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The Nation Institute- "Preserve Independent Thinking"......
Der Welt - News from Berlin, Germany
- Translator.......
- a statistical analysis of the 2008 presidential race.....
Ernest Hemingway - "...became a member of the group of expatriate Americans in Paris....."
360 View from Mt. Everest - "...."Sagarmatha" which means "forehead of the sky...."
Meet the Bloggers - A progressive take-off of
"Meet the Press"......
Izvestia - Best known Russian newspaper - Translator.......
Pravda-English - Russian newspaper......
Global Research - from Montreal, Canada - " articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad ran....."
Vancouver Cooperative Radio - "..[Vancouver, Canada]...a voice for the voiceless that strives to a provide space for under-represented and marginalized communities..." - Schedule - 32k dialup Real/WMP: - 64k Stereo:
Green Mountain Daily - A wonderful breath of clean, truthfulness.....
Vermont Indy Media - ".....Vermont Indy Media Is now collaborating with Catamount Tavern News Service out of Montpelier....."
The World at Night - Wow!.....
Open Secrets - Learn the facts about our government corruption.....
The Jetstream Today - courtesy of Lyndon State College Meteorology Dept.....
Dr. Frank Lucido - ".....performing Medical Cannabis Consultations.....trained and certified in the practice of conventional medicine..." - Dr. Frank's Blog - more links.....
Digg - "....If your submission rocks and receives enough Diggs, it is promoted to the front page for the millions of our visitors to see....."
WBGO - Great Jazz, New Jersey - Direct Stream URL: - Schedule......
More Than Alive - "....Bulk Organic Herbs & Spices...."
Mountain Rose Herbs - "....Bulk Organic Herbs & Spices...."
Certified Organic Bulk Food - "....bulk sizes. So that's what we carry. If you find a lower price for the same quality, please let us know...."
Roger's Rammed Earth - "....Stabilised rammed earth is a strong and durable construction method, is weather resistant, thermally efficient and maintenance free...."
Rammed Eartth Construction - stills and video of building a house..... - "....find articles and links covering all topics about composting and organic gardening...."
Fresh Start Indy - "..... to provide up-to-date information and assistance for all who have a need in understanding the credit industry...."
BBS Talk Radio - "....Putting media back in the People's Hands...."
Rothbury Music Festival - July 3-6, 2008 in Rothbury, Michigan - "....Sustainable Camping Festival Revolution Celebrating Music..."
If You Love This Planet - ".....Nobel Peace Prize-nominated pediatrician
Helen Caldicott, MD is the host ...."
OnMe - free movie downloads.....looks defunct....
ProPublica - " independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest...."
Laurie Anderson - "....experimental performance artist and musician who plays violin and keyboards and sings in a variety of experimental music and art rock styles...."
NCADP - The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty......
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - regional and world newspaper.....Atlanta, GA......
Amory Lovins - cofounder of Rocky Mountain Institute - "....engaged in cutting-edge research on oil independence, renewable energy technologies, distributed energy, resource planning, green buildings , and radically efficient transportation...."
Vegetarian Resource Group - News covering organic, non-genetically modified and cruelty-free food.....
The Coalition to End the Death Penalty ".....United States is moving away from the death penalty because of growing concerns about innocence, unfairness, discriminatory application...."

Richard P. Feynman - "....Nobelist Physicist, teacher, storyteller, bongo player....." - deceased - 4-part lecture
Barack Obama - the next US President......
Earthship Biotechture - "....combines passive solar architecture with thermal mass construction, uses renewable energy, integrated water systems and is made out of natural and recycled materials...."
Free Radio Olympia - " unlicensed, direct action micropower radio station ....." - Schedule......
Living With War News -
"....There isn't a candidate, political group, or grass-roots cause attached to the current Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tour -- a reminder that once upon a time protest music didn't require an organizing principle..."
Imagine Peace - "....The biggest online peace event. On October 9th 2007, John Lennon's birthday. IMAGINE PEACE as Yoko Ono unveils the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER....."

Phoenix Mission to Mars Lands! - shortly after 4:30 PM Arizona time,
May 25, 2008 - Mars Lander arrives at its north polar region....
Concentrating Solar Thermal Power - Nuclear power replacement - better late than never.....
EcoBusinessLinks - Environmental Directory.....
The Daily Galaxy - " and original insights on science, space exploration, the environment and technology...."
Space Science and Engineering Center - "..geophysical research and technology to enhance understanding of the atmosphere of Earth, the other planets in our Solar System, and the cosmos....."
Washington Post - D.C. news and the world......
NY Times - New York news and the world, registration required.....
LA Times - Los Angeles and the world news....
Noam Chomsky - download audio and video or listen right now......24/7 around the clock streaming....
Unwelcomed Guests - "....A program about wealth, power, and peoples' resistance to the corporate world order ...."
John Coltrane Music and Quotes.......
now defunct......
Kerouac Alley - "..A Directory of the Beat Generation
and the Beat Related on the World Wide Web......"
Wikileaks - "....The first ingredient of civil society is the people's right to know..."

National Weather Service - US Local Forecasts - World - Africa - West Europe - East Europe - North Europe - South Asia - East Asia - Southeast Asia - Australasia - North America - Central America - South America - Middle East - Antarctica - Australia.....
The Pirate Bay - "....This is an open tracker, where anyone can download torrent files...." - forum.....
Public Knowledge - "... Washington DC based public interest group working to defend your rights in the emerging digital culture...." - a wonderful ride/share, car pool forum for music festival goers - BSOLR.....
Stop the Drug War Speakeasy - "...working for an end to drug prohibition worldwide and for interim policy reform in US drug laws and criminal justice system....."
McClatchy News - "....Truth to Power..."
Ottawa Citizen - Ottawa, Canada newspaper
La Reforma - Mexico City, Mexico newspaper - Translator......
El Pais - Madrid, Spain newspaper - Translator......
The Telegraph - London, England newspaper....
The Australian - Newspaper from Melbourne, Austrailia....
Berliner Morganpost - Berlin, Germany newspaper - Translator....
Le Monde - The leading newspaper of France - Translator.....
Genetic Engineering - "....We are confronted with the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and it is being rapidly deployed with almost no thought whatsoever to its consequences....." Brought by -
Greenpeace International - "....this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action...."
Phoenix Mission to Mars Lands! - shortly after 4:30 PM Arizona time, May 25, 2008 - Mars Lander arrives at its north polar region....
John F. Kennedy - deceased - "...the assassination still being debated...."
Reclaim the Media - "....transforming our media system and expanding the communications rights of ordinary people through grassroots organizing...."
Flex Your Rights - "...envisions a United States where every citizen is prepared to assert his or her constitutional rights during police encounters....."
Wakarusa - Lawernce, Kansas - June 5 - 8, 2008.....
Rainbow Gathering - 2008 - "...the "Rainbow Tribe", is an international loose affiliation of individuals who have a common goal of trying to achieve peace and love on Earth...."
The Woodstock Project - ".....there is a collaboration called Woodstock Complete which has put together a collection of all of the bootleg sources of Woodstock...."
Solar Cookers International - " ideal addition to any kitchen wherever there are predictable hours of sun ..."
Lexis-nexis - a corporate news and information gathering archive - by subscription only.....
Martha Graham - deceased - "...widely considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th century...."
Astronomy Picture of the Day - "...a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured....."
San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - "Local activst network includes articles, links, and events calendar. View or add your own events or news coverage....."
Progressive Talk - Madison, WI - "....The Mic...." - Schedule - browser stream - no dial-up.....
RadioBoise - Brand New Community Radio in Idaho? - no schedule yet - no dial-up..... - "...a web radio directory showcasing over 3000 radio stations from across Europe streaming live on the internet....."
US Live Radio - "....United States radio stations streaming live on the internet...."
WERU - Maine Community Radio - Schedule - dial-up for Real Player - - Archives - 24k

Go Left.TV - "....Mainstream Media is Dead! is your Interactive Source for Progressive News & Commentary....."
CNN Transcripts - i.e. Larry King interviews Michael Moore 04/30/2008.....farewell LK......
Citizens for Solar - "...a Tucson, Arizona-based non-profit solar energy organization...."
Prorgressive Talk Seattle - Schedule - Uses a browser player that isn't to good for dial-up - a lot of skips but still can be listened to....
Pacifica Affiliate Stations - "....are independently operated but share a commitment to....."
Berkeley Daily Planet - "....East Bay's Independent Newspaper for Berkeley....."
NovaMRadio - "....a progressive talk radio network with the original founders of Air America Radio... nationally syndicates “The Randi Rhodes Show” and "The Mike Malloy Show" and operates radio station 1480 KPHX in Phoenix, Arizona......" defunct...
AM 1600 WWRL - Progressive Talk Radio, NY, NY -
Jim Garrison - activist, lawyer - deceased - "....wrote three books on the Kennedy assassination, A Heritage of Stone (1970), The Star Spangled Contract, and the best-seller, On The Trail of The Assassins (1988)....."
Mae Brussell - activist, historian and radio host during the 60's in CA - deceased - "....networked with such people as Jim Garrison, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, and Larry Flynt. Her first published article in Paul Krassner's The Realist was actually financed by John Lennon. And Frank Zappa...."
Internet Sacred Text Archive - "....This site is a freely available archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics. Texts are presented in English translation and, where possible, in the original language....."
The Rialto Theater, Tucson, AZ - "....view a complete listing of upcoming shows....."
WORT-FM - "...Radio in Madison, Wisconsin..Community Sponsored Radio..."
- Schedule.....
The Center for Responsive Politics - "....tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy...."
A World of Possibilities - " hour weekly radio program that penetrates behind the headlines to uncover the deeper meanings of events...."
The Daily Audio Stash - "...available at 4:20pm Pacific....brought to you by NORML - Good people about reforming the inhumane criminalization of marijuana consumption....."
Red Sky Shelters - "....inside a Yome and you’ll feel like you’re in another world. Tall cathedral ceilings give the Yome an open and spacious feeling, while translucent walls bathe you in a magical diffused light. Circular, spiritual, portable living shelter: this is it...."
The Money Masters - ".....private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole...Their secret is...."
Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute - "....When you think about it, one of the more unique properties of peace is the fact that everyone must be included...."

NEW MILLENNIUM FIRST PEOPLE'S WORLD FAIR AND POW-WOW - "...Event will take place in Tucson, Arizona, from December 28, 2007 until January 6, 2008. It is scheduled to be held at Rillito Raceway Park. Over 100 Tribal Nations...."
City Lights Bookstore - "..Founded in 1953 by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin, City Lights is one of the few truly great independent bookstores in the United States...." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Interview with
Democracy Now!.......
Filehippo - Download software, very easy to use -
Desert Domes - "....Sites Dedicated to Buckminster Fuller...."
Silicon Solar, Inc. - "'s largest selection of solar panels, solar lights,solar cells and solar fountains along with......"
Solar Utilities Network - "..not-for-profit informational support of global efforts to reform energy use..."
The Solar Age - "....A "New Age" or "Age of Enlightenment" or "Information Age" or "Solar Age" is the next logical step in our social evolution...."
Strawberry Fields Bookstore - Solar Age Publications
Poor Magazine - "....dedicated to reframing the news, issues and solutions from low and no income communities, as well as providing society with a perspective usually not heard or seen within the mainstream media......"
Cascabel Community Center - "...Cascabel is inhabited by diverse individuals, animals and plant species. Cascabel is truly a beautiful place. ...." - Cascabel's 27th Christmas Fair - Saturday and Sunday December 1 & 2, 2007 - "....wide variety of quality work featuring pottery, fiber, wood, jewelry, paintings, photographs, rustic furniture and more...."
Barefoot Community Radio - ".....The Spirit Of The Pacific Northwest!....." defunct...
Brasscheck TV - "...Imagine...TV about what's really going on...."


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