship, (not Trump nor Clinton-2), I still hold real hope for all humankind. This looming "haunting" MUST BE STARED DOWN by our world's best!

    I cannot believe that I lost my lifelong friends over this crap. Such a wide gulf has come between us. The truth of the matter is the fast-paced changing times of bankster-caused poverty and the vastness of traveling distances between us all - in this "Babylon" chaos is to blame. We who are "Liberal" and we who are "Conservative" has always been a ruse, a canard, a widely held mis-belief by a consumer culture of fast (gmo) food and rat race lives. Corporate media lies have resulted in a spiritual decline of human values into a state-corporate proto-fascism. Like a twisted hell of the otherwise normal ties of family & friends. Kinda like back in the '60's and the "America, love it or leave it" craze - all corporate/military propaganda. Life, now, is a "rat race" of appointments and deadlines, incarcerations, cancers and bill collectors - deepening chasms of indifference between friends. It's lonely, now, until the knowing of the truth gets around, in its own time, and with a push from me to my friends and yours. A hug and a smile – absolutely.

    Until then, let's DO SOMETHING! Let's get together! Even if it means emigrating or migrating to another city or state. Remaining separated will not work. We are owned, unless we act together and refuse to comply. I currently could easily succumb to the consumer lies of unsustainable waste and extreme wealth disparities between classes. I am a distressed and a disabled senior citizen, geo-politically alone, in a corporatized (A.L.E.C.) Arizona state of denial - accomplished over time, by the .001%. Their sleaze is widely accepted and un-challenged. A tightly controlled mass media propaganda machine, passes for reality. It is tuned only to the needs of the few - multi-national corporations, ?who? pass as "people", soliciting their think-tank crap, to their subservient corporate media and to their gopher lobbyists. The cash of the Bozo billionaire class greases this machine. These Bozo "Plantation" owners will never allow worker-owned anything, without a dragged-out fight. Besides greedy, they are pathological liars (Trump and Clinton-2), who have lost touch with reality. They are very afraid of us, once-upon-a-time former middle-class working People,who are now poor and struggling, as our friends in other countries.

    How can these relatively few Bozos, get away after they gambled with our lives and lost so BIG? To lose the world, itself? Still walk freely among us? They forfeited ours and their children's posterity for the filthiest of quick profits. They rigged a publicly financed, privately owned, zero liability venture (nuclear power industry), that was known to be too risky to life itself, even by their own standards of stupidity. This filthy ilk, its descendants and hired mercenaries, all remain silent, still - all the way through to the inevitable day of reckoning - for the promise of so-called riches? None of these house slaves ever leaked this hideous barbarity to a single paper or to Wikileaks. Nary a bankster has come forth with the awful truth, ever! Not a single one of them has taken responsibility for this radioactive, genocidal, underhanded act! Making nuclear bomb materials! Electrical power, my arse! Total madness! Goddess, help!

    And you can bet, THEY WILL CRY - "MOMMY", as we
come for them, not with pitch forks this time, but with handcuffs. And, they still will be counting that last buck and still will have no regrets. And certainly, as for saving Earth, never a thought, nor
for their family. Perhaps it's too late to even have a life, again?
Bull crap. Times will be horrific under the next US presidency unless, you are in the 1%. If only it could be Dr. Jill Stein! Unfortunately, Senator Sanders was thrown under the bus through the larceny and betrayal of his own party (the corporatistas/military industrial complex) otherwise known as the neo-liberal democrats.

    So, to finish up, every moment of every day, I have my Geiger counter on – 24/7. I measure radiation background levels at “The Camp “. (I live on my own several acres of land in a tent encampment with all the amenities like internet , electricity and phone). An "okay" Geiger count at 3,000 feet, with granite close-by, is around 50 counts per minute (CPM). This computes to 0.83 Becquerels. Every count is a gamma ray, beta ray or very rarely an alpha particle hitting the sensor. (one Bq = 1 hit per second - so, approx every 5 seconds the sensor gets hit by four of those rays). The number of Becquerels relates the "activity" of a radio-isotope. “Normal” means natural radiation, i.e. gamma rays, usually close by radiation occurring from local, very low concentrations of radionuclide, dust-sized particle inclusion in granitic rock, and/or from weak signals from the very distant energy sources of distant stars and our Sun. Plumes of human-made radionuclide dust from nuclear waste must not be inhaled nor ingested; their disintegration radiations are lethal at the cellular level.

    So, imagine a particle, say one nano-sized dust-sized, numbering about a billion atoms. I have my Geiger always on. It's about the size of a smartphone. We already know that Camp "normal" background radiation level to be 50 CPM (always averaged over ten's of minutes). Imagine the Camp count suddenly increases. My Geiger counter is tuned to an element, particular to a certain spent fuel isotope found nowhere else in nature, Cesium 137 (half the mass of Plutonium 239 thus, thus twice the number of atoms (and Bqs) per gram). We know that an "event" has definitely occurred because of the sudden jump to 200 counts per minute. (There ALWAYS will be dozens more radionuclides than just Cesium 137, in this invisible cloud of nano-particles. In all probability, an invisible radioactive dust plume of air may have moved through, containing radionuclides from some wind blown episode from some past accidents or bomb explosions, going back to the 1940's. When these ionized, radioactive "spent fuel" particles blow downwind, they carry a distinctive metallic taste, like that reported from sailors on that US aircraft carrier during the Fukushima rescue effort, 3-11-2011! Take precautions!

    Ionizing particles, (cancer causing) originate from nuclear explosion and spent fuel from the proliferating, 435+ worldwide, gene-altering, nuclear reactors. These reactors are supposedly safe electrical power generation, according to bought-off politicians of the criminal, nuclear industry that profits from their basic product: ionizing radionuclides. Subsequently, bomb making Plutonium-239, Cesium 137, Strontium 90 and Tritium-laced drinking water are ubiquitously every-damn where! These carcinogenic isotopes currently reside in every human, plant and animal body in these current, human historical Extinction Level Event (ELE) times.

Days whirl past, and pain racks my very soul and every shred of a smile. At times, I wish that I could forget what I have come to know: Doomsday knowledge is a bitter pill that that leads straight to a peculiar information loneliness. Not dealing with such an emergency is, especially nerve-racking, living alone out where I do, or in the crowded urban mazes, too. The PTSD of this knowledge is deadly, in itself. Clarity of mind from Outdoor Living has given to me the best possible grounding to last through this.The Woodstock era was waaaayyy bizarro for some of us "Baby Boomers", but I digress; it's today  that takes the cake. With all the ghastly consumption, like "Godzilla": Loose and really hungry! The sprawl crowd can not pretend that their lifestyle is "normal" for much longer. Living in harmony with nature, with all our brothers and sisters of all colors and cultures is all anyone needs.Time is running out: Let's be kind. Bob Zavoda, editor of Be Solar Dot Info


Editor of the 
Indy River Journal Biographic

Editor of the Indy River Journal: “Bob” (Robert McCarthy Zavoda), was born to Robert and Margaret Zavoda, January 1, 1946 in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States; both, children of immigrant parents: His father, Czechoslovakian, was one of seven boys and three girls and his mother, Irish, was an only child, like him. He attended Ohio State University, Columbus ’63-’64, then Lakeland Community College, Mentor, and then transferred to Kent State University, ’66-’68, all in Ohio.

1963 – 1973 were tumultuous times, as the Vietnam War was raging. It tore apart my family. A sorely and sharply divided America ensued. The World War II generation was adamantly against the 1960’s, “turn-on and drop-out” anti-war generation kids of the middle-class who embraced me, a wing-tipped shoes & tie wearn’, right-wing kid, as one of theirs – even though these Hippys – thought that I was perty strange – lol – (‘hippie’ is corporate b.s.). The “lawyer guy” in the 60’s classic, Easy Rider, comes to mind. Played by Jack Nicholson, this lawyer was going through my same culture shock – trying to fit in with the same right-wing adults from whom both he and I had been raised – but had fled, and had never looked back, again. Quoting The 60’s comic book icon, R. Crumb’s character, “Mr. Natural” says to “Flakey Foont” – answering “It don’t mean sheeeeeit, kid!” to “What does it all mean, Mr. Natural?”

In 1971, I moved to Arizona, scraping by and very depressed with the hate going around. I graduated in 1980 from Pima Community College, Tucson, with honors, then transferred to Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff. While in Flagstaff, Dad died back in Ohio, unexpectedly of a massive coronary that left me with both parents gone. (Mom had also died unexpectedly of a stroke in 1973). I moved to Oregon and enrolled as a transfer student at Portland State University, graduating with a B.S. in Geology, 1986. A summer of study in the wilds of Alaska, in geophysics at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks changed my life. The “alive” of Mother Earth stuck with me. I returned to Arizona, first to Flagstaff then within a year, I found my outdoor paradise that I had wished for since the ’60s (and from where I am writing this piece)!

Work as a geologist in Arizona would have meant another 2 years of graduate study and a greater mountain of debt, which would have been too much of a mental burnout after countless menial jobs, student poverty and burdensome debt, adding up over an eight-year span and 100 semester-hours of recent study, since my time spent at Ohio studies – a total of 130 semester-hours.

So, I tried the public school substitute teacher route to see if teaching would work. Four different K-12 systems in Arizona, preceded a 4-year full-time position, teaching for Pima College Adult Education. I learned first-hand, that public school curricula had been drastically hollowed-out with draconian cuts by greedy plutocrats, the same right-wingers of my childhood days: No more civics or critical thinking skills were taught, or fine arts classes. Eliminated: Theater, physical education, music and field trips. An all out attack is happening, right now and then, on a Liberal Arts education, including Geography, World Literature and “Foreign” Language Studies – almost all gone.

In Arizona and elsewhere, the investor, corporate class began then and continues now in messing with our children’s right to happiness – being children. It started with the testing scam and then the new darling of the “leisure capitalist class,” – “Distance Education”! School budgets were slashed, based on standardized test scores. My arse! Cuts were intentional – the banksters, it seems, had temporarily run out of scams to keep their greed pile increasing. Forced mediocrity is what we Americans have presently in our so-called “race to the top” school to prison fiasco – a cruel plan that purposefully hyper-under-funds our nation’s children’s education. Criminal behavior.

We have been wall street’s punching bag for long enough! It’s time to fight back for our rights after thirty-five years of lies, starting with Reagan, right through to the present-day billionaire sponsored neo-cons, lying their “religious” arses off to the religious right. Spouting their narrow-minded, anti-science, abstinence-only dictates to as many as will listen bodes quite well for the right-wing media owners! Then here come the obedient, lying politicians, who are eager to do anything for fame and fortune, while “Rome burns – again”!

For the right price, the aggressive, mean-spirited investor class will dismantle our Public Schools. The middle class and lower rungs of society, are being sacked and lied to, so that these absurd “achievement” tests can “weed-out” the “bad” teachers! What about the crooks and liars manufacturing this fraud? These tests measure only skills deemed useful for the low-paid, technical, “private” corporate slave-like work. Forget Honorable Occupations that matter to a loving civilization. Forget Sacred Spaces. Forget how beautiful a sunrise can be! Brutally monotonous production lines, virtual slave-like plantations mimic so-called jobs – prisons to the human soul.

Only “consumers”, that’s us, now! Virtually owned by multi-national corporations that continue to pump carbon-nuclear poisons into Our Commons. “Industrialization” of our food, now “gmo”, takes the place of what used to be commonly accepted as “organic”, but now it’s a costly “premium” food. Now a blogger within the Independent News environment of the Internet, I am retired and write for this “Babylon-unveiling”, non-corporate, Independent News blog, “Be Solar Dot Info”. I will dedicate all my remaining days to the abolition of all that is nuclear, and champion an immediate zero carbon emissions economy. I long for a return to a democracy by and for the People, rather than military empire foretold by President Dwight Eisenhower; and brought to us 24/7 by a stenographer-ridden, hollowed-out, corporate media of so-called professional journalists who can only catapult numbingly corrosive, spoonfed propaganda!

The Pacific Ocean Dead? - 2013 Talk/Call-in Show - Here*(10 mins)

The Biggest Story of All Time

Possible Extinction Level Event? (ELE)
Where were you 3-11-2011, when
Fukushima Daiichi reactors
#1, #2, #3 & #4 lost coolant?

Using official Japanese records, 400 tons
(100,000 gallons)
of radioactive water per day, unabated, continue to
spew 3 million gallons / month, every month, into our
environment. Many of these deadly man-made isotopes
of many different elements are dissolved as salts and/or
free-floating as tiny bits carrying trillions of atoms.
They had never existed for 4 billion years -
And are so far unstoppable!

From March 11, 2011 to

A continuous large swath of radioactive ocean
currents is slowly but unrelentingly moving onto
the North American continental shelf coastline.
Three sources are ground water seeping into the
buried lost "corium" cores then on to the ocean,
rain run-off on the contaminated ground that
is littered for tens of kilometers with broken
fuel rod fragments and dust and thirdly, the
numerous unstoppable containment building

Conservative estimates are as much as 1,000 tons
per day. Using TEPCO's public records estimate
of 400 tons/day, 144 million gallons have mixed with
the Pacific Ocean as contiguous, westward-moving
plumes as of February 23, 2015.

Complicating the matter, it is not known yet how
much additional radioactive ash and debris
has fallen onto the ocean surface. These inexorable, 
kilometers-wide plumes are now colliding
North America's northwest Pacific coastal biomes
and eco-systems.

The inter-tidal zones are dying according, to a
recent on site investigation of 2 Canadian citizens.
Other reports are pouring in by the hundreds from
locals.  Over 2,700 comments cover the entire
spectrum from: "That's bs" and much worse, to
"Oh My God!" and "Thank you!" And of course,
the ever-present provocateur's trolls of the nuclear
lobby! September 8, 2014, "The Expedition
For Life" left Vancouver, BC,
northward, to
investigate with photographs and audio the
species decline (or not). Background radiation
will be Geiger-monitored.
This is a citizen-funded
Expedition For Life".

6 -8 hundred kilometers of the Intercoastal Passage
and the
outer western shorelines up to the US border
of this world renown, pristine island paradise will
be targeted at first. L
ater Expeditions with more help
will go into the Canadian Arctic. The inter-tidal zones
and tidal pools
are of special interest to the lead
investigator, Dana Durnford of British Columbia,
a professional Deep Sea Diver.

This "Expedition For Life" is citizen-funded without
any positive cooperation or input from the
bankster-class who arguably are responsible for the
proliferation of 400+ nuclear power, bomb-making
plants worldwide.

August 10, 2014, on YouTube, a citizen investigative
report proved, categorically, that it's time for action!
As of September 1, there have been 96,548 (now,
177,110) views of this video. The silence of the
corporate mass-media remains reprehensible!

The lack of a full-frontal, world-effort-attack at
 stopping the radiation plumes, and not announcing
the alarm to the world by those responsible, leaves
no doubt, in this writer's mind, that scores of
indictable government officials and their cadre of
dishonest physicists live not as free citizens, but as
veritable sociopaths and criminals of the very worst
kind, who would roll the dice of a probable,
world-wide extinction and genocide, to gain
 personal wealth.

These moving plumes pushed by its unstoppable source,
are free to mix with ocean currents that spread this filth,
this poison, into countless ocean habitats. This stuff
contains the radio-isotopes, of the original Uranium-235
at 3% & Uranium-238 at 97%. Uranium-238 is stable
with a very long half-life. But bombard it by a
neutron source? RUN!

In contrast, their fissioned "products"are very unstable
and continually disintegrate
high-energy particles at a
vastly higher rate. And there are plenty of them!

Figure 5×1022 atoms/gram**** make up the
radioactive particles that result from

The nuke establishment "guys" (virtually all men) call
these fission products "daughters".
These newly created
time bombs have never been seen before WW II,  all
the way back to the beginning of our Solar System.
disintegrations continually give off energetic, neutrons,
ionizing alpha particles, gamma rays and neutrinos.

Beta particles emit from the nucleus, ionized and negatively
. As for x-rays, they are ionizing particles that emit
from the from the isotope's outer electron shell. All ionizing
radioactivity is deadly to us as cancers, even in small doses
when ingested, infected or inhaled.

Hours into the catastrophe, explosions hurled tons of spent
fuel and reactor core fragments and microscopic aerosols
all over the multi-acre site and many miles farther, plus
up into the upper (70,000 feet up) reaches of the troposphere.
West to east jet streams travel upwards of 300 hundred
miles per hour at about 40,000 feet above sea level.

The jet streams have deposited this airborne crap
everywhere imaginable: on the waters and on the lands
of both northern and southern hemispheres.
The "lost"
reactor cores will remain 
radioactively hot and lava-like
for thousands of years into the foreseeable future.

Their whereabouts is unknown and unknowable.

All that is certain: parts are somewhere below ground and
parts blew-up into the farthest reaches of our world's
atmosphere as smoke, steam and ash on that calamitous day,
What has been done in three years to save us?

An "ice dam", Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO),
says will save the day. For thousands of years?
are they kidding?!!!!

The United Nations of the world must engage the Japanese
government NOW!!!
As an unstoppable, contaminated stream
under Fukushima continually mixes with the lost
"corium cores", these radioactive metals that formerly
were in the reactor vessels as fuel rods, are now at
large, readily compounding into salts and sulfides
that are soluble in the oceans.

Worldwide Extinction Level Event looks inevitable!
Thousands of miles of long ribbon-like radiation
plumes now stretch from Asia to Alaskan waters and
are soon expected along the expansive shoreline of
Mexico then on to Central America and eventually
the South Pacific.
The corporate "persons" have
gone criminally insane.

**The oceans of the world are home to the
oxygen-producing phytoplankton that we need
to breathe! All lifeforms encountered in the
Pacific Food Chain cannot handle this deadly
crap for much longer. Dammit, this doesn't
look good!

**Half of the total amount of oxygen produced by all plant life. 

***Avogadro's constant of
6.02214129(27)×1023 is precisely 12 grams of
Carbon-12 atoms.
That's 50 billion trillion atoms per gram!

****12 grams of Carbon-12 is exactly 6.02214129(27)×1023 atoms.

Typical reactors start with 97% Uranium-238 and 3% 235U.
235U is the
only fissile actinide isotope occurring in nature.

U, on the other hand, cannot sustain fission on its own,
but must have
constant external neutron bombardment.
It releases Beta particles to
Plutonium-239. One gram of Plutonium-239 contains 2½ billion
atoms. It releases Alpha particles to become 235U. 

239Pu stops disintegrations at about 241,000 years, the 235U that it produces continues to be radioactive  for 7 billion years, half the age of the
known universe. But,
not after trillions of disintegrations and numerous
transmutations into lighter, short-lived radioactive  isotopes, of various
elements. It finally stabilizes at

Total energy released = 211 MeV per atom.

The following is:
From Wikipedia []
& []
& []

Irrefutable facts we all need to know about nuclear fission, the
Fukushima Daiichi threat, nuclear proliferation and its WASTE:

In broad terms, spent nuclear fuel has two main components. The first
consists of fission products, the left over fragments of fuel atoms after
they have been split to release energy. Fission products come in dozens
of elements and hundreds
of isotopes, all of them lighter than uranium.

The second main component of spent fuel is transuranics, which are made from
uranium or heavier atoms in the fuel when they absorb neutrons but do not
undergo fission. The transuranics are all heavier than uranium. All transuranic
isotopes fall within the actinide series on the periodic table, and so they
are frequently referred to as the actinides.

Periodic Table of Elements
- Larger Version - Here

Furthermore, only seven long-lived fission product isotopes
have half-lives longer than a hundred years, which makes
their geological storage or disposal less problematic than
for transuranic materials.

The high short-term radioactivity of spent nuclear fuel is
primarily from fission products with short half-life. The
radioactivity in the fission product mixture is mostly
short-lived isotopes such as I-131 and 140Ba, after about
four months 141Ce, 95Zr/95Nb and 89Sr take the largest
share, while after about two or three years the largest
share is taken by 144Ce/144Pr, 106Ru/106Rh and 147Pm.
Note that in the case of a release of radioactivity from
a power reactor or used fuel, only some elements are
released. As a result the isotopic signature of the
radioactivity is very different from an open air nuclear
detonation where all the fission products are dispersed.
[At Fukushima Daiichi all the elements in the exploded
reactor cores were present. The exposed spent fuel in
reactors #1 through #4 that exploded may truthfully have
had fewer as said above.]
[#3 reactor held highly lethal MOX fuel.]

After several years of cooling, most radioactivity is from
the fission products caesium-137 and strontium-90, which
are each produced in about 6% of fissions, and have
half-lives of about 30 years [Total life =10 times or 300!]
Other fission products with similar half-lives have much
lower fission product yields, lower decay energy, and
several (151Sm,155Eu,113Cd) are also quickly
destroyed by neutron capture while still in the reactor,
so are not responsible for more than a tiny fraction
of the radiation production at any time. Therefore, in the
period from several years to several hundred years after
use, radioactivity of spent fuel can be modeled simply
as exponential decay of the 137Cs and 90Sr. These
are sometimes known as medium-lived

fission products [MLFP].

 Cs-137 Beta disintegrates to Ba-137m that
gamma emits for 300 yrs yielding 662 keV/event
& Sr-90 Beta disintegrates to Yttrium-90 for 288 yrs
yielding .546 MeV/event. An electron volt
(eV) is a unit of energy equal to approximately
1.6×10−19 joule  (symbol J) - the amount of energy
gained or lost by the charge of a single electron moved
across an electric potential difference of one volt.

[With respect to the Fukushima Daiichi explosions
mentioned above, most elements DID NOT go through
neutron capture over decades – they are dispersed
throughout both hemispheres of Earth right now.]

Krypton-85, [Beta disintegrates for 107 yrs] the 3rd most
active MLFP, is a noble gas which is allowed to escape
during current nuclear reprocessing; however, its inertness
means that it does not concentrate in the environment, but
diffuses to a uniform low concentration in the atmosphere.
Spent fuel in the US and some other countries is not likely
to be reprocessed until decades after use, and by that
time most of the Kr-85 will have decayed.
[Since there
has been no “nuclear processing” at Fukushima Daiichi,
Kr-85 is in the Earth's troposphere.
It is now
from sea-level to approximately 50,000 ft.]


After Cs-137 and Sr-90 have decayed to low levels, the bulk
of radioactivity from spent fuel comes not from fission products
but actinides, notably plutonium-239, plutonium-240,
americium-241, americium-243, curium-245, and curium-246.
These can be recovered by nuclear reprocessing (either before
or after most Cs-137 and Sr-90 decay) and fissioned, offering
the possibility of greatly reducing waste radioactivity in the
time scale of about 103 to 105 years. Pu-239 is usable as fuel
in existing thermal reactors [So these imbeciles, say!], but some
minor actinides like Am-241, as well as the non-fissile and
less-fertile isotope plutonium-242, are better destroyed in fast
reactors, accelerator-driven subcritical reactors, or fusion
reactors. [These are all in our oceans, lakes, playas and
soils due to explosions of man-made nuclear weapons
and fuel waste.]

Plutonium is made from U-238. Occasionally, when an atom of
U-238 is exposed to neutron radiation, its nucleus will capture a
neutron, changing it to U-239. This happens more easily with
lower kinetic energy (as U-238 fission activation is 6.6MeV).
The U-239 then rapidly
undergoes two beta decays.

After the 238U absorbs a neutron to become 239U it then emits
an electron and an anti-neutrino by β− decay to become
neptunium-239 (239Np) and then emits another electron and
anti-neutrino by a second β− decay to become 239Pu.

Plutonium-239 will be present both in the reactor core during
operation and in spent nuclear fuel that has been removed from
the reactor at the end of the fuel assembly’s service life
(typically several years). Spent nuclear fuel commonly contains
about 0.8% plutonium-239.

A small percentage of plutonium-239 can be deliberately added to
fresh nuclear fuel. Such fuel is called MOX (mixed oxide) fuel,
as it contains a mixture of uranium oxide (UO2) and plutonium
oxide (PuO2). The addition of plutonium-239 reduces or
eliminates the need to enrich the uranium in the fuel.

Plutonium-239 emits alpha particles to become the fairly harmless
uranium-235 [What?]. As an alpha emitter, plutonium-239
is not particularly dangerous [What?] as an external radiation
source, but if it is ingested or breathed in as dust it is very
dangerous and carcinogenic. It has been estimated that a pound
(454 grams) of plutonium inhaled as plutonium oxide dust could
give cancer to two million people. [Chem trails anyone?]
Therefore, as little as a milligram would be quite likely to cause
cancer in a person. As a heavy metal, plutonium is also toxic.

The following excerpt is from: Wikipedia - Fission products

3% of the mass consists of fission products of 235U and 239Pu
(also indirect products in the decay chain); these are considered
radioactive waste or may be separated further for various industrial
and medical uses. The fission products include every element from
zinc through to the lanthanides; much of the fission yield is concentrated
in two peaks, one in the second transition row (Zr, Mo, Tc, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag)
and the other later in the periodic table (I, Xe, Cs, Ba, La, Ce, Nd).
[Left out 90Sr?] Many of the fission products are either non-radioactive
or only short-lived radioisotopes. But a considerable number are medium
to long-lived radioisotopes such as 90Sr, 137Cs, 99Tc and 129I.

About 1% of the mass is 239Pu and 240Pu resulting from conversion of
238U, which may be considered either as a useful byproduct, or as
dangerous and inconvenient waste. [No Shit?]

One of the main concerns regarding nuclear proliferation is to prevent
this plutonium from being used by states, other than those already
established as nuclear weapons states, to produce nuclear weapons.
If the reactor has been used normally [Normally?], the plutonium
is reactor-grade, not weapons-grade: it contains more than 19% 240Pu
and less than 80% 239Pu, which makes it non ideal for making bombs.
If the irradiation period has been short then the plutonium is
weapons-grade (more than 80%, up to 93%).

[Very deceptive obfuscations here - reactors are purposely run for short
times to produce maximum amounts of weapons grade 239Pu
(weapons-grade has the highest the ratio of 239Pu/240Pu, as 240Pu
has much lower energy and considered a contaminant), needed
for triggers in thermal-nuclear 
fusion bombs - hydrogen bombs!]

96% of the mass is the remaining uranium: most of the original 238U
and a little 235U. Usually 235U would be less than 0.83% of the
mass along with 0.4% 236U.

[Better known as depleted uranium (DU) used in tanks and
other high-caliber weapons of mass destruction, as the DU
shell vaporizes after penetration/contact to radio-actively
contaminate civilian populations for thousands of years.]

Traces of the minor actinides are present in spent reactor fuel.
These are actinides other than uranium and plutonium and
include neptunium, americium and curium.

High-level radioactive waste management concerns
management and disposal of highly radioactive materials
created during production of nuclear power. The technical
issues in accomplishing this are daunting, due to the extremely
long periods radioactive wastes remain deadly to living
organisms. Of particular concern are two long-lived fission
products, Technetium-99 (half-life 220,000 years) and
Iodine-129 (half-life 15.7 million years) [Remember to
multiply times 10 for the total life!], which dominate spent
nuclear fuel radioactivity after a few thousand years.
The most troublesome transuranic elements in spent fuel
are Neptunium-237 (half-life two million years) and
Plutonium-239 (half-life 24,000 years) [Multiply x 10.]

The price of energy inputs and the environmental costs of 
every nuclear power plant continue long after the facility 
has finished generating its last useful electricity. Both
nuclear reactors and uranium enrichment facilities must
be decommissioned, returning the facility and its parts
to a safe enough level to be entrusted for other uses.

After a cooling-off period that may last as long as a
century, reactors must be dismantled and cut into small
pieces to be packed in containers for final disposal. The
process is very expensive, time-consuming, dangerous
for workers, hazardous to the natural environment, and
presents new opportunities for human error, accidents
or sabotage.

The total energy required for decommissioning can be as 
much as 50% more than the energy needed for the original 
construction. In most cases, the decommissioning process 
costs between US $300 million to US $5.6 billion. 

Decommissioning at nuclear sites which have experienced a
serious accident are the most expensive and time-consuming. 
In the U.S. there are 13 reactors that have permanently shut 
down and are in some phase of decommissioning, and none 
of them have completed the process.

Current UK plants are expected to exceed £73bn in
decommissioning costs."Nuclear decommissioning
costs exceed £73bn"
. [Bullshit! Try times 50.]

March 8, 2015

Some still catapult the false notion that hydrogen propulsion systems must require using natural gas or petroleum to produce the hydrogen!

Wrong! Zero carbon emissions! With hydrogen? YES! By electrolytically separating the 2 hydrogen atoms from the single oxygen atom, hydrogen-propulsion systems of the future would re-combine the 2-hydrogens and oxygen atoms to produce water, again, as its exhaust!

Renewables, right now, make 100 or so gigawatts of electricity every day, equal to one-hundred gigantic nuclear reactors, (with deadly spent fuel accumulating, after frequent refuelings), or coal-fired polluters. Roof-top photovoltaics have exploded into being. Combine them with an electric car parked in every garage (and citizen-owned micro hydrogen electrolysis systems and their accompanied hydrogen cells), plus added LiFeP battery back-ups for cloudy days. Add a local municipal-owned "smart grid" and a giga-byte internet - the full-time electric supply and communications network is solved! No brownouts or blackouts and world-wide production of H2 from H2O - on to the future! Electricity produced from solar, geo-thermal or wind turbines, have made coal, fracked gas and the maniacal nuclear crap, already obsolete; not to mention their treasury-busting, catastrophic environmental clean-ups - notably, mother of all catastrophes, THREE-100% MELTDOWNS at Fukushima Daiichi, 4-years ago, that still leak radioactive water into the north Pacific Ocean, every stinkin' day, killing all marine life in its path for thousands of years to come!

Yours and my children's children's happiness and futures have been sacrificed for corporate short-term profits = greed! But honorable industrialists, like Elon Musk and his TESLA corporation are building electric cars that will compete quite successfully, with hydrogen propulsion. Tesla's huge battery giga-plant, began being built in Nevada late last year and will produce enough rechargeable LiFeP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries to power 10's of thousands of his next generation 200+ mile-range, electric "People's cars", that will sell for under $35-grand. Their lithium batteries are non-toxic and recyclable! (Right now his expensive first gen-electric sedan gets around 275 miles/charge and is faster than a Maserati! They take 20 minutes for a half-charge (120 miles range) or 45 mins for a full charge, at 100's of free chargers spaced along our trans-continental USA highways, (and somewhat fewer in the EU, Canada, Britain, Australia and China). Other corporations, must follow suit or go broke, as electric cars and small trucks ARE THE FUTURE. High-speed rail and local mass transportation, electric bikes and scooters will be electric, too. Planes will go the way of the dodo bird.

An added note to the techno-heads that suggest desalination plants along the Pacific coast to solve the water shortage of the USA's major food producing state. THE PACIFIC OCEAN IS FULL OF RADIOACTIVE NUCLEOTIDES!

Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Threat is VERY REAL!

use a back-mounted 'pancake-styled' radiation detector, Geiger
counter, near Tucson, AZ
(not shown on map). Today, outside at
Camp, I read 49 CPM. Today, Mineral lab in Prescott, AZ, shows
reading of 15 CPM from a Geiger counter with a "side-mounted"
- (They recently have been switching back-n-forth to a
. You notice that many detectors on the map below, are
"side-mounted" detectors with the lighter circles. They are about
2.5 times less sensitive as the "pancake-style".

The detector readings on the map reveal loose gamma
and beta ray emissions
  from (mostly*) natural sources.
Counts Per Minute
(CPM) averages are with "pancake"
detectors, in dark-rimmed circles, other lighter-rimmed
circles represent less sensitive detectors. High elevations,
i.e. the Rocky Mountains in Colorado or Bob's Camp in
Arizona, receive higher CPM's than coastal areas,
because cosmic rays (gamma rays) are absorbed by
Earth's atmosphere. Map readings
are absolute
Readings -
"What You see is what you get."

*Most everything that we eat or drink or breathe, has trace amounts of man made
radioactive poisons, especially tritium, the steam byproduct of nuke cooling
towers. Worst case scenarios are near-to or downwind-from nuke fissioning
plants (that heat water to make steam for electric generating plants). The process
of disintegrating Uranium 235 produces very, very hot heat that results in
producing lighter elements, i.e.poisonous products like cesium 137 and
dozens of others)
. (Also heavier elements like Plutonium 239).

Something may be going on
at a nuclear plant!
- See below

The maps, below, show mostly
citizen-owned Geiger counters.

^"One Becquerel" is one disintegration per second = "1 Bq".
1 Bq (that is detectable) = 1 Count. Consequently,
60 Bq = 60
(detectable) CPM's.^
^an energy particle from an atom's nucleus^

Darkened circles show increasing trend.
"Exaggerated" dark circles means an alert,

An example of a recent alert* 4 out of 8 days at
over 100 CPM's!
*N. Carolina - Tennessee border

The numbers are ambient "background" detector readings for May 31, 2018
Update Map Here

Most citizen Geigers are factory-tuned to Cesium 137 (a medium-long-lasting lethal
nuclear fission product). This tuning sees across only a relatively narrow energy spectrum.
When a beta ray from Cs 137 is detected, the Geiger tube generates a beep or click.
Geiger is already clicking because of betas and gammas with energies close enough to its
tuning, the natural "background" rays from ground, air and space objects. Therefore,
look for sudden spikes in the number of clicks - probably meaning dust-contaminated
with Cs 137! Take precautions!
Stay indoors until the counts recede. If the counts continue. use respirators when outside,
discard dust-contaminated clothing, etc. Dispersed radioactive elements are only lethal if
taken internally. Use a protective covering like a plastic bag to protect Geiger from dust
contamination. I began monitoring background radiation since my denial recovery, two
years after Fukushima-Daiichi. My Geophysics colleagues dismissed it, too. Claiming
that the contamination from the Fukushima three 100% meltdowns would dilute.
Therefore,  no worries, they told me during discussions. I said, "Rubbish." That's the
difference between corporate university teachers vrs. those of us untethered to big
checks and benefits. Not to say that all university teachers are for sale to the highest

Fukushima's 3-confirmed 100% meltdowns, bomb-blast sites and nuclear plant
accident sites
(many as old as sixty-plus years ago), especially March 11, 2011
at Fukushima, Japan - will
produce radioactive hazards into the distant future for
thousands of years. A world-wide, stratospheric polluting, radioactive cloud travels,
still, due to the several explosions that were witnessed in Fukushima. Three reactor
core melt-downs-and-throughs
have never been adequately and/or independently
investigated and cleared of a
planet-wide extinction potential (E.L.E.)! In fact,
brand new enclosures have been built that both surround and cover the radioactive
remains of barely recognizable former reactor containment buildings, (without
touching), have been built as a covering. The contents, of which,
need to be
guarded and prevented from leaking radioactivity for at least a millennium.
Looking at Rome and Greece, today? Hardly! Try a hundred times longer!

 The devastation of each of the three 100% reactor wreckages, under the facades,
is unbelievable! (There are official Tokyo Electric Power Company pictures taken
before the cover-up.) The #4 reactor building did not initially blow up, like
 #1, #2 and #3, but suffered massive radioactive fires because of lost coolant
water due to cracks from the earthquake. Only the spraying of corrosive saltwater
was used which leaked out of the crumbling and cracked cooling pools, all over the
place, eventually into the Pacific Ocean. Building # 4 has also been cleverly
camouflaged with a facade building. Going to the 2020 Games? Bring a Geiger!

Radioactive contamination still leaks from
the lost reactor cores (corium)
(probably) melted into the ground water table below the
plant site. The news of
VERY high Becquerel counts (one nucleus disintegration emission per second
= one Bq) was leaked to the press shortly after the first crews were sent in,
weeks and months later. The Pacific Ocean shoreline, coastal life zones were
impacted with 400 tons of radioactive water per day - and no one (willing to talk)
has dared to bring up this fact, yet even today, more than seven years later.
cover-up has been, so far, airtight. But an "Ed Snowden" or
"Chelsea Manning"
surely must be around to spill the
beans on TEPCO
, if there is to be a real clean-up
and true assessment to whether it is safe in Japan.

Outdoor Bob: On The Nuclear Threat: Here & Here
Other sources about Radioactive Decay - Here

Man-made Radiation: Mining; Bomb and/or Power Plants;
Nuke-powered Air, Ground and Sea Bases;
Waste Depositories and/or Nuclear Fall-out Locations

The Periodic Table of Elements - Larger Version - Here

September 25, 2014

Thank you Dana Durnford and “The Expedition For Life” crew and
“The Fukushima Hounds”! We will get through this. All of us!
Take care in that open Pacific from Vancouver Island up to
The Queen Charlotte’s , especially!
Special thanks to Nicole Sandler, Carol Denny, Mike Malloy,
DemocracyNow! and Occupy Tucson, I thank you. And my family
and friends who love and support me, regardless of what they
may or may not think of my controversial reporting!! lol

Decide  for yourself:
Facts are facts. Scientific inquiry requires that all so-called facts be peer-reviewed
before being allowed in the public sector. There are only a precious few, respected,
scientific journals open for business. Somehow, these journals cost big $bucks$ to
access. Some say it's due to third-party corporate, “private person hood” scammers,
corporate publishers with academic-sounding names. Seems they intend to
control and continue to control access for all time, to all scientific discoveries.
A handful of private, pay-to-play "publishers", own the "right-of-access" to

millions of
these published treasures that are printed every year.
No doubt, public tax money pays for the expeditions, expenses, laboratories
and all means of producing these peer-reviewed papers. Privatization gone insane!
"You got the time for Personal Investigation?" Or do you believe only cable tv
or your favorite face book blog? Your call. But, I’ve taken the time to personally
check myself and it ain't so, People. Extinction is sneaking up on us the Earth
People while the so-called leaders “play the fiddle while Rome burns”, like
Ol’ Emperor Nero, the biggest
"f’-up in history" – 'till today. 
Take your pick. Pay
attention to today's Nero’s everywhere you turn or what?! Do what you will.

Always with Love and laser-focused on Climate Justice.

December 19, 2013

Concerning the TPP and the un-paralleled horror of
 the Fukushima, life killing end to All Happiness on Earth

Yeah, been keepin' up with this big story - Since the news months ago that Prez Obama was pushing for fast-tracking this "dive-to-the-bottom" for working folks! Thank you Wikileaks. And just what exactly does Mr Obama know that he is not saying? Investigate with Independent Media and compare what you read to "The Matrix" movie. Stunning insight.

Still, ongoing is the the most life-threatening and under-reported news story of all history. How a single global, nuclear poisoning disaster, such as Fukushima, (and all the others ignored or unreported every time that they occur), has hamstrung the world capitalists into a gigantic mumbling of denial.

Maniacal self-destruction for endless profit - don't fall for it.  Together, over-consuming by capitalist ideologues and their use of a carbon polluting economy, are forcing an unnecessary mutant future upon our genome. Add cancers and other yet to be described radiation-related monster diseases. Fission fires and their emission "events" are occurring here, and NOW. The northern hemisphere is home to 400 nuclear power plants - the southern hemisphere has 6: none in Australia, two in South Africa, two in Argentina and two in Brazil with more planned.

Over 2-years ago, Fukushima explosions heaved us mortals into the most manifest calamitous failure to survive ever known, since the Mayan and Aztec civilization collapses. Corporate world and local media continue to shrug-off the 10 or so 2-year-old highly radioactive isotopes still in our northern biosphere soil and water. All of us unlucky northern folks living north of the equator may very well become a species of mutants.

To see a pollution-free sunrise or sunset or see an endless star-lit  night sky in many urban centers and the 'burbs means traveling hundreds of miles and more out and away. To swim in clear blue coral waters or to canoe a pristine lake with the kids or walk on a pristine ocean beach, alone with your lover never happens. Let's change this sicko picture. Let's get outside. Stay out of that damn car. Go electric or mass transit and if none exists, bitch up a storm at the ruling class! Cut back, at least, and car pool or don't go. Figure it out. Talk it up. Get started. WAKE UP to the truth around us. That knowing the truth about why things are the way they are - would be reward enough. But freedom from ignorance gives way to bliss and bliss to assurance that it's all good. The Matrix or freedom, Baybeee!

Our ancestral empathy for life has successfully brought humans into the now. Money that we use today was hatched by the golden goose of vulture capitalism that values death over life, profit over precaution, speculation over Sustainability and the havoc and destruction of endless wars over Peace. What's next? Extinction at worst and most probably, an explosion of never seen before diseases in both animal and plants. Human mutations for those who cannot afford to escape from contaminated areas.

How about, we exchange students, music, culture and ideas, instead. Life and being alive was a gift but now is no longer possible as we have known it, unless we as a planetary family learn to live together in harmony with each other and with nature. Our immense wrinkly, wet, flooded, 41/2 billion-year-old rock, that Dr Carl Sagan named "Spaceship Earth" is alive.

Children are being sacrificed, because those who can most afford to lead us out of this hell and who are most likely responsible for it, are tight-fisting their wallets. Their beliefs cause 'em to  lie rather than sound the alarm to prosecute a doable, safe and sane war on vulture capitalism. Hundreds of millions of tons of the spent Uranium 235/238 mixture reactor fuel and their poisonous decay isotopes are stored at hundreds of sites, worldwide. These deadliest elements known to humankind existed before, 41/2-billion years ago! And now they're back. A nightmare of Alpha, Beta and gamma ray emitting particle "hot spots" are our future and our children's nightmare unless movement on reactor disassembly starts now. Geiger counters submerged into Alaska's coastal waters are detecting never before measured high levels of Fukushima radiation (and probably other unreported emissions).

Continue to follow Independent news sources on this. Contamination of ocean waters off California and Mexico are predicted by 2014.  A "Great Migration" to the southern hemisphere, who knows? It's only radiation. Right? It may be too late. I don't know. But, People NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! If we can only stop it now, we could avert having our children living with it for centuries.

Love to every kind person, Bob

Addendum 04/22/2014:

More on Fukushima - Here.

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November 10, 2013

In response to [10] desired goals and their focused attention regarding reversing corporate-control of the US and all world governments:

I will add one more that is currently holding all life on Earth hostage. It's Fukushima, Japan and a devil's dance with carbon-caused Climate Change!

Catastrophic nuclear contamination of the Pacific Ocean is Breaking News:

There is a 95% chance of another 7.0+ earthquake within 3-years at the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history! In the last 21/2 years a nearby mountain aquifer has transported 400 tons per day, to the Pacific Ocean, contaminated water with radioactive cesium, plutonium and strontium, among many others. Radioactive cesium has already shown up in tuna caught off of the US west coast. The E.P.A. refuses to mandate checks of Pacific seafood and air quality.

Concentrations of radioactivity near the accident site are dramatically increasing as underground stream flows mix with the 3-missing molten nuclear cores somewhere buried in the aquifer beneath the wreckage. Securing 1500 bent, broken and brittle radioactive fuel rods from Fukushima building four begins this November. A fission/radioactive atmospheric emission is thought very likely to happen during this 2-year long operation of removal. Worldwide, there are 30 million tons added yearly to these "spent" fuel rods stored all over. Life as we know it is truly ending. We must mobilize around this momentous issue above all else!

Immediately begin to close all 400+ worldwide nuclear power plants, not only Fukushima. Begin with an immediate national and world-wide mobilization to transition out of and away from carbon and nuclear power generation. We want "everywhere roof-top PV's," "focused steam-generating thermal solar", geothermal, wind and tidal - all non-greenhouse gas emitters. Life demands clean energy to the power grid for the human conveniences of labor-saving appliances, of transportation and of the machines that serve us.

Goddess save us while we as One Nation of Human Beings come together during this harrowing time that compels all living souls to block, with our bodies if needed, to halt this lemming's march to Earth's Life's Extinction.

Anyone likewise concerned and who craves more independent news coverage on this and other prescient concerns. It's It gets the job done.


September 4, 2013

I can't usually make it to town to participate face-to-face with my friends.
On important life-death issues, as are often front-and-center these days, I miss their love, support and grace while we as a planetary population endure a singularly horrific and epically frightening smell and hell of gloomy Climate-Change. Its hellish stench descends down upon a hapless planet of unwitting participants. Its stench chokes the
life breathe out of us, we who see and reel from its death grip.

While the perpetual warmongers and greedsters loot and trash their way through creation amongst the cries and rebukes of literally 99% of us who are still the Human Beings of our ancestors. So, as it goes, here at Bob's Camp, I still could not make it, again, to a single meeting
of the Green Party (or General Assembly meeting!) When such a group of souls are so hard to find anywhere these days!
Folks who are yet fighting the Good Fight of Justice to All:

This was my "reply" email:

"Thanks Mary. Good too hear from you! Long time….much too long.

Great memories! And yes about the remoteness of Bob's Camp! I unavoidably carbon print 150 round-trip-miles each and every drive to Tucson! Plus, cross my fingers, I'm in denial that I won't breakdown! lol No running truck means losing the land to development or the feds. I'm
thankful for Occupy Tucson and I do all that I can to contribute, a.k.a. my website, and the limited offering of my home as temporary refuge for any Good People as well as the wildlife protected on the eight-acres of Bob's Camp.

For transportation-failure-back-up, I'm contemplating and researching a 20-30 mile range (expandable to 60-90 miles with extra batteries) LiFeP-powered, non-licensed and re-conditioned used bicycle.

The best electric-powered rear-wheel, direct-drive kits sell for around $500-$1000 (cheap 'unreliables' go for ~ $300) and would fit well on an old re-conditioned Schwinn with 26-in, 2-wheel disc-brakes and spoked rims."Kevlar" re-enforced or similar thorn-proof tires are a must. Gearing, too, is a must. So, a 7-speed dérailleur system is in order, too. Total = $20 bike + $1000-$1500 rebuild.A factory equivalent, if they existed - and I have investigated, would go for around $5000!

I am the sole Occupier and protector of a coveted patch of paradise with a 70-gal/hour flowing artesian, well-water resource that supports a permaculture and wildlife habitat of grasses and a small, but expanding, canopy forest of willow and mature mesquite.Her vibrancy must stand out like a "Green Square" from an imaginary view above! This living biome sits within the newly designated "Lower San Pedro River Federal Wildlife Refuge."

The refuge proposal 'pdf' is Here.
or []

What's happening to the 'Upper' San Pedro River? Click Here.


Yeah, once an Occupier, always! And NOW and forward, I'm here to "Occupy to protect!"

Love always,


And this I replied to a friend concerned that the Land was so vulnerable to something as simple as losing reliable transportation. Proof certain that connections with friends and family are central to getting out of this life with our hide intact!

And, so:

"I agree with what you say, Frank. The Land comes first and foremost.
APS supplies my horrific electric power from its Phoenix nuclear plant which just had a fire event (in today’s Tucson Star). A month ago, there was an explosion event! Both were blown off by the media with no follow-up investigation! This was radio-activity not greenhouse gas emissions! Are there any sane people in charge? Jeez, why ask any more! And believe it or not, it’s a fact: Arizona is the location of the largest nuclear, MOX-ready nuclear reactors in the world.

We in the know, see photo-voltaics as, at best, a stop-gap measure to future gigantic mirror-arrays in the the deserts of the world that will supply excess steam generation from, not photovoltaics, but Focused Solar Thermal Steam-generating Electric Power Plants.
My next chore: Acquire an off-grid photo-voltaic fixed-array for the roof atop a pole-building housing an open-air garage/repair/tool storage structure. Right now, I have a 4kw gas back-up generator, but am looking to acquire an LiFeP battery back-up system with a 4kw inverter for about 48 hours of 4kw delivery for up to two fridges and an 18 cu ft freezer and recharging those LiFeP’s.  I could go on with this soliloquy for hours more. lol And I have at
To suffice, for you or anyone wanting to venture into a partnership out here, a good bug-proof, straight-wall canvas tent, 1 ft off the ground, cold-weather clothing and 0-degree sleeping bag for the coming winter are absolutely required. Income or access to money or a job comes in as a close second.
And, Yes! A second, reliable vehicle or better, an electric long-range bicycle or electric ATV are certainly needed as back-up to my Toyota truck. However, to get people out here and back to town cries for an old bio-diesel school bus to get folks, their pets, gear and stuff to Tucson and the GA meetings, jobs, actions and general supplies. A suitable recyclable waste-management of water-hyacinth-tilapia fish pond-filter-system like we had at Biosphere II when I tour-guided there is a MUST! Or an out-dated unnecessary septic?

June 21, 2013

Below is a typical cabinet containing an LFP back-up system costing between $8-$13 grand that will power a small condo or house for 20 - 40 hrs before recharging is needed. Don't nail me to this figure, though - lol!!! Recall that a $10 - $20 grand tracking rack with 10 - 15 K-Watt photo-voltaic array and charge-controller is still needed to be completely independent.

Solving the Balanced Module System (BMS) charging / dis-charging
problem for Off-grid Residential LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) back-up
systems needing deep-cycle non-lead back-up batteries.

This is the same battery technology currently used in EV's, such as:
The Nissan Leaf, Fisker and Tesla Model S vehicles.

An Australian Electric Vehicle battery and equipment Company -
found Here - offers up this information***:

All lithium Ion batteries require a battery management system (BMS).
There is no way around this. There are numerous examples of
catastrophic failures where no BMS has been used.

At a minimum a BMS must have the following basic functions:

1) Balance the cells during charge to level the state of charge of all cells in the pack.
2) Protect each cell in the battery from going outside its safe voltage range.

The system consists of two main parts:

1) Cell Modules - one per cell, act as standalone shunt regulator balancers and link together to provide cell level voltage monitoring.
2) Master Unit - one per battery pack, monitors the signal line to the cell modules and takes action to prevent charging or discharging if the heartbeat signal is broken.

EV Power BMS Features:

Modular - one small balancing module bolts directly to each cell.
Simple - A one wire interface is all that is required. No wiring birds nest.
Scalable - Battery balancing from one cell up to any number.
Fail Safe - the unique EV Power one wire current loop safety interlock system prevents any cell from going over/under voltage.
Hermetically sealed - plastic encased cell modules resist dust and moisture
Flexible - the master control unit can work with almost any charger.
Reliable - analog electronic cell modules, no computers in high EMI environment. We have systems working for 5+ years already.
Standalone - The EV Power BMS can be powered from the battery it protects. Most other BMSs require external 12V input for their power, adding more complication and unreliability.
Safe Installation -Isolated signal wire connections.
Easy Cell Status indication - LED indicators on each cell.
Cost Effective - low cost per cell for large format Lithium Ion batteries. That said, we place quality before cost.
Developed, patented, refined and manufactured in Australia since 2007. We innovate.


Lithium Ion batteries require cell balancing during charging and protection from over-charge and over-discharge. This seemingly simple function is of utmost importance in mission critical environments. It is also one of the most difficult functions to achieve with absolute safety and reliability.

The EV Power Battery Balancing System has been developed specifically for large format Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP, LIFEPO4) batteries such as Thunder Sky and Sky Energy (CALB) cells. It can also work with other LFP battery brands with minimal modification

This system has been in continuous development for several years and has evolved to the point where we can claim it to be one of the most reliable and effective battery management systems available

"There is a lot of hype about battery management systems for Lithium Ion batteries. Should a BMS have cell by cell voltage monitoring and reporting to a central display unit? Should cell temperatures be recorded and reported? Should the BMS be able to bypass large charge currents? What about active balancing and a CAN bus interface?

The answer is, NO. These functions are not essential.

Sophisticated BMS’s may provide an impressive list of functions but are prone by their very complexity to problems both in installation and usage.


The EV Power BMS is the simplest system in the world that will actually provide balancing and fail safe voltage protection of large format LiFePO4 batteries

Extra monitoring functions can be easily layered on top of a simple BMS. A simple BMS should form the core of any large format LFP battery.

Modern LiFePO4 cells are very safe and manufactured to close tolerances. With a BMS they will not explode or catch fire. They should be highly reliable and operate with the minimum of intervention from the BMS. It is there as the last line of defense.

The EV Power system designed for LiFePO4 cells of 40Ah and larger performs the basic functions simply and well. It does not rely on digital microcontrollers on each cell but to date has proven itself to be fail-safe and highly reliable. This has been proven in many road going electric vehicles which are demanding applications for a BMS.

"Our cell modules are epoxy encapsulated against moisture and dust. This IS important because it is moisture and dust that will cause electrical problems in other systems down the track. Also important is that it does not rely on any connectors which can wriggle loose and fail. The EV Power BMS is a genuine one wire system where all the connections are soldered. It can monitor any number of cells in up to four banks and has provision for temperature monitoring also.

As well as high quality with gold plated terminal connectors it is reasonably priced. This is all you need in a BMS

***Another HousePower BMS Solution is Here.

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The following are quoted clips from "Home Power Magazine"
The entire article is Here.

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Off-Grid Systems

by Randy Richmond
For decades, lead-acid battery technology has been the mainstay of battery-based renewable energy systems, providing reliable storage and ample energy capacity. The most common battery used—flooded lead-acid (FLA)— requires regular watering to maintain electrolyte levels and venting to avoid the buildup of hydrogen and sulfuric gases. Additionally, FLAs are large and heavy, making battery replacement a challenging task for some systems.

With all of the recent action in the electric vehicle and personal electronics industries, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have gained much attention. Here, we examine Li-ion battery pros and cons, and discover why most system owners won’t be swapping out their FLA batteries anytime soon."


While longevity can vary widely depending on factors such as daily depth of discharge and LA battery type (marine, golf cart, AGM, industrial, etc.), regularly used and properly maintained common deep-cycle LA batteries have an average lifespan of about five years; LFP batteries have an estimated longevity of 10 years—half the frequency of LA battery replacement. In both cases, natural aging of the battery chemicals can impair batteries before their cycle life is used if they are cycled infrequently.

When used up, both types of batteries can and should be recycled by returning them to a dealer, although due to the long history of LAs, there are presently more recyclers for LAs than LFPs.


Although LA batteries are cheaper up-front than LFPs, their lifetime price per kWh can be higher. This assumes that you can use most of the lifetime capacity (usable capacity multiplied by cycle life) prior to the battery failing due to age. With a 3,000-cycle or 10-year life (whichever comes first), one would need to cycle LFP batteries nearly daily to optimize the payback. (Note: End-of-battery life is generally considered to be when the battery can maintain only 70% to 80% of its original capacity.)"

"There are no known Li-ion BMS power conversion products (inverters with chargers, and charge controllers) for the residential RE industry (although Clean Power Auto does have a solution for RVs and boats). The missing feature in standard power conversion is BMS cell monitoring and the available RE equipment can’t modify charging characteristics to handle when some cells have reached full capacity and other cells have not. Reading the voltage of the entire pack of cells is not helpful, since there’s no means of knowing whether or not some cells have already reached their capacity . Available charge controllers can’t adjust
 current on the fly to match the BMS’s ability to shunt current as cells start to reach 100% SOC.

If power conversion equipment with provisions for BMS become available, then LFP batteries can be useful in RE systems if:

    • The depth of cycle is often more than 30% of capacity. Otherwise, LA batteries are a more cost-effective option.

The space available for batteries is at a premium. LFPs can save about 50% of the space compared to LA for the same usable capacity. (These factors can be very important for RV and boat applications.)

The application requires low maintenance (such as hard- to-reach sites, or a user who won’t or can’t do the work). With twice the longevity of LAs, this also means halving the battery replacement frequency.

The application calls for frequent cycling of the batteries— with LFPs having several times the cycle life of LAs and at a deeper depth of discharge. Off-grid applications generally fit this profile.

LFPs can definitely help solve some residential RE storage problems. But perhaps a better question is, “Is the residential RE industry ready for LFPs?” At present, the lack of BMS integration in residential RE power conversion equipment is the biggest hurdle. Once LFP-compatible products become available, then LFP batteries will find a home in many RE applications, especially off-grid and mobile."

June  14, 2013

Not so good on the heat front 
Below is  'today’s polar jet stream, 
locked in at approx. 45 N Lat. – 
way too low, but ‘normal.’

Our polar jet is as southward as she gets at a permanent (approx. 30,000 ft-asl.)The north polar jet is dragging the 100F heat that had set-in, these past few days over the west, into the central plains, further eastward. Hellish lows could form if this hot air mass gets hit with a blast of sinking, arctic cold.

Continuing to this day and simultaneously, spring has brought a rash of record low temps to the northern plains, west coast Cascades, Great Lakes and Atlantic coastal states - then followed by record highs, many in the hundreds-F. Horrific tornadoes developed because of these collisions.

This spring is frighteningly similar to last spring which had been followed by a mild winter.In contrast, this last winter out here in the southwest,was very cold with many hard freezes, but solved an emerging insect problem.Last year, a killer summer drought followed that devastated much of the plains’ states farms. It caused me to stash-away a month’s worth of dry goods and more, still to this day.
I just got a 4K generator and am looking into collecting around 10 Lithium-Iron Phosphate,48-volt, battery arrays. 48 volts in parallel X 10 = $ 5000 lasts 5-10 years, will give enough power to supply two 4K 120V AC power inverters = $2000, for many uninterrupted hours
during grid brownouts or collapse. Enough to run a two-bedroom home with two medium-sized evaporative coolers or one medium room air-conditioner, two food freezers and/or refrigerators, lights, etc. Recharging comes from the repaired grid or if necessary, the back-up 4KW generator. Or better yet, when I can swing it: I’ll recharge with a smart-grid-tied or entirely off-grid  10-15k photo-voltaic array = $10-20 grand with a tracking rack


June 8 2013

Below: More rapid Arctic warming caused by the sharp jet stream dip southward over the Rocky Mountains then lazily eastward, curly-cuing across the Atlantic and on to Europe and south-central Asia.

Farther Below: Matches quite well with a continuation of ALL TIME daily records, today, across the US!Highs along and to the west of the high pressure ridge of the plunging jet, lows in the bottom of the lazy-eastward trending 'U' of the jet stream that follows the eastern seaboard northward and out over the Atlantic.

Where we might find corroborating data on the ice-cap shrinkage will leave no more room for doubt about human-caused Climate Change. We're at 400 ppm, NOW, of CO2, way over a Life-sustaining 350ppm that will not return in the near future. Hunker down out there, folks. Best be prepared than not.

Shame on you wall street banksters! Go to jail!

No permanent icecap = Unstable weather in the northern hemisphere = unpredictable future crop failures.Lets hope not, but keep notice of these damn daily temperature records, both lows, but many, many more highs!

Bookmark these: Jet Stream Here and
Daily Record-breakers Here.

Showing 37 records from
June 6, 2013 to June 8, 2013

June 4, 2013

Today and yesterday, the map below shows the continued break down of the Arctic circumpolar jet stream, (due to the current world-record 400 ppm C02). Notice its motion, due south, into an elongated, ‘U-shape’ plunge.

This Arctic plunge brought stinging, record overnight lows into the US northern corn belt. It then turns in a lazy northeasterly path from the Texas-Oklahoma border, simultaneously causing record highs southward of its curving path and record lows to the north of this ‘U’. Then, abruptly, she turns straight north toward the great lakes – then onto the Arctic to complete a dangerous curly-q circumpolar pattern.

Just days ago this eastwardly moving weather pattern came from further to the west. Then it brought, oppositely, record highs into the low hundreds(F) to the same record low weather stations, today! – Our ”Breadbasket States.” Wheat and corn growing areas may take a severe climate change hit this growing season (2012 Deja Vu ?). Yikes, huh?

Notice its return to the Great Lakes. Its high pressure ridge on its eastern flank,brings extreme record high temperatures to the upper mid-Atlantic states and on into New England. The result is accelerated Arctic sea ice melting. Go figure!! Climate Change, Baybeee!!  Caused by you, them and me, think so?

Current Extreme Temp Map - Here

Showing A Whopping 123 records from
June 2, 2013 to June 4, 2013

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May 16, 2013
To the Wunderground folks,

Jill Strait argues for the eagles and against Wind Farms in her article, “Wind Farms Get Pass on Eagle Deaths.” An important issue was left out.

May 15, 2013 - Here.

Credible fixes to wind turbine technology will protect wildlife while doing their job, too. Keeping our air and water pure are the benefits of a non-carbon, non-deadly radio-active future. This is the missing dimension that the article omits.

Catastrophic "Climate Change" is here and its cause is 21st century capitalism. Multi-national corporations are directly linked to everything wrong from big-ag poisons to wildlife habitat destruction. Ravenous extracting by these corporations and cavorting throughout Creation with
complete abandon is disgusting behavior by anyone's standard. Just plain crooks in silk suits and thieves are who they are.

Solutions must be addressed. Blaming an emerging industry whose only mission is to stop pollution reeks of political posturing which will only prolong the inevitable and take humanity to the brink. Wind, Solar and geo-thermal are our best chances at longterm species survival. Climate deniers will disagree all the way to our preventable hell.

Environmentally sustainable systems trump all so-called "traditional" polluters, no matter what they might try to explain away or obfuscate. President Obama hopefully will not cave-in, again, to his Wall Street bankster buddies. Americans and all of planet Earth deserve, at least, a "fighting chance" at staving off a preventable hell. Today's world-class Wind Farms in Denmark, Germany and yes, even here in the USA use huge, tall turbines with slow-moving blades that cause very little bird carnage in the scheme of a looming climate crisis.

Life itself, hangs in the balance, eagles included. Yes, there are fast whirling blades killing way too many birds in some locations such as southern California because of a very old technology, installed during the Carter Administration 40+ years ago.

"As of 2010, a settlement has been reached between the Audubon Society, Californians for Renewable Energy and NextEra Energy Resources (who operate some 5,000 turbines in the area). Nearly half of the smaller turbines will be replaced by newer, more bird-friendly models. The project is expected to be complete by 2015 and includes $2.5 million for raptor habitat restoration." - Andrew Dalton (December 7, 2010). Altamont Pass to Get Less-Deadly Wind Turbines.

Just focusing on the problem of wind turbines and birds does nothing to keep the oil, gas, coal and nuclear poisons in the ground. Extraction/polluting industries and their money-soaked lobbyists
are not the answer.

Today and yesterday, the map below shows the continued break down of the Arctic circumpolar jet stream, (due to the current world-record 400 ppm C02). Notice its motion, due south, into an elongated, ‘U-shape’ plunge. This Arctic plunge brought stinging, record overnight lows into the US northern corn belt.

It then turns in a lazy northeasterly path from the Texas-Oklahoma border, simultaneously causing record highs southward of its curving path and record lows to the north of this ‘U’. Then, abruptly, she turns straight north toward the Great Lakes – then onto the Arctic to complete a dangerous curly-q circumpolar pattern.

Just days ago this eastwardly moving weather pattern came from further to the west. Then it brought, oppositely, record highs into the low hundreds(F) to the same record low weather stations, today! – Our ”Breadbasket States.” Wheat and corn growing areas may take a severe climate change hit this growing season (2012 Deja Vu ?). Yikes, huh? (Looks like 2014 is to be feared)

Notice its return to the Great Lakes. Its high pressure ridge on its eastern flank, brings extreme record high temperatures to the upper mid-Atlantic states and on into New England. The result is accelerated Arctic sea ice melting. Go figure!!

Today and yesterday, the map below shows the continued break down
of the Arctic circumpolar jet stream, (due to the current world-record 400 ppm C02). Notice its motion, due south, into an elongated, ‘U-shape’ plunge. This Arctic plunge brought stinging, record overnight lows into the US northern
corn belt.

It then turns in a lazy northeasterly path from the Texas-Oklahoma border, simultaneously causing record highs southward of its curving path and record lows to the north of this ‘U’. Then, abruptly, she turns straight north toward the Great Lakes – then onto the Arctic to complete a dangerous curly-q circumpolar pattern.

Just days ago this eastwardly moving weather pattern came from further to the west. Then it brought, oppositely, record highs into the low hundreds(F) to the same record low weather stations, today, our ”Breadbasket States!” Wheat and corn growing areas may take a severe climate change hit this growing season (2012 Deja Vu ?). Yikes, huh?

Notice its return to the Great Lakes. Its high pressure ridge on its eastern flank, brings extreme record high temperatures to the upper mid-Atlantic states and on into New England. The result is accelerated Arctic sea ice melting. Go figure!!

Lobbyists pose a greater threat to life than the climate-protecting clean industries. The offering of a livable environment rings truer than complaints that divert discussion away from solutions to stop the air, water and food pollution. Dead-end polemics about political favoritism is a big yawner to this veteran activist.

A few greedy criminal enterprises continue to double-down on the use of archaic energy systems, as we speak! They’re single-handedly responsible for the impending world-wide catastrophes that are happening right NOW! 400 ppm CO2 has not occurred since the melting of the polar icecaps and high elevation glaciers during the Pliocene Epoch.

Let us not omit the Fukushima disaster and its radio-active cesium-137 fall-out discharges into the Pacific Ocean. The genetic poison is showing up in fish catches every day, NOW. One of the tsunami-ravished nuclear reactors can still collapse from several hundred feet causing a melt-down of spent fuel-rods, contaminating yet, more Japanese ground water. Local fisheries are unusable as well as several hundred square kilometers of farmland. The island-nation’s food-production and potable water supplies are at risk or worse for the 13-million residents of Tokyo. Coastal waters of Alaska to South America are at risk, too, of radiation contamination.

Low-information readers are easy marks for those Madison Avenue spin doctors who continue to paint science-supported facts as a "maybe."

Concentrating Solar Thermal Plants, grid-connected, can deliver industry-strong “Green Energy”wherever the sun shines, 24/7. These huge mirrored plants direct focused sunlight for heat (rather than combustionable hydro-carbons or nuclear fission) onto heat exchangers that boil water into steam to run electricity generators. They are running right now and more are being built or planned for in places like the US Mojave and Sonoran deserts, N. Africa, Australia - you name it.

A crisis is at hand. What's needed is a “WWII-type” State of Emergency. Solarizing America needs to start NOW!

War-like preparation against our real enemies: carbon and fission power can't be over-stated.The choking world-wide use of coal-fired power plants must stop NOW! And yes, the world-wide accumulation of 1000’s of tons, each and every year, of deadly radioactive waste from 400+ nuclear plants constitutes massive, planet-wide suicide of epic proportions! Let's not bog down, America! Cheap rhetoric during today's epic climate crisis requires courage and action.

Do not let the banksters from Wall Street or Dallas call the shots anymore. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!
Focus on the solution, not the blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

May 6, 2013
From the Daily Kos

"Staffers of the Los Angeles Times, one of the media outlets targeted by the Koch brothers, are not taking this lying down.

Last week, at an in-house awards ceremony for Los Angeles Times staff, columnist Steve Lopez asked everyone in attendance, "Raise your hand if you would quit if the paper was bought by the Koch brothers."

About half the staff raised their hands, perhaps dooming the sale of the newspaper to the Koch's."

From Bob's Camp

I agree and Thank you kind people at the LA Times! Watch out for tricks and larceny from these two!

We have to get around this "phony money" thing. These brothers and others are subverting our beautiful lands and people into commodities that are traded like hog futures!

Do they see themselves as omnipotent "do-gooders?" With filthy money accumulated through an extraction/pollution scenario that leaves death and destruction in its wake? Environmental profiteering is so friggin' vulgar.

Owning the Media is a another "slimeball" method of subterfuge! Bastards! We will not allow them to undermine our informed Democracy.  We see them, already, running cabals of international corporations, with their banksters and their mercenary-like resource grabs. Our Rights and Civil Liberties are in peril. The brothers are white old guys with misguided fanaticism metastasizing like a cancer outside their bodies into Our Commons!

Resist! If we want any chance at all of a free, working peoples' future in this world, at this time, it must be Sustainable. As caretakers, we will prevent the loss of our Web of Life or fail as human beings for all eternity.

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May 3, 2013


Most all of you guys and gals don't comment on any of the news and commentary that you receive from me. Hey, if you trashcan them immediately, that's okay, too. 

My family in Cleveland, all of whom I love, I broke from 50 years ago. My childhood was authoritarian. We were as politically hard-right of a family in '63 as can be. I lived through a gauntlet in a dysfunctional home filled with childhood hazards, including mental cruelty. Today's world, with its ubiquitous violent psychopaths and bigots still riles me.

The morning of the day after highschool graduation started with, "Get Out!" That was June of  '63. I was off to Ohio State University three months early! lol

I remember November 22, the day JFK was murdered (Texas oilmen for sure!)   It was my freshman year. I was 17 years old and wasn't even old enough to drink 3.2% beer!

I can't say definitively how the rest of my family evolved in 50-years, however their leanings at least in my day were hard-working and loving. Every Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday, we would go to St. James Episcopal Church. I was allowed to try religion out on my own and was eventually confirmed at St John's to my Mother's pleasure and Dad's no comment.

I remember asking too many awkward questions at bible school and eventually was allowed to opt out! lol. My leanings towards Science got an added boot, er boost.

Grandpa looked  EXACTLY like Stalin, I kid you not! Bushy eyebrows, mustache and a matching full-head of white hair. He chewed tobacco then spit into a spittoon on the floor, while rockin' and drinkin' his 'hooch.' He was retired, but owned a huge rooming house that he bought while running his Cleveland tavern. His large rocking chair filled a huge well-appointed second-floor apartment. Dad took me and Mom to visit him just before my 6th birthday, on a cold winter day. Months later, in Spring,  he would die.

Dad wasn't ferociously military, but right to the end, at his funeral, a ceremonial gun salute from his fellow "Elks" was forced upon me, the last of my family. I remember he wrangled me a spot into the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program to get me out of the draft (Remember George W.?) I passed the intelligence test, but after a troubling interview with their shrink, I was rejected. Dad never fully recovered from my disgrace and made life hell for both me and Mom.

Interestingly, he could not be buried next to Mom, 'cause of his transgressions against the Catholic Church! Church stuff, I guess. He had never stepped one foot into Mom's Irish take on this stuff. So she lies with the Catholics  - He with, I don't know! More Bizarro, he let Mom baptize me, Catholic - hah!

A schism over the Vietnam disgrace, Civil Rights and the "Woodstock" thing would seal for good the complete break from these family crazies to embracing, to this day, the lunatic, fun-loving Drum Circle Woodstock Nation. lol

I see my last days as being a solemn "duty" as a retired (mostly fired or quit than hired) public school teacher and science academic who will, to my dying breath, protect the truth about every B.S. nonsense belief system and those who would ban books or prevent Free Speech. All TV or most cable lie all the time or at best omit the stuff of Freedom - the Truth that the system is rigged against the 99% - now and has been, in most "civilizations" for millennia. I hear Bali and Bhutan are the exceptions as was Tibet before the Chinese invasion. Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah, Woodstock Nation!

We of the Independent media(everyday folks) who care about their children's health and freedom from religious bigotry, try every day to break through the lies of those who succeed to re-write history as a white man's private reality…..that passes as news, but is actually bought-and-paid-for propaganda. Not too different from the the ol' pinko "commie" "Cold War" days when "they" were to us the freedom haters! NOW, it seems, "they" is us and we are the bad guys? It would be interesting to document how this has come to be! "Very interesting, Mama!"*

In the meantime, let us not allow a single lie from the "forces of greed"** linger for a second without a challenge.

A "Free Society," is an informed Society. The mostly, white guys in the silk suits, lie and cheat ALL THE TIME! Our Freedom of the Press means a "4th Estate," protected from the other three: Congress, The Supremes and the Prez, who are caught in a Devil's Bargain with forces of greed bent on ravaging the planet and enslaving We-The-People.

So, tell me to stop or just keep mute, but read something that I send, I implore you. Unfiltered news from trusted sources keeps us free and safe from the criminal fringe. The free flow of reproducible facts is stronger than any arsenal of guns. Ignorance begets fear, in turn begets violence and then protection begets thugs, begets guns and "doe see doe" swing your partner and bar the windows.

So, tell me to "stop." I'll still love you.

*John Lennon quote
** Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers D.C. radio show

April 29, 2013

Hunker Down Out There! Electric Bikes! Love Your Neighbor!

Lefties and Fundamentalist Christians Work TOGETHER Against Climate Change? - Just Kidding? I bet maybe not!

Willie Nelson said it Right the other night, when calling into his favorite Talkshow Host, Mike Malloy, on Willie's 80th Birthday, no less! Willie was last asked, [as I can best recollect.]

"So, what's your take on the state of things in our country?"
Willie paused then replied, "We're all gonna have to 'hunker down' and outlast those crazies that were voted in."

A Shout Out To Uncle John's Camp! "HEY! We Love You!"

The so-called Christian Right:

The fundamentalist Christians are few, but loud and well-funded. They're way north of lunacy.The folks at "Woodstock" were lunatics. Like half the folks I know, who are funny, loving and caring. At "The" "Greatest" camping and music festival of all time, the crazies couldn't handle the absolute absence of a "state-sanctioned" set of rules. They left way before the three-day Love-in extravaganza got cookin'! Thank you for that!

So, there are lunatics and then there are crazies who, when closely scrutinized, show dangerous ideological rigidity, almost fanatical. The radical right in Washington these last years and decades hence will certainly prove my contention. The gridlocked Congress shows what a toxic, anti-transparent democracy our republic looks like. Briefly, three HUGE examples:

Follow the years/decades-long attack on "The New Deal," and "The Great Society"as well as secret blocks halting confirmation of critically needed judicial and cabinet appointments who are not given up or down confirmations. The "bankster class" trail of money must be investigated by citizen-journalists who may be our last chance to track down and show "John and Mary Q. Public" that the radicals on the right have infiltrated Washington. The media refuses to do their job. Our federal government (and many in states) are most certainly "connected-at-the-hip" with piles of cash, covertly funneled from billionaire so-called "Christian" backers and other crazies owning or running multi-national corporations. Where have all the "Beautiful People" gone - to "graveyards, everyone?"***

America's Constitution and its critical 1st Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" and its destruction is "THE" sought prize of the Christian Right whose wet dream is an Islamic-styled Sharia fundamentalism, misogynous and xenophobic and akin to the fascist, Catholic church of the "Inquisition." Water-boarding, anyone?

 The t-party PACs are so well funded that Washington will remain frozen into permanent lockdown. The billionaires want nothing done and they don't care - whatever it takes! Their certifiable crazies are making this a certainty.

Our America's foreseeable future is within a hair's breath of turning into a larger repressive, American Empire controlled by Mullah-like Christian Theocrats and their knuckle-dragging mercenaries. Huge, industrial-sized prisons are growing even larger, gulag-style with our tax dollars! While minimum-wage existence for those remaining outside these dungeons. Chattel. We've become Working-class slaves lorded-over by clerical mind-sets of old, white men - reminiscent of Saudi Arabia, et al. Disgraceful.

Where do we "Hunker down?"

Some of us live in sweet places like Oracle or Flagstaff, AZ or in sweet enclaves in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Montana, N. California, Cascadia, New England or maybe a lanai in Hawaii.

Bob's Camp beats most. I live where roads are dirt and winding around, up-and-down - bumpy roads until they get graded once-a-month. I'm a hunkerin', too. Elevated garden plots are tough to create but they prevent upward burrowers and eliminate bending. They can be converted to winter greenhouses with thermal-mass heat, i.e. water-filled bottles or water-filled tanks that double as a watering source. They need built NOW and planted A.S.A.P.! For you city folks: Secure potable water sources - NOW! I be one! Check with me by email and stock up.

Get outa "Dodge," if you can! Hook- up with a group that can connect on a moments notice, with minimal technology.
Cross your fingers and try your best, but STAY CONNECTED somehow! Time is no friend to anyone any more, sadly. Internet Networking is crucial. Don't be a stranger. When the thought grabs you, like me right NOW, get to a library, save up for a laptop and begin writing to all of your best and closest family for whom you care most. STAY CONNECTED.


We are living in a time when our very existence has been traded away for greed's sake, leaving common folks with a "house-of-cards" to depend on. Reminds me of a popular children's tale designed to terrorize tots into fearing a kicked-back lifestyle: "The Three Little Pigs." The house-of-cards gets rebuilt at every storm-caused catastrophe, at every foreclosure and at every emergency room hospitalization that can't be paid.

You folks in cities are tied to technology for life support.
Out here, to lose power or to lose access to a properly running vehicle could mean big trouble! The poorest of us need cheap, reliable transportation, besides walking which is an energy buster if it is the only way to move around the "commons." Sometimes we need to get some place, NOW. Maybe not in a hurry, but get there the same. City, "Camps" or Urban Co-ops must have face-to-face intercourse for a secured privacy.

Urban chaos is coming. Take it on the best terms possible.
Folks will be walking, riding bikes and car-pooling just like in Montgomery, AL, 1955 when the bus boycott lasted 385 days! But it worked. The boys got the message.

Generally speaking, there are certain prescient issues that need to be resolved at any "hunker down" encampment, co-op or out here at Bob's Camp. Bob's Camp has only one gas-powered '99 truck. Any catastrophic scenario that breaks the life-line of commerce with the city or other Camps or urban collectives must be addressed! For an urban dweller or here, that means stock-up on dry goods and potable water and rechargeable batteries. Grocery stores need to be open, well stocked and close enough to get there.

Electric Bikes: And without messy paperwork or licenses!

An AFFORDABLE, alternative transportation approach can
save the day for the vast majority of people around who are on Social Security or who have only minimum wage jobs. The electric bike can save the day. It's reliable, cheap and renewable power from anybody's off-grid system and readily accessible away from home base, though from privatization's current corrupted carbon-radioactive and decrepit grid system.

Safe electric bike travel is best outa the big city, however, it's your call! Yes, Jim! Electric Bikes, especially the ones with 48V LFP long-range(40-miles) capacity and a 1/2-hour quick-charger (in the works) 2-to-3-hour chargers are available now.

I like like the beefed-up Beach Cruiser with a comfortable seat. It must have the Direct Drive, rear wheel hub-motor and reliable front-disc and rear-drum brakes. At least 26" or 700 mm wheels with large off-road fatty tires. It must be aluminum-framed, Shimano geared and front-fork and seat-post suspension! It can be rigged for light hauling. Extreme riders may want a mountain bike frame with both front hub and back hub direct-drive wheels. Kits ($250 and up, usually do not include batteries - LFP batteries rule!) Doing it yourself costs a fraction of the price of a new factory-built, full-on electric. The kits include rear or front direct-drive hub wheels, controllers and cables. Convert your old cruiser!! Or, start lookin' for a project bike, NOW, if you are stuck in the poverty of a vulnerable, fixed-income.

If you are lucky to have lots of cash, (easy-pickins for the banksters!) - get connected to good food, clean air and potable water through owning a share of a Land Trust co-operative!!! Quick! While unpolluted, large tracts of  arable land are still cheap, so get lookin' NOW!

Remember these mofo Days! The time when the "crazies" took over Washington and the Dallas oilmen ran rampant throughout creation. The craziness of religious fundamentalism and its toxic ideology is almost everywhere you look these days. People choose to continue childhood beliefs, often beat into them, well into their adult life. More stuff, newer stuff, cheaper stuff is a toxic scenario for a finite planet! American's contentment to spend time in the similar-looking ubiquitous malls or fast-paced, fast-food chains and add endless schedules and appointments to keep."Strange Days Indeed, Mama!"- John Lennon!

Climate Change:

The high temp at Bob'Camp was 95F TODAY! JUST 1-DEGREE LESS than Wittman, AZ's ALL TIME record for the day. I predict a new record today. We'll see.  YES! 4-29-2013, Carefree, AZ 103F ties a 39-year record. For your own curiosity, try  Here or  Here for weather stats.

YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!   

Maybe, we better grab onto our collective asses, 'cause a record-hot summer is a-comin' and it will test our grit BIG TIME. It's prompted me to store emergency food good for a few weeks or more and water 24/7!!!

By all safety standards, according to some, Phoenix is THE MOST vulnerable large city in the US, because of its common weather-driven heat-waves. But the mother of all heatwaves is in the making. Power outages during strings of 115F+ summer days and nights may kill hundreds - those unable to escape to a shelter because they were too far from accessible transportation!

If at all possible, Please! Beg, borrow or buy a reliable power system, at the very least, buy a gas-powered 3.5 to 4.5 KW 120 V generator then start accumulating up to 20 or so 12-volt deep-cycle back-up batteries (4-connected in series to 48-volts ) - Lithium-Iron Phosphate(LFP)*, better than deadly lead.They are the best way to go and last 5-10 years or 3000 recharge cycles. High capacity 48-volt factory modules, connected in parallel are best. Don't forget the BMS** charge control system for LFP's! You will need at least one(better 2) 4KW inverters-to-120AC. Either of these will power-up 1-2 18 cu.ft. refrigerator-freezers, 2-3 evaporative coolers, many lights and several computers/wi-fi/satellite Internet. The batteries can  be recharged from the grid when the power comes back or recharged from the gas generator. BUT EVENTUALLY spend $10-20 grand for a 10-15 KW photo-voltaic charging system on a steel tracking mast/rack. Does your grid-provider allow selling power back into the grid while keeping your batteries fully charged?

Heaven help any citizens who may have allowed their municipal utilities to fall into the hands of the so-called "job creators!" Control of our power is what TRUE FREEDOM IS ALL ABOUT!!!! We cannot live in hundred degree heat without power. They can turn it off or 'on' at any time. By hook or crook or just sheer incompetence!

Camps intending to house 10 or so people, with acreage will need: in situ Water or look elsewhere. No water, no way!
2-3 refrigerator/freezers 
Internet communication
Several 20x30ft super Heavy-duty tarps with 200' of rope and 50  2-1/2" or more spring clamps
2-3 10x14x8 ft canvas cabin tents
2 or 3 10x10 pop-ups(no cheap shit) with bug screen
100 or so 8x11x18" concrete blocks
Enough 3/4" 4x8 ft plywood for 2-3 tent floors
Water catchments (7' cattle tanks work well)
Garden tools and maybe a small tractor
Solar outdoor lighting.

That's more or less the rock bottom essentials. Way north of a couple'a grand anyway!! And, Yes, one small travel trailer
converted into a kitchen with toilet and a small furnished living room for refuge during lightning storms.

Bob's Camp still needs a sufficient photo-voltaic power system to be completely off-grid or at minimum  battery storage (see above). Meantime, we're wishin' for those LFP batteries and 2 4KW inverters. Heat wave is a comin!'

Hurricane Sandy victims could have been better prepared, if media had done their job beforehand and ran an information loop video with follow-up call-ins that walked residents through acquiring the proper and adequate survival gear. The negligent "4th Estate," IS the corporate-owned press and well deserves the "Big Woody" salute!

Bob's Camp is a-hunkerin'.

We run an Internet Communications Hub at We catalogue websites that offer-up Life-Sustaining Philosophies that celebrate the watching of each other's backs during these hard times-a-comin'.

Try to meet your neighbors next door and even out "there" in cyberspace, too. We're up and running with the back-watching thing. Cautiously, though, there are more than a few out there to avoid. Mutual cooperation, if only by emails and websites, may be all that we have as a means to pass along UNFILTERED local and world news. That is, until we are totally bugged, Goddess forbid.

Can the crazies bring down "the whole country and the entire World "house-of-cards?" For me, fb & twtr are no-goes. I refuse to be under even more constant surveillance than I am already with this email and when I talk on the phone.

Face-to-face!! 40 years-ago and probably even today, geezers like me recall stories of the former U.S.S.R. and about their shameful media propaganda, police state and prison gulags.

Anything eerily deja vu here?

To avoid the KGB secret police snooping and wire-taps,
People could not use technology, when they wanted real privacy. Today's global and regional digital communications means walking, riding bikes or otherwise occupying public spaces to see each other or you might as well send The US spy agencies your letter of confession right NOW and save the frustration of worrying. Remember the end of "1984" when the guy confesses his "thought crimes." We geezers were fore-warned about this censorship crap in our childhood. Remember 1st through 6th grades and "The Weekly Reader," you elders out there?

But wasn't the warning supposed to be about "THE MENACE?" - those "pinko commies?"

But I digress - again! lol

Please know I love you, whether you like what I do or not.

* What are LFP's? Click  Here.
**What is a BMS? Click Here.
***Pete Seeger - Miss you!

April 27, 2013
Happy Birthday "80" to Willie Nelson.

This weekend in Austin, TX, Willie takes to the stage with Luke and Mica Nelson, his sons, and wife Annie and others. Originally planned as a Willie Nelson Birthday Party and Celebration, NOW changed to a benefit for the killed First Responders to the worst industrial accident in decades - and replenish seriously needed resources in gigantic explosion in West, TX - Just 5-miles from the Nelson Spread in nearby Abbott, TX.

Willie called into THE BEST, and hopefully not the "Last Great Talkshow Host" - [my quotes] and truthseeker, Mike Malloy (his show is Here).  Mike, 70, himself, and married with an eight-year-old, last night, was complimented by Willie for his great work at getting the truth out to all of us lucky enough to know of him (and Kathy, his wife) these past decades.

Mike asked for Wilie's take on the state of affairs in Our Country: He said, "The crazies have taken over." "We need to hunker down and keep on keepin'." - [close to what he said, I hope -  lol].

Mike asked his secret to longevity and peppy[my term] spirit, Willie replied, "Singin', writin' songs and playing Music with my friends and family. [Tours] keep me in great great shape., especially performing on stage, non-stop, for an hour-and-a-half [or more] and getting the audience involved and feeling the good vibes does it. - [Again paraphrasing]

Bob's Camp
is now on summer alert - Sonoran Desert Style! Our towering, flowering willows are in full seed-scattering mode. Little cotton-like puffballs are falling like light snow. Today's temperature is 87F heading for 90F. I've finally been successful at running off the day-and-night local dog packs that eliminated their poo, here. They left the piles quite adoringly, I'm sure, but not this summer. We are lookin' fly-less. Last year was the pits.

New cooler pads are workin' just fine - Thanks Arizona Maintenance for 50+ years serving Tucson, AZ. American-made cooler pads with Sustainable aspen fiber filling.And just $6@!! Think Globally - Act Locally

Yours truly, known to his friends as OutDoorBob [only if you have used my website - recently], is changing hats for this moment to his credentialed Scientist-Geologist mindset. (B.S. '86 Portland State University, OR and '85 Geo-physics Field Studies at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, blah, blah, blah.)

Extreme Climate Watch:

Sub-Saharan Chad gets the high on Our Planet for today at 110F,
adding to her last two days' records of 112 and 113. More Here.
Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica
cops to the lowest at -81F.

Notice how late this Spring is? AND maturing into a way-to-early Summer - not good. This Winter brought amazingly and unusual bitter cold - good to kill off the fly problem from last year (see above), but very not so good for the Arctic pack ice and a "Very Probable Severe Drought" for the US, again - [My quotes]. A heat wave IS COMING THIS YEAR! The climate deniers may have brought guessed way wrong. Planet Earth is on the brink of Climate catastrophe, or worse - way past it.

Stable climate has been lost for the foreseeable future. I am so damn ef'ing sorry to admit or report such crappy news!! And totally pissed but not dead yet. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

Dis-honorable silk-suited, criminals have brought this demise - these so-called fellow human beings - just letting the "the free market" take care of US? - ef you!

BOTH POLES need near-PERMANENT icecaps, according to the experts, to regain the "{good old days" [prior to the 30's] of only an occasional drought or weather anomaly.

The collapse of the Polar Vortex brought the unusual cold. There are two circumpolar Jet Streams, one at each pole. Global warming has weakened them, causing severe dips as far south [and north] as the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. In other words, the heat of the tropics gets carried back into arctic regions causing melting and a further dive of the jet streams for a
second time  - and so on and on.

March 1, 2013

Student Loans 

still, follow me like the plague, eating into my SS monthly check and on to my grave! (Update! No more debt on this. I was finally forgiven for the $2 lousy grand left!)

Far worse outcomes have come to others who bucked the system as I did so relentlessly, all my life, as to make it almost my Calling! I can remember the decades from JFK through Vietnam, Woodstock, up to today's worst of all possible outcomes - privatization of Our Commons by thugs. Perpetual war and the rise of a new ruling class of military overlords. In any city, town or village, today, we  can see the fallout of this sooty-radioactive menace. See the forsaken homeless by the thousands, sleeping on sidewalks, RV's and cars or in backyard tents this day in once Beautiful America.

Since leaving Ohio in '63, I've held jobs as a K-12 and Adult Education classroom teacher, construction and restaurant worker, truck and taxi driver and municipal bus driver, almost - even at a convenience store! My life as a battered and only child changed for the better after highschool. Time marched on through three community colleges and five universities. I discovered hiking and camping, and that would be my highest education. Those Outdoor times in the wilderness gave me solace that life was worth living, right up to today.

Work, except for teaching, was punishing. But teaching was under-funded and permanently stuck into a third-world head-on crash. Recent decades reek with inadequate staffing and over-crowded class rooms. A forced type of warehousing of innocent, unsuspecting children has resulted - totally soul-wrenching.

For five years, up 'till the Iraq Invasion, I taught Adult Ed in Arizona until it became too odious of a task. It changed from a fun learning environment, funded by the county but then later merged with the community college run by politicos. Its sole purpose, now, is to warehouse an economically captured, unsuspecting and unemployed economic refugee into a school-to-labor dead-end life by forcing rote indoctrination and martial discipline rather than allowing the Real Choice of learning what a person wants to know. Don't be fooled by slogans and dire warnings that America's schools are falling behind from the corporate media stars.Thinking people rule! Not sheep!

As it turns out, it was the criminal banksters who ordered that learning be jerked on its head and into a corporate jobs preparation program. Shut-up and do what you're told! Totally caught off guard by this larceny, I and my alarmed colleagues, were forced to spend less one-on-one time to engender Critical Thinking Acuity, Sustainability Knowledge, Civics and Creativity. Supervisory quarterly evaluations made one thing crystal clear - stick to the Math, Writing and, computer skills script or termination. Just give tests and more tests! I resigned June, 2003 with prejudice and poverty on the horizon, but Honorably Free to speak my mind. As long as I can still can think, calmly and clearly!

I thought as a teenager that higher education was !THE! End All and Be All pathway to happiness and fulfillment. !NOT! It turned into quite something unexpected. College became a refuge, a place to escape to, from an insidious slave-labor, rigged system that  took a while to accept. Unaccustomed to making friends, I stumbled into some very dangerous scenes. Soon, I discovered and sought the safety of the college zone! To be alone when still immature made me sick to my stomach or drove me to drink.  I eventually emerged from the fog with some hair-raising close calls, but NOW I stand clear of the maddening world, alone still, but by choice. Mature decision-making is my mantra, today, out here. City life, anymore, finds more and more of us unable to control the grossness of conformity to a new norm of bleak austerity. Scams on Craig's List, scams in local and state governments intend to stand as the norm of the 21st century. Go mad or go country and this I have done, Reggae Stylie. Jah Know.

In retrospect, I somehow escaped from insanity, suicide or worse by the skin of my teeth. If not for like-minded friends and other urban refugees slogging their way through school? Whew! close calls, too many. Others were not so fortunate. I discovered from the get-go, after Dad booted me out the morning after the Harvey Highschool graduation ceremony, that most jobs were crapolla. Without the right political contacts and business connections, delivery work or bagging groceries was it. Of course, those who did what they're told without objection rose into management, leaving the thinkers trapped into meager incomes with urban slum-lives. Quite a soul-withering routine. Don't make waves. Do what your told, or else, is still played to this day.

I felt trapped just as my Adult Ed and highschool students, but I learned to avoid this permanence of drudgery with mental recesses in classes of Art, Math, Physics and Geology. Working part-time and carrying a heavy debt into old age, or be rich and do revolting things to others and the planet? I chose thinking and as much leisure as possible. No regrets! The Out Doors soon beckoned. Connie Trainer, rest in peace, turned a 21-year old urban-snob into a fun-loving OutDoor maniac with her insistence that we hike and camp, lots! I actually broke into tears one starry night in Massachusetts in '68 over the beauty of IT ALL!

Soon I was hiking and camping from Cape Cod to Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alaska. I knew I wanted to be a naturalist - finally, I knew what I wanted!. Over a decade, NOW, I've become a dedicated student of Sustainable Life Systems. Since a forced retirement brought on by the powers that be at Pima College, I re-lived the part-time slave-labor jobs of my college years. Before Pima, I  worked as a tour guide for "Biosphere II," a failed experiment here in Arizona that started in the early 90's and now is owned by the University of Arizona. I liked that job, but not the corporatism of its management.

So, I write you, my Cousins (and my friends) from my tent on a blustery night in the Sonoran desert, on my land, using my Mac Mini. I totally recommend it as an entry-level ($800) high-end, computer. It runs "Mountain Lion OSX," a far superior machine than my 64-bit Samsung laptop which runs "Windows."

So, while surfing the net Sunday night, I came across this article that set me back on my heels! "Right up my alley," as the saying goes. There aren't a whole lot of "Me's" in this over-mechanized, loud and polluted world that I will never grow accustomed to.

Since I hiked all those miles in what remains of our Wilderness areas, I've grown old and wise in the Outdoor Arts, especially leisure!. A bit of an Ole Geezer-activist, these recent months, I find that I am still willing to fight the "Good Fight" to save the Life Biomes of a once pristine America from the likes of wall street banksters. At 67 I can still deliver a stinging literary punch to those thieving cowards who stand in the way of my Grand Wish and undoubtedly the wish of millions of Americans: Return America and the World back to the "Paradise" Our predecessors tried killing:

If I was granted One Wish - anything I wanted, It wouldn't be filthy petro-dollars. I'd wish for The Wilderness to be restored. Returned to its pre-colonial state. And, you know, it can be done. No, I mean it! It just takes exposing the creeps who continue to ignore what Life is all about. Party on. Think. And miracles can unfold.

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January 1, 2013
Bob's Camp is Outside Living

100+-Years of Scientific Investigation into Astronomy and Theoretical Physics tells that our Solar System began with a Cosmic Supernovae explosion in the Orion outer-arm of our spiral Milky Way Galaxy about 4½ billion-years ago, (9½ billion-years after the Big Bang.)

Remnants evolved into Our Sun and Earth. The first 500-million years, Earth was a hostile volcanic-inferno with 5-hour days causing hurricane-force winds. Icy comet and asteroid collisions brought Oceans of Water, precious metals and Organic Hydrocarbons.

Fossils from Australia date from this chaotic Time, about 3½-billion years ago. Today, Our relatively small and rocky Planet Earth orbits within the "Goldi-locks Zone" of our Solar System, slowed to a life-sustaining spin of every twenty-four hours.

We NOW, (hopefully into the future,) Live in a Sun-lit atmosphere of pure Air to breath and on fertile Lands dotted throughout with fresh Water Lakes, Rivers, Glaciers and Vast Oceans. Earth eventually gave Birth to the First Peoples  who see Earth as Mother. She is Alive and harbors Life-giving Habitats for Plants and Animals on both Land and in Water.

Bob'sCamp is a Land Trust

A Land Trust protects from hostile third-party land-grabs. Bob'sCamp is a restored, unpolluted and protected space with fresh Flowing Artesian Water - a prime target for corporate thieves bent on stealing it for pennies-on-the-dollar. Fifty-foot willow trees, a recovering mesquite bosque, an abundance of wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, saguaros, cholla, yuccas and prickly pear cacti - are new re-arrivals here. Wildlife, living in harmony, have returned and NOW thrive. The years of over-grazing and clear-cutting of a once desert paradise sickens the Heart. (And only 30-miles by mountain road from the polluted air and sprawl of Tucson!) When I signed  the 15-year purchase contract, twenty-five years ago, I became responsible for a scraggly brown eight-acre patch of cow crap everywhere because of a collapsed fence. Today, we see mature trees and feel a promise toward a bright future for some young, Conscious Family or Wilderness Lover to inherit.

Nowadays, depending on season, I see migratory birds (hooded orioles, gnat catchers, flycatchers and other exotics like canaries and ruby-throated hummingbirds), tortoises, frogs, snakes, lizards, gila monsters,  vultures, ring-tail cats and coatimundi, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, dove, flies, ants, bees, bats, mosquitoes, toads, tarantulas, wasps, centipedes, scorpions, black widows, pack rats, ground squirrels, bobcats, javelinas (wild pig), deer, owls, rabbits, mice, skunks, butterflies and moths, too! Last but not least: Our year-round resident Cactus Wrens, Cardinals, Roadrunners, Hawks, Ravens and Quail.

Fenced and only eight-acres, but it's enough to easily feed a family of four. With Off-grid power, a beautiful hand-crafted, Passive-Solar EarthShip Home, orchard and green houses, having to go into the polluted city is  NEVER NECESSARY, but optional!


January 1 Continued

On A Possible Future

Concentating Solar Thermal Power Plant

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant

In the days ahead, Our local and federal government(s) (will or won't) morph into a wholly-owned, privatized and incompetent  corporate ruling-class empire. Corrupt inheritance laws favoring only the 1% and their lackies, loom ahead like another era-of-time: Rule of the Pharaoh. Can it happen, again?

Enforced by tons of petro-dollars buying the fears and attentions of an infantized, low-information, mis-informed and lied-to "consumer" - 24/7 - I don't see why not!

How we avoid any of this ruling-class crap ahead, troubles This Soul. How long does it take the 1% to capitulate to the will of 99% of the People? The vilest of the vile of these creeps may escape prison, but as time rolls on their psychopathic scam will have been uncovered! AND FINALLY, the "very sorry" corporate media will return to reporting the facts without the distortions and omissions. And finally, "Customer-Citizens” will re-emerge from hibernation as former “ugly consumer things” – to live again as Human Beings.

The 1%  lost Our Respect and probably their own Souls by lying and cheating, ALL THE TIME! Working People are fed-up with this lying and cheating crap. For decades, Now, we've been coerced and deceived into their sooty and radioactive  enslavement - A consumptive economy forcing an extraction economy on the World. Nature's delicate balance was never a consideration. Today's rat race to the bottom is a "bankster baby," along with its sibling, human-induced global warming. Unstoppable and unrelenting, crazier and crazier disruptions to Climate rhythms are scaring, maiming and killing People!

Endure any heart-racing, adrenalin rushes, lately? Say, from  severe winds, lashing rain or heart-attack lightening strikes? I have. Being an ardent camp enthusiast - I live outdoors virtually 24-7 in unpolluted, Sacred Spaces. Lately, in the news every day it seems, we are bombarded with media weather clips of monstrous gale-force winds, severe lightening storms, super storms like "Sandy," bringing drought-caused fire maelstroms and stories of near-miss asteroids. The corporates like: CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and NPR, etc. are forced to report these, but do so without any historical context for informed  public debate to develop!! So,"Climate Change" remains unexposed, at least until these corporate actor/”talking heads” finally are ordered to allow it.

Good, Honest People STILL REMAIN UNAWARE that their Lives, RIGHT NOW, hang in the balance. Stopping corporate-created "consumer" lifestyles is part of the Solution. Everywhere on Earth, from Tombouctou to Tierra del Fuego to Siam (Thailand) and Cleveland, Ohio - Virtually all urban-dwellers own lots of cheap "stuff" made with "planned obsolescence". Just use "it" then off to the dump, incinerator or "super fund site." Planned obsolescence MUST STOP! These corporate-made "consumer," "throw-aways" will never be Our Best Effort as Conscious Human Beings.

Consumerism and its needless waste must be rethought. I remember a time when: "The Customer Was Always Right." How about returning to being a Customer, instead of a so-called  "consumer?" Corporations ARE THE Worst sort of consumers! They have consumed, so much so fast that Planet Earth's Bountiful Beauty, once boundless, she is dying. Multi-national corporations in America, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East and South America have turned into rogue misfits. We need only look at Our Own neighborhoods to see examples of our dying Planet Earth through the lens of an un-sustainable consumer appetite.

Happiness is on the decline. Drinking, violence and health-crashing addictions are epidemic in urban centers. Our demise as a Human Race approaches AND YET there is a glimmer of hope. The greed of a few billionaires is paving the way to a preventable hell, and we are losing precious time. The ineptitude of the US Congress prostrated before criminal enterprises have evolved into a monumental cruel joke on We-the-People, innocent People, who count on a supposed honorable representative to steer the helm of Our Ship-of-State. Very reminiscent of the cruel Roman Empire Rule and the elites of the time toward their citizenry! As the Vandals sacked Rome, the Roman wealthy watched from afar while their citadel burned. And so the banksters do absolutely nothing while their undeniable weather-related catastrophes rain down on us everywhere, every day.

Together, We can STOP THESE stooges and their CRIMINAL handlers! Our corporate "press" and cable tv, STILL fill the

broadcast spectrum, 24/7, with snappy one-liners, heehaw consumer stories about cute babies, or a "glitzy consumer life." Turn on the AM radio in ANY AMERICAN URBAN CENTER and look for "talk radio." You will find only, "right-wing", corporate "hate radio". They mostly spew lies about some ?"THEM"? like Women, Unions, Minorities or the Poor and ignore entirely the cozy, corporate-state creep toward "fascism". Forget finding just ONE station that tells an opposing view. Yet, The Truth does get out, barely, but nary enough. We need competent, unbiased, non-corporate-influence in reporting the NEWS. Without this transparency, we are hobbled, unable to Act with ALL the facts. It's the reason why so many Americans know nothing of Extreme Climate Change, bankster crime or a police surveillance state emerging  before their eyes. 

Only Independent, Listener-supported Local Broadcast or Internet Radio or Internet publications like the "Nation" or pay-as-you-go radio, like "Sirius Satellite Radio" for the non-internet savvy, are giving us any chance at knowing The Truth about the banksters. Meanwhile, cheap pollution-creating  manufacturing has been moved over-seas, so to avoid paying a decent wage and to criminally pollute, freely. Can it be that the right-wing corporate masters want to expand their "greed-fantasy" of "global consumerism?" Can it be that slave labor is okay by them? And climate-change is not their baby? OUT OF SIGHT - OUT OF MIND, Hey? It seems that common criminals in silk suits sure have Us cornered! They work in tandem with co-conspirator banksters and mercenaries who would sell someone else's mother for a petro-buck. Why isn't THE TRUTH being brought to light on cable tv? Why is it so damn hard to find out what's goin' on?

What does a "Good Job" look like?

Alas, Honor and Truth tell Us that "Jobs" must be "Green". In other words, they must be Ecological, Sustainable and Societally Productive: MORE "Service Jobs" - fewer "dirty jobs" - and NO MORE PRISON/SLAVE LABOR or CARBON/RADIOACTIVE POISON-POLLUTING crap, MANUFACTURING must be re-invented through an Organic Bio-mimicking perspective!

NO MORE poison-producing power plants, NO MORE lowering the taxes for the already rich and NO MORE deregulating of, otherwise, criminal-rogue corporations! HIGH-PAYING GREEN EMPLOYMENT ONLY! Recycle. Reuse. Use only Clean means to manufacture the Highest Quality, Repairable and DURABLE GOODS!

So far to date, under-regulated industry has produced so much dirt, poison, a rat-race existence and brain-numbing noise pollution that it seems impossible to reverse. Have We forgotten that nature provided all that We needed for thousands of years up to today? "Our" Constitutionally-Protected Press has failed Us. Pollution, radio-active crappiles, sweatshops and prison-labor make our consumer life possible and that's okay?

Together with the titans of industry, "the madison avenue sleaze artists" sling propaganda 24/7 at a tired, overworked, Good People, pissed at being called "consumer." The "boys" continue spewing soot, toxic emissions and CO2  into OUR thin, Blue Global Atmosphere (1200-MORE coal plants scheduled for 2013 in India, in China and elsewhere)! Emissions of the bankster-owned powerplants are STILL adding millions of tons of Climate-killer-heat-absorbing carbon dioxide and methane to Our Atmosphere - not to mention their nukes producing, yearly, thousands of tons of scattered piles of radio-active poisons, worldwide, destroying Life-giving Human Nucleotides! Children's asthma and leukemia rates continue to skyrocket, causing unbearable pain, death and suffering. Check the climate of planet Venus to see the hell that greenhouse emissions can take You and Me and Our Children! Yet, We 99% of Working People try to Live Peacefully, against all odds with Our Mother Earth!

We American Citizens have the Constitutional First Amendment Right to fix this. Our Constitution says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


The banksters' thugs and their money-corrupted politicians have effectively prevented "Our Right To Be Duly Heard." A shrewd, slowly emerging, infiltration Our Municipalities, Counties and state governments with $THE$ "FIX," is TROUBLING - at best. Compared to "Occupy Wall Street" folks who have been feeding thousands IN NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY, the bankster crowd are sleaze at best! While everyday working folks have given their time and money and assistance, because budget-starved FEMA failed big-time. The Red Cross gets the "Woody" for its epic irrelevance, to boot! Volunteers like "Food Not Bombs" provided hot meals on Day-One.

Too much money in the hands of too few, corrupts everyone it touches. Our collective ignorance, though TEMPORARY,  is paralyzing any serious actions that Must be Taken NOW! Come on, Folks! Better late than never is better than just rolling over and dying! We need to reverse course and return to good-ole American Fairness and Transparency. THE TRUTH needs to be TOLD, soon!

Occupy Wall Street and Other world, regional and local Occupies include everyday People that are Stepping Up efforts to forge serious investigations into: (1.) criminal bank ceo's, (2.) corrupted local government officials and judges, (3.) renegade military industry owners and (4.) clandestine, quasi-government "security" agencies. We hope to uncover unprecedented, rampant and unchecked surveillance of US Citizens and Others without "Due Process". We want Publicly televised hearings to investigate suspected military contractors and bankster-corporate lawbreakers. The "Watergate Hearings" come to mind. At these hearings, A GANG working for OUR OWN President nixon wound up doing time! Remember his resignation - when impeachment and conviction were imminent?

 We demand regular and frequent public hearings by a "21st Century" Congress elected without corporate funding. Period! Three or more parties must be allowed to engage with the National Debate on issues-of-the-day - Before THE PEOPLE VOTE! ONLY Hand-Counted Ballots, (Not what we have NOW!) derived from Issues of the People and "Publicly-Funded" candidates running for office! Paper receipts will record the count while Independent Observers will look for and prosecute suspected fraud - by corporate contractors. A True Secret Ballot ensures that OUR Votes count, NOT Criminals, that buy OUR GOVERNMENT. Never forget, We are a government Of, By and For The People, not a 1% criminal class! Civility and Openness guarantees A Clean, People-powered, poison-free Future.

The Climate Crises Looms Ahead

Brought to You and Me and ALL LIFE

By our "friendly" renegade criminal enterprise corporations!






They must go!!

In order to Honorably Provoke Citizen Discussion:

The Constitution provides the enumerated RIGHT to Peaceful Protest. RIGHT NOW, Citizens are being criminalized by the enforcement of odious Ordinances pushed by the banksters and their paid political players. Rather than helping the cause of Rightful Assembly with safe camping, like showers and bathrooms, We were assailed and ridiculed. These local "leaders" failed their constituency worse even than the poor job by the Red Cross at  Hurricane Sandy. The bankster's fantastic sums of money have kept them out of jail. As the 99% victims endure harassment, clubbings and assault by a newly-minted, militarized police-force arisen  seemingly overnight. Seems they have been ordered to smash Public Dissent OF THE PEOPLE.

Constitutionally, We OWN the Public Spaces and the enumerated Right to Assemble in them, over a day, a night, a week or as long as is required. Today's Crisis discussions of Climate Change, Poverty and a corporate coup d'état - to name a few, still need more airing. The Poor and the rich of Us need to talk together; thus, must have unfettered 24/7 Assemblies at either Public Parks or Community Centers. Independent Media, local and municipal-governments and non-profits need access, too. We Citizens who protest with demands for corporate accountability are NOT THE BAD GUYS - the banksters are getting away!

Banksters on Wall Street, the corporate masters of London, Dubai, Brussels, Tokyo, The Caymans, Bermuda, Lichtenstein, Zurich, Bejing, etc., ALL ARE FRONTS. Behind the curtains hide big-money multi-national military, agriculture and other resource-extractive corporations that own the Human gene-killing nuclear power plants that produce radioactive-waste. They and their war-mongering buddies "consume" the gas, coal and oil reserves that have killed, sickened and maimed Us. Toxins and carbon pollution in the name of "jobs," never a word about a Clean Way that is Known and Waiting in the wings.

A 110% on the "Go To Hell" Meter for a corporate media that allow their sources to call deadly, polluting power generating plants "Traditional!" Go to Hell to owners of plutonium crappiles scattered world-wide. They are criminally insane or worse for permitting Human Gene-killer radio-active isotopes to pile-up everywhere imaginable! Our Justice System, has been packed with climate denying corporate-corrupted shills. Banksters and their cold-blooded, death-dealing thugs have literally condemned Us and LIFE AS WE KNOW for centuries, if not millennia to a "living hell." People, get ready to Pay for an EPIC, COLOSSAL Clean-up. Our Future Generations will suffer much, much worse, if We don't! Let's MOVE ON THIS!

Imagine a poison-free future for ALL Earth's children!

Imagine "A Solar Age."

NOW IS THE TIME! We must Destroy these damned, scattered radioactive crappiles BEFORE they kill All of Us. Leukemia-causing cesium and plutonium from Fukushima is leaching - RIGHT NOW into Our Air and Oceans! We in the US and Others living around the Pacific Rim can no longer count on Safe, Clean Food. Tokyo's 13-million residents are in DIRE RISK, with too many to be safely evacuated. If some other corporate "accident" occurs, I believe our "Goose will be cooked." Either nuclear madness, Civilization-killing storms and drought or a Green Economy - Which will it be?


All the radioactive nuclear crap in the US (And everywhere on Earth) must be SAFELY buried. The US- owned, 5-mile deep Mariana Trench may work. This Subduction Zone recycles the Earth's crust back into its semi-molten mantel hundreds of miles below, where it was before ?Someone? stupidly mined the stuff and concentrated it! A monster in-their-own image, these corporate nuclear plants have created a nightmare that will haunt humankind for thousands of years to come! "Frankenstein" was entertainment - But genetic mutations?

Did You Know, Right NOW, there's a "2-gigawatt" nuclear (powerplant) crappile (2,000 MW) right here in Arizona - 400+ worldwide! This is Madness! Yes, these criminals must be exposed , tracked, prosecuted and given life sentences at hard labor - and fined into bankruptcy.

Earth Citizens, Attention! We as Mother Earth's Caretakers, must Crank-up A GREEN ECONOMY! Carbon-levels were at record levels in 2011 and projected to increase in 2012, on its way to an increase of 6°C (11°F) from today to 2099. Scientists say "Too hot for human habitation" - So reported at the Doha, Qatar World Climate Conference, December 2012.


A CRISES IS AT HAND! RIGHT NOW, we need to build Heavy-load, Large-scale Focused Solar Thermal Power Plants (FSTPPs) - See above. With concentrated Sunlight focused by hundreds of mirrors onto a heat-exchange tower, molten salt boils water into super-heated steam. The steam, then, turns giant turbines that produce only electricity - No deadly radioactive waste! Northern cities benefit, too, with super-lossless transmission lines. More deadly-crap, fission reactors are planned for Georgia, China, India, Iran, Israel, France, England - you name it: To boil the same water with radioactive energy! Coal, oil and gas remain greenhouse killers.

Got Sunshine?

Deserts in Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and S. California; the deserts of the Sahara and Namibia in Africa; the Atacama of S. America; lots of Australia; deserts in Asia like in Arabia and Mongolia and other places can produce more than enough heavy-load power from Solar Thermal Power Plants (FSTPPs). One that produces 350 Megawatts of electricity (60,000 homes) is about ready to come on line near Ajo, AZ. Other FSTPP's have been on-line in Spain and Portugal for more than a decade and others World-wide.  If you need proof that FSTPP's might be the Way, look no further than Phoenix, AZ. A US armament contractor has financed a second FSTPP that is scheduled to be built west of Phoenix.***

These FSTPPs will work as the World Turns. Its Power will be brought to Customers, underground, through a Smart Grid, owned locally, by the Commons of People and sometimes transmitted under bodies of water through cables. Keep big business ownership out! Farmers are committing self-immolation, in protest, RIGHT NOW in India. They are being kicked-off their ancestral lands for FSTPPs to be built! No way, Jose! Talk! Engage! Make restitution! Hire Them! Or just go somewhere else to build these, otherwise beautiful Solar Inventions. Hey, India, Figure It Out.


Scale-up the FSTPP's to 2-giga watts so the New, Green City Infrastructure and Solar Industrial Recycling Economies negligibly impact Our Biosphere. All "Solar Age" technologies must be Environmentally-Married to Life System Sustainability - No India crap! An emerging World-Wide Smart Grid, that will provide the same reliable power that today's doomsday reactors produce. Imagine, Hundreds of Regional, People-owned, Focused Solar Thermal Power Plants.


Protected wildlife corridors in the US and elsewhere. Unimpeded Flyways and Migration Routes North-to-South - East-to-West! No friggin' fences! All Protected and guarded by You and Me - Paid Citizens. We can Live in the bordering Communities and Work in the Preserves. It will be fun and rewarding. We need Congress to do this NOW. Preserve our Wild Genetics NOW!


Localized Urban Roof-top Photovoltaics, Solar Roofing Tiles, Extra Storage in Electric cars, Back-up Batteries. More will be Discovered in the Future by Conscious, Honorable People.


Imagine Regional Wind Farms. Add Wave and Tidal Power. Include Geo-thermal Heated, Deep-well Steam Generators. All can be inter-connected by a Secured National and Regional Smart Grid based Everywhere, World-wide! Free Power for the asking - Owned LOCALLY BY THE 99%!


We Use Secure Back-Ups,  like Stored, Insulated and Buried Molten Salt Reserves for boiling water on days without Sunlight! Or Electrical Charge Storage in Very Large Industrial Super-sized Capacitors! These enormous charge-storing devices take days to discharge millions of watts of power during no sunlight. (Envision aircraft carrier sized - Huge.) World-Wide Incentives like: Electric Vehicle and Home-Storage Battery Devices that will add to Realtime Global Power Security. There will be 100's of millions of Online Source Power Units, 24/7!  Tear down the damn dams! Let the salmon free! There is Enough for All! And always has been.


For carbon-emitting machines, WE WANT Regulated, Low-Pollution Turbine-Engines for Orbital Lifts and winged atmospheric flight. Ban Drones! Turbine engines MUST be powered by bio-fuels - NEVER PRODUCED FROM Land-based AGRICULTURE! BUT, Algal Pond Production, exclusively! Just like today's oil that came from shallow seas and their abundant algae. Imagine Massive Inner-Coastal Ponding Farms fed by Human landfills and superfund sites. Anyway, let's stop flight pollution and use Ground Transportation, instead.


Imagine ONLY Organic Foods. They are Planet and People friendly when grown  and delivered locally. Ban genetically modified agriculture! NOW! Yesterday! No more damned industrial sized agro-business. Its use of crapola results in pesticide-ladened cotton fabrics and you name it! Organic is Cool! Organic Cotton and Hemp will do. No thanks to the deceiving agro-giants.


Imagine Public, Non-polluting Transportation such as Light Rail Depots for neighborhood travel. 90% of all propulsion systems and industrial tools will use Electricity from "The Smart Grid". Light Rail will connect Neighborhoods  to their Work or to Play or perhaps to the [Recently Restored] Scenic Wild Lands. Plug-in Your Electric Car, EV-SUV or Electric Truck where you park to Shop, to attend School, to Hike a Trailhead. When leaving Home or Work, Super-Fast Charging Stations will be everywhere, as ubiquitous as convenience stores.

Publicly-funded Buses and Trolleys or private vehicles no longer will blast by pedestrians but travel in far-removed Dedicated Lanes - Leaving Pedestrians: the Elders, parents or teachers with children or the Disabled riding on low-power scooters or wheelchairs. Bicycle and Jogging paths will run in parallel, nearby, so as to not disrupt the pedestrian ambiance. Other peaceful ideas are welcome to enhance these Soul-lifting, easy-going, trail/pathways.

Paths will wind up and down and around, through small Parks and Inner-Connected Neighborhoods. Pedestrian Cafés will be built along these Public Trails for Shade, Rest and Congregating. All the Trails will Inter-Connect through Hubs, i.e., Downtown or Neighborhood Commercial Centers. Protected Public Spaces will include "Open Spaces": Large Tracts of Diverse, Green, Wild Lands. Beautiful, Scenic Expanses for Play, Meditation, Music and Art Venues or Picnics.

Additionally, Endangered and Rare, Wild Genetics Will Be Re-introduced into Restored Multi-Regional (Including Worldwide Connected Corridors) Migration Routes. We can Re-Learn to Live With Our "Garden of Eden," Or lose It Forever.

Damn those bastard greed-heads, totally ignorant of the Web-of-Life that gave them Breath!  Ever see a wild Buffalo? Wolves? Wild Salmon? Yellowstone and a few other isolated Parks have these species, but They Must Be Re-Connected Beyond Their Current, Isolated Geographies. A Comprehensive Wildlife Restoration Act is in order, NOW! Wildlife Needs to Move About Freely or Will Go Extinct!

Imagine A vacation to the Protected Wildlife Corridors. Public Transportation will travel via Elevated High Speed Mag-Rail which, in turn, Connects to Tributary Light-Rail Systems. The Light-Rail Depots will have  Parking for PHEV's and EV's, or Electric Bikes, etc. We CAN do it!


We want A Working-People-Funded Government.  No more corruption! When monied-creeps call the shots, We die. Right NOW! The neo-con bankster bastards think that it's "Game Over Time"! Something smells with these "good ole boys." Occupy Wall Street has arrived in the Nick-of-Time! We Occupiers of Our Families and Homes will expose the greed and larceny. Secretly stashed $trillions$ of hoarded off-shore deposits, bankster phony-legal monies, WILL come back to Our Treasury. The various "countries unknown" used by these hypocritical bastards, so-called "Americans,"can readily be uncovered. 

These criminal swindlers are American in name only. These low-lifes are remarkably deluded, insane, greedy and soul-less - AND they got the [Our] treasury!  Congress and Mr. President Obama: Repatriate OUR TREASURY! This Spring, We came to Washington, DC to Occupy Our Government in order to help You, Sir! We plan to stay as long as YOU take to address Our Grievances. When  they are heard and resolved, Our Hearts And Minds will no longer cry out for Justice undelivered!


Imagine A real discourse about these Important Issues! No scoundrels invited! The entrenched, corporate special interests, masquerading as People, will be asked to help or get out of the way! We Demand a Hand-Counted Vote in all state elections and verifiable and tough oversight of "non-proprietary" machine voting in national elections! We MUST HAVE THIS! "TRUST BUT VERIFY"!! SCREW madison avenue and its lies and mis-directions. We Demand Transparency! We are The 99%. We have OWNERSHIP RIGHTS - the Right to Know - Everything! We Demand a return to Truth over Power - A return to Democracy and a Truly Sustainable Life will take Ingenuity. The "Solar Age" Rocks, but not until the scoundrels hightail it back into their holes.


Most Importantly! NO MORE CARELESSLY WASTED Creative Minds! The 1%'s merciless assault on America's Public Schools MUST HALT! I Substitute Taught for over seventeen years from 1986 - 2003. I bore witness to a sickening teaching Environment. The 1%'s do not want Free, Enriching Public Education! They see Our Children as cattle-like to be herded and abused and bred into an economic slavery! Where the hell are ART, MUSIC, Physical Education, Field Trips, Language Studies, and Geography that were offered back in the time of the 50's, when I attended Public School? Such Enriched Education is NOW only available to the wealthy. The Glory Days of a "Fun" Education were brief: The two-decades between the end of WWII and the JFK-assassination.

Neo-con sleaze then perpetrated its scam and began a chipping-away and a power-grabbing of Our Commons. The last 50 years has been a non-stop Attack on Unions, Free Public Education, The Independent Press and Our Publicly-owned Airwaves, Wild Water Environments and Our Clean Air. Privatizing Our Commons means ownership by them. They want to end all inheritance tax, too! Smell something rotten? These greed-heads want their criminal enterprise to extend to their future heirs. While Our Children are force-fed memorization stuff to advance their privatization scam. Gullible Children now, become pissed-off adults later. Betrayal  by complicit adults in "herding" young students into second-class futures eventually comes "home to roost". Stop it!

GAG PUKE! Discipline through fear! Propaganda, manipulation and forced competition! Their corporate, for-profit "public" education idea is an unmitigated scam. It's tantamount to incarceration of the Minds of our Children! Do We 99%ers want private rote education or Publicly-Owned, Socially Responsible, Fun Education? This "in-your-face" disdain for Me, You and We, who Work for Our money, Demand Our Rights! This enslavement scam has run its ugly course, MUCH TOO LONG. A perpetual class divide is in the making!

What is Life All About Anyway? 

Privatizing Public Education is patently fraudulent. More disgracefully, the filthy few have taken control of Our Public Curricula Content to push their politics! Look around! Tucson, Arizona, near where I live, banned Ethnic Studies in OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM! How dare they! We, the Public, cannot let this corporate-grab for Public Control of Our Commons stand. The elites continue to use their obscene hoards of "loot" to opt out - Leaving Us behind. This masquerade party is over! In time, tomorrow's inheritors of corporate ill-gotten gains will bow their heads in shame. Their families' greed-caused "near miss" that took Humanity to the brink of extinction, will be History's biggest story of the 21st Century - if not the last! Caused by ignorant, male-dominated narcissism! Were the Goddesses of yore not banished 6,000 years ago by the patriarchal religions of today, would we be having this horrific nightmare?

'Bout Time to Act!

 Who's got the cash? The same filthy, greedy, bankster bastard-traitors-to-America-and-Humanity who hoard trillions of dollars through mutual conspiracies. Their plan is to bring down enough World Democracies in order to impose total economic servitude secured through media deceptions and force. Why? I can't imagine - alien genetics? Hardly a World for Our Children! We will Not comply to insanity. As a 99%er, I see Our Commons re-secured again - Occupied, if you will. Again, We, Us Working People, will Hold-in-Trust the Air, Water, Mineral Resources and above all - Our Life Biomes. "We", again, will mean those who use Capital and Work that Produces the Services, Food, Finished Products and the Public Sector Workers that Caretake for Our Earth and the Artists, Doctors and Social Service Professionals who make Life Fun and Magic. All World Populations Large and Small, can and will Flourish. Otherwise, WE and I Object. I will not comply to slavery, no matter what shape or form it may appear!

OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS are extensions of We-the-People. Schools will be built by the Student and the Student's Teachers with support of the Community: Artists, Trades-People, Elders and Local Proprietorships [the former corporate structures will be severely regulated]! Students will learn Solar Efficiencies! They will be encouraged to try the Arts, Track and Field, Music and more! They will learn about Our Living Biomes and Organic Food. Outdoor School Gardens and/or Indoor Greenhouses will be at every school! 

The Students will have their own Art Studios and Galleries on campus. The School Auditorium will double as Concert Halls with Rockin' Venues! Ethnic Studies and Real-Time Civics Experiences will engage them with Our Commons! - Like a Field Trip to D.C., a tour of a Solar Thermal Power Plant or a Camp-out Jamboree. They will learn to think Objectively and Critically. All Faiths, Races and Sexual Orientations are welcome as equals.

Fun is the key!! We will send Our Cherished Children to Other Countries as a Co-operative, International Student Exchange! Languages other than English Will Be Encouraged. Studies Abroad will offer travel by New, Green Non-polluting Ground, Air or Sea propulsion! The Latest in Virtual Technologies: Computers, Social-Networking Communication, Video-conferencing and Instant Chat Will Proliferate. Out-of-doors Activity like Hiking, Swimming, Dancing and Camping [around the campfire] will insure a Good Time For All!



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A Sustainable Future is Only
Possible With the Following:


We abolish the surveillance state, immediately.


We Require Verifiable Secret Balloting, immediately.


We Return to a Peace Economy, immediately.


We Demand a radical de-militarization

of ALL state police, immediately.


We Demand a radical defunding of

the D.O.D., immediately.


We Demand a Department of Peace, immediately.


We Require Restoration of

Nature's Balance, immediately.


Privatization of Our Commons is RACKETEERING.

Prosecute the crooks, NOW!


Large-scale polluting Our Commons is made a Felony.

January 8, 2013
We Are All the 99% of People

Going on two-years, NOW, We came together in Public Spaces to work out precisely why we were (and still are) losing America the Beautiful. The stolen Americas of the First Peoples that we inherited in the USA through deceit and cheating of some criminal families has come home to roost! But, NOW on us Working Folks, by the same silk-tied, business suits. - á la 21st century-style.

The thousands of Us most severely impacted by corporate greed made time to camp together in order to dialogue about how to protect Ourselves from an ongoing economic/environmental/privacy collapse. What a shock to experience that so many others held similar unmet concerns about so many things wrong! We never meet before because of a rat-race life that separates Us from the time to meet and get to know one another. Work schedules, distances, mass media dis-information, racism, economic collapse, homelessness and stone-cold fear of speaking up STILL keep us apart. I am an Occupier. I Occupy My Life, My Home and My Rightful Place as a Citizen and Honorable Human Being. I am Free to Speak without fear and say No to madness!

The "1%" richest of so-called Americans have been criminally stealing like crazy, but "legally," from Our Economy these past decades. While polluting and War-profiteering, the 1% NOW "own" Our Commons. Everyday, cozy relationships of so-called think tanks and political parties create secretive, backroom deals of cooked-up political deceit and lies to sling at us 24/7. This as We Working People suffer the waste of Our Oil, Water, Soil, Air, Money, Food and lack of protection from our Police and Judiciary, (to name a few.) All this in the name of "security." Who do these "owners" of America think they're dealing with? Their little playthings?

These sociopaths have willfully defunded and politicized Our Public Schools. These ingrates have prevented a badly needed National Health System (Medicare for All - instead we get privatized, AGAIN!), while privatizing prisons into profitable rackets and plundering mineral deposits throughout Creation. These profiteers are relentless and destructive in their resource extraction methods. Lookup, sometime, "fracking" or mountain-top removal for starters.

International banking fraudsters and their money-laundering, big-banks(ie WellsFargo, BOA, Chase, GS, Citi, etc) together, have hoarded huge $trillions$-sums of cash overseas and moved it and US manufacturing out-of-country to avoid participating as a contributing tax-paying citizen of America. Though, good riddance to polluting-industries like the petro-chemical giants, the jobs they represented need to be recreated back here in the USA. BUT as non-polluting,"Green" Service Jobs: like infrastructure building and  Restoration of Our Dying Environment.

The 1% are crime-families that have used every odious ploy from larceny to murder in order to achieve their goal: leave America a burned-out third-world basket case. Their idea beckons a poisoned, broke and uninhabitable North America while they watch from afar, say: United Arab Emirates. These "owners" of everything based on petro-cash and consumerism produce seven things in abundance: stupidity, insanity, pain, suffering, scarcity, fear and chaos. Almost Apocalyptic of them, Eh?

The so-called debt is actually the accumulated monies owed to Our Treasury from these crooks who have fraudulent off-shore tax-evasion schemes.  Along with their unjust tax-cuts,  makes the whole mess as obscene as can be. These criminal 1% might as well be getting away with murder! Since the five decades after President Eisenhower, they have hoarded and thieved enough to own 50% of Everything. Doing the math, that leaves half for the 330-million of us and half of say 60-trillion is 30-trillion for the 3.3-million of them. Add a wrecked Economy and an un-livable Planet as a goolish bonus. We, who actually ADD positively to society own, on average, $90,000 per person. The 1% "people," own $9-million-a-piece for every man, woman and child = $90-million for Mom and Dad and eight kids! Not to mention their bold-faced ignorant pillage of Our precious Environment - The One and Only that We ALL need for Life. The 1% must go the way of the Dodo or WE ALL WILL!

The Occupy Movement grew from the grassroots spontaneity of good people who have been wronged. We intend to Get Out The Truth and Force Government to Act With Honor for You, Me and all Our People in the Name of The Constitution of the United States and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our so-called "Free Press" does not report who and what the Occupy Movement truly is. Because, it's You and Me and any any other US Citizen who adheres allegiance to Our Constitution! Instead, the corporate-controlled cable tv spews pretty lies and trumped-up assumptions ordered by the dominant bankster-owner-class.

We, the Working Americans, are under assault by a few psychopathic and lazy cheats who make money by either owning or producing nothing for the Common Good. We need to replace the cruelty of these 1% greed-heads and their co-conspirator stooges in Congress with Conscious Servants of the People! Honorable Representatives must reverse - !AND QUICKLY! the murderous attack on  our Life-sustaining Environment! The palpable disdain of the 1%, (the so-called "job creators,") for The Working Class may fly at the private country club or the closed-door boardroom  sessions. Containing their ugliness, by inventing the $obscenely-funded$ so-called "tea party," seems to have worked for a while. But, how's that working for you job creators, lately? Time for another bought-and-paid-for "fraudster party?"

Time is ripe for Occupy and Others to chase down the cheater-liar corporate elites with Our Palpable Disdain, say for starters  teaming up with: "" to stop the tar sands greedsters. And then, let's work concurrently, with the disenfranchised, the thirty-million Working Poor, many of whom go hungry or without healthcare, AND get to the streets! Peacefully DEMAND raising the minimum wage to $11/hr! (An idea put forward by Chris Hedges, this February, 2013.)

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Adam Federman writes:

Return of the Wild: Will Humans Make Way
for the Greatest Conservation Experiment in Centuries?

"John Davis was roughly 5,500 miles into his 2011 trek from Southern Florida to the
Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec when he passed through the Adirondack Mountains,
where he has lived for the last 18 years. He spent a couple of days sailing and
hiking around the southern shore of Lake Champlain,
including the Split Rock Wild Forest.

The 4,000-acre bloc of state forest land is the centerpiece of what Davis hopes will one
day be a wildlife corridor – the “Split Rock Wildway” – linking Lake Champlain
with the Adirondack High Peaks farther west. Once complete, the wildway would
encompass about 12,000 acres. But it would be just one small piece of a much
larger puzzle that Davis set out to highlight on his 7,000-mile journey.
That larger puzzle is called “the Atlantic megalinkage.”

More Here

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Buy Locally       Co-Evolution       Cohousing

Community Currency      Community Land Trusts      Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 
Conscious Design with Nature      Conservation Preservation 
Cradle-to-grave Awareness       Deep Ecology       Democratic Decentralization 

Earth Literacy       Eating low on the Food Chain       Ecological Living 
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Living Spiritually       Living Within Our Means       Local Self-Reliance 
Love Mother Earth       Low-impact Lifestyle
Low Impact Recycling       Low Impact Sustainable Agriculture 
Minimal Government       Money As a Means - Not an End  
Mulching & Composting       Natural Capitalism       Natural Food
Natural Clothing & Shelter       Natural Healing       Natural Law 
Natural Pest Control       Networking      Non-toxic Materials/Products 
Non-violence      Organic Farming & Gardening       Off-grid Energy Sources 
Paradigm Shift       Passive Solar Energy       Peace on Earth 
Permanent Communities & Societies       Post Industrialism       Post Modernism 
Quality over Quantity      Raised Bed Gardening      Remineralization of the Earth

Reduce       Reuse       Recycle       Restoration & Regeneration
Renewable Resources       Restoring / Respecting Nature’s Balance
Responsible Investment       Sharing Resources       Simple Pleasures 
Small is Beautiful       Social Responsibility        Solar Aquatics 
Sustainable Agriculture       Sustainable Future       Sustainable Living
Thinking 7 Generations Ahead      Think Global  Act Local
Tribal Communities       Use Less Stuff       Voluntary Simplicity 
Wildlife Habitat Preservation / Restoration  

Zero Population Growth       Bioremediation      Precautionary Principle  
Biointensive       Relocalization      Responsible Wildcrafting     Phytoremediation
Concentrating Solar Thermal Power       Biomimicry       Biogas      
The Humanure Handbook(pdf)


National Improved Medicare for All!
NIMA!!    (HR 676)

(House of Representatives bill) HR 676 vrs. S 1804 (Sander's bill)    

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Black Lives Matter *(405 mins)
All Souls Justice Choir, Donsha Watkins, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Amiri Baraka,
Yara Allen with the Moral Revival Choir
, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, Max Roach, 
Paul Robeson,
Nina Simone, Hugh Masekela, Malcom X, Sarah Vaughan, Archie Shepp,
James Baldwin,
Rosa Parks, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Josephine Baker, and Friends

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 Thursday Night Justice Arts Movement Songs and Spoken Word*(442 mins)
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Black History

Sarah Vaughan*(172 mins)
Earthstrong ~ March 27, 1924 - April 3, 1990 ~

Paul Robeson, Hugh Masekela, Sarah Vaughan, Etta James, Rev. Jesse Jackson,
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Amiri Baraka, Josephine Baker, Sly Stone, Harry Belafonte,
Burning Spear, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Richie Havens, Sojourner Truth,
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Honoring our ancestors compels the
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We miss you! - Martin**

"I have a dream."

One Earth

~We The People promise~

Learn from our Mistakes.                                                   

Create Peace and Happiness.                                                                                                       

Interact with No Harm.                                                              

Teach through Kind Action.

                                                                Experience Wilderness Quiet.

                         Share Our Bliss, Dance and Song.

Build Green. Protect and Care.                                   

Recycle, Reuse and Create
Sustainable Systems.

Save Our Wild Earth,
Her Animals, Land,

Plants, Water and Air.

And further,

Music Culture Rules!

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Max Roach, Malcom X, Sarah Vaughan, Archie Shepp,
Yara Allen with the Moral Revival Choir
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Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
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