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Scott Ritter - ".... the Untold Story of the Intelligence Conspiracy to Undermine the UN and Overthrow Saddam Hussein"..... a Democracy Now! interview .....
PBS's Frontline - Download the latest: TheTorture Question is about our government's complicity in torture at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib......
Media Matters
- "...a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media....." 
Consortium News -"....investigative journalism is so important to the health of a democracy..."
George Clooney - activist and actor.......
Susan Sarandon - activist and actor.....
KPFT - Pacifica Radio in Houston, Tx.....
KVNF - " Paonia, CO....grassroots, creative, volunteer based, community oriented public radio serving Western Colorado for 25 years......"
Aspen Public Radio - KAJX - Aspen, CO......
Cindy Sheehan - Oh how we love you and hurt for your loss!....
Solar Energy International - ".... new! - Our mission is to provide education and technical assistance so that others will be empowered to use renewable energy technologies...."
NORML Update - State-by-state marijuana penalties in the US and Europe
Timothy Leary - We miss you Tim....
SATYA - "... a monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice......"
Jagged Edge - "... The Jagged Edge line of technical performance gear has its roots in the tenacious people and rocky pathways of Telluride's mountains...."
Texas Observer - Believe it! This wonderful, truthful newspaper really exists in Texas!.....
Ramsey Clark - "...Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark Calls For Impeachment of President Bush...." - Ramsey Clark Interview.......
Ossie Davis - deceased - "I wanted to mirror my career after Ossie Davis...He knew the role that culture and art played in elevating us as human beings." .....Democracy Now Interview with Danny Glover..."...Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee have excelled as collaborators and as individuals (they married in 1948), and they often broke new ground for African Americans...."
Kevin Costner - "...This webpage has been a labor of love of mine since the very conception....."
MP George Galloway - "...Campaigning against sanctions on Iraq, he made several visits to that country..." - Interview (with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now).....
Tim Robbins - ".. A Great Actor, Director, Writer and Humanitarian...."
A.C.O.R.E. - "The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), works to bring all forms of renewable energy into the mainstream of America's economy and lifestyle......"
Progressive Democrats of America - "Supporting the Progressive vote......"
Earthdance 2005 - "...The Global Dance and Music Festival for Peace.." - SEPTEMBER 17th.....
Willie Nelson Biodiesel - "...Put a B20 biodiesel blend in your tank and hit the road again with a clean burning, renewable fuel that is grown right here in America......"
Akeena Solar - " the largest national residential and commercial solar electric system installer in the U.S. (based on 2004 data from the California Energy Commission). We provide design/build services to customers so that they can produce their own reliable and clean electricity directly from the sun....."
ICP Solar Technologies
- Backup, Marine and Recreatio
Slow Food - " an international association that promotes food and wine culture, but also defends food and agricultural biodiversity worldwide...."
Drug Truth Network
- "... is a media production organization dedicated to exposing the fraud, misdirection, and wastefulness of the “war on drugs....."
Green Car Congress
- ".... is dedicated to bringing news and analysis of the energy choices, technologies, products, issues and policies related to sustainable mobility to that broad audience......"
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) - "....We hope you will enjoy navigating through this website and discovering the World of Organic Agriculture......"
US Department of Energy Portal
- "..A gateway to hundreds of Web sites and thousands of online documents on energy efficiency and renewable energy..."
Total Recorder
- "..... records streaming audio, Mic input, Line-in input as well as CDs and DVDs. The resulting files are saved on your computer's hard-drive......"
Secrecy News
- "Through research, advocacy, and public education, the FAS Project on Government Secrecy works to challenge excessive government secrecy and to promote public oversight....."
Drug War Chronicle
- "... a major educational and advocacy organization and network of citizens working for reform of US drug laws and an end to prohibition, or legalization, worldwide......."
Museletter - ".....offer a continuing critique of corporate-capitalist industrial civilization and a re-visioning of humanity's prospects for the next millennium......."
Dead on the Creek Music Festival
- August 12-14, 2005.....
- "Change your Yahoo to this important World Internet Portal for Sustainability and Progressive Issues"....defunct former Site....
- August 20-21, 2005 - Solar Living Center, Hopland, down to one day...
Outback Power Systems
- "...manufacturer of renewable energy and back-up power system equipment....."
PowerFilm Solar
- Solar Film Power Generating Systems....
Angry Arab
- "....A source on politics, war, the Middle East, Arabic poetry, and art......"
radiOM - Other Minds web radio station! - "...Radio Station KPFA in Berkeley, CA.....selected rare LP's and a number of general music reference books....recordings on analog and digital audiotape of interviews, music, concerts and documentaries on contemporary and classical music, recorded over a period from 1957 to 1992....."
- DC to AC Power Invertors for Home and RV.....
Congressional Records
- Find your Senator, Congressman, etc.....
Genetically Engineered Food : Find out whether the food you buy is GE-free or not......World......N and S America......Europe.....
Alternative Medicine - "......latest news on herbs and supplements, natural beauty products, eating well, and natural household products-plus up-to-date research in the fields of complementary medicine and alternative therapies......"
Sun Power & Geothermal Energy Co., Inc. - "....a construction process that allow us to deliver a turn-key project to our customers with the highest return on investment....designs and installs performance solar energy systems....."
- Wind and PV Home, RV and Marine Installations
Northern Arizona Wind & Sun
- ".....has been providing solar electric and backup power systems since 1979....." - (old site but still working).....
C-SPAN 1, 2 AND 3
- TV LIVE! - and audio......
- Community Radio, Durango, CO.....
- Alternative Radio and part of the Pacifica Radio Network - Los Angeles, CA....
Alternative Radio
- "...dedicated to the founding principles of public broadcasting, which urge that programming serve as "a forum for controversy and debate," be diverse and "provide a voice for groups that may otherwise be unheard...." - Radio Stations Carrying AR.....
Pacific Yurts
- "... the highest standard for quality, service, and proven product performance. As the original designer and manufacturer of the modern yurt, we have built a 25 year track record of success and innovation...."
Manataka Tipis
- "...feature the classic “Egg-shape” characteristic of the Cheyenne style to the rear, giving the floor its unique shape....."
- "....For thousands of years this sacred site was known as Ma-na-ta-ka, (Place of Peace). Elders of many nations from the four corners of Turtle Island made long pilgrimages to this magnificent place to perform ceremonies and share the gift of the curative waters called No-wa-sa-lon (Breath of Healing). They received other special gifts like healing stones, healing clay and healing herbs to enhance their journey through life....."
Other Minds
- "....a global New Music community where composers, students, and listeners discover and learn about innovative music by composers from all over the world....."
The 11th Other Minds 2005 Festival
- February 19-23, 2005, Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, California - February 24-26, 2005, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater & Forum, San Francisco, California......
Grist Magazine
- "....Let's face it: reading environmental journalism too often feels like eating your vegetables. Boiled. With no butter.......But at Grist, we believe...."
American Solar Energy Society
- "...dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment. ASES promotes the widespread near- and long-term use...."
Solar Energy Industries Association
- ".....very up-to-date information on retailers and distributors..."
Gaylord Nelson
- deceased this July 3, 2005 - "....was an unwavering advocate for the environment, first within his home state of Wisconsin, later nationally and inter nationally......"
Organic Cotton Product Directory
- "You can search for a company or address or company- and product-description....."
Consumer Federation of America
- "....gathers facts, analyzes issues, and disseminates information to the public, policymakers, and rest of the consumer movement...."
Santa Fe International Jazz Festival
- July 15 - 31, 2005.....
Salmon Nation
- "...the dream of Ecotrust - a community of caretakers and citizens, a community that stretches across arbitrary boundaries and bridges urban-rural divides. We bring new meaning to the word cooperative -- with unusual alliances of tribes, fishermen, farmers, loggers, and urban-dwellers working together to improve our neighborhoods and watersheds......"
Sustainable Cotton Project
- "...Located in the world's most productive agricultural region–California's Central Valley–the Sustainable Cotton Project (SCP) focuses on the production and use of cotton, one of the most widely grown and chemical-intensive crops in the world....."
Boulder Biodiesel
- "...has extensive experience making and distributing diesel fuel made from vegetable oils, which can be used in any diesel engine with no modification to the vehicle itself...."
Dreamtime Music Festival
- Paonia, CO - July 14 - 18, 2005.....
Santa Fe Electric Bike Company
- "...The Wavecrest M-750 is a 65 pound folding electric mountain bike built to military specifications. It meets all requirements to be considered a bicycle in all states and requires no licensing or registration....."
Des Montes Custom Building
- green construction.....
Sustain Taos
- "Our mission is to build a coalition of groups and individuals within Taos County to create a sustainable quality of life by offering educational programs and practical solutions......"
Native Energy
- "We're here to help you fight global warming and climate change......"
New Mexico Solar Energy Association
- Sustainable Energy Events and Information in New Mexico.....
Kit Carson Electric Co-op - Taos, NM
- "...Buying wind power is a great way to demonstrate your support for clean, renewable energy sources......"
Linear City Concepts
- A sustainability concept site......
New Mexico Conservation & Management
- "Renewable Energy for a Cleaner, Greener Tomorrow....."
- Progressive Talk Radio - Portland, Or.......
United for Peace
- "is a coalition of more than 1300 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to oppose our government's policy of permanent warfare and empire-building......"
Earthsense - ".... is the Educational Division of Sunsense, Inc., a regional distributor of renewable energy products and services since 1990....."
KTAO - 101.9 FM - "World famous Solar Radio" - Taos, NM - (The SurferNETWORK player propagates lots of spyware.- fear not! Use Adaware - It's free!)....
Free Press - " a nonpartisan organization working to involve the public in media policymaking and to craft policies for more democratic media......" - "..... is the award-winning leader in lossless digital audio distribution on the Internet! We are a community......" - " a crazy, confounded, steam powered (of course) contraption, designed to spread the bluegrass sound as far and wide as possible....."
- "The wait is over. Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently....."
- "The mission of Free-Ed.Net is to provide quality distance education at no cost to the user....."
Harmony Festival
- June 11 and 12, 2005 - "Northern California's Celebration of Progressive Culture"
Your Own Health and Fitness - "Your Own Health And Fitness is a progressive radio program that presents cutting edge information on the politics and controversies in health and health care."
Planet Mind - ......we make an extra effort to provide web hosting resources for socially conscious businesses and organizations worldwide. We are now offering solar powered web hosting as an optional add-on service....
Live Arctic Cameras - North Pole and South Pole.....
GreenAid - The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc......
WILL-AM Steaming Radio - from Urbana-Champagne, IL - University of Illinois: "Educate, Inform, Enlighten"
WRFU-FM - Urbana-Champagne, IL - Brand-new, low-power Independent radio (under construction)
Minnesota Public Radio - a breath of fresh air!.....
Working for Change - a publication of Working Assets - "Making it Easy to Make a Difference....."
Yerba Magazine - Entering its second year of publication - an insightful look at cannabis from the consumer's standpoint.....
Turtle Island - A wonderful Internet Portal for North American Indigenous Peoples......
Gathering of the Nations - University of New Mexico Arena ("The Pit") - "the 23rd Annual Gathering of Nations April 27-29, 2006!".....
Thirsty Ear Music Festival - Sept. 2, 3 & 4, 2005 - Santa Fe, NM......
Wisdom of the Elders - "an American Indian 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation committed to American Indian cultural preservation, education and race reconciliation."..."We share these teachings with younger generations of American Indians as well as public audiences of all cultures via our radio series, Wisdom of the Elders Radio , our online speaker's bureau for American Indian oral cultural artists, Turtle Island Storytellers Network , the newly forming Northwest Indian Storytellers Association , and other educational venues......."
alter*Native Voices - "To entertain, educate, empower and generally promote positive excellence and appropriate role models by and for American Indian people......"
McCarthyism Watch - the Progressive will be regularly updating its site with examples of the New McCarthyism that is sweeping the country......
Google-Watch! - Watch Out! - Don't let this Godzilla of the Internet track your activities!....
Women in Black - Tucson, AZ - Fridays, SW Corner of Euclid and Speedway 5 - 6:00 PM.....
Women in Black-Flagstaff - City Hall-Saturdays 4-5 PM - World Links.......
KUNM - National Public Radio, Albuquerque, NM - an unusual - meaning - Pleasantly Honest Public Radio station - featuring the Pacifica Network news broadcast.....Democracy Now!.......
Elmer Maas - deceased this May 10, 2005 - "member of the Isaiah Peace Ministry and participant of two previous plowshares actions"..."swam and canoed up the Thames River to the USS Pennsylvania Trident submarine, docked at the......"
The New Left Review - Published every two months from London, the 160-page journal carries articles, interviews, topical comments and book reviews......
Louisville Eccentric Weekly Observer - really! Louisville, KY talks with the truth, really, the Truth......
Teton Science School - Jackson Hole, WY......Teton Science School provides and encourage experiential education in natural science and ecology while fostering an appreciation for conservation ethics and practices......
Sierra Trading Post - a great outdoor gear place......
String Summit 2005 - Acoustic Music at Horning's Hideout, North Plains, OR, June 24, 25, 26......
In These Times - features award-winning investigative reporting about corporate malfeasance and government wrongdoing, insightful analysis of national and......
The Fresno Bee - from Hopland, CA, Mendocino County - a Great Newspaper.....
Detroit Free Press - a Detroit, MI's  news outlet.....
KSFR Public Radio - Radio Broadcast from Santa Fe, a powerfully Progressive breath of fresh air!......
Bonnaroo - A music festival....Since its inception in 2002, Bonnaroo has become a landmark event revered as “Festival of the Year”........
Noetic Sciences - .....a nonprofit membership organization located in Northern California....
Green Home - Environmental Superstore......
For the Future - "Things are going well here in Santa Barbara. We've become Fellows at a new local think tank called.......
Adventure Bluegrass - July 22-24, 2005 - Skamania County Fairgrounds.....Columbia Gorge, WA.....
Wintergrass Festival - Feb.. 24, 25, 26, 27, 2005 - Tacoma, WA Bluegrass Festival.....
Dublab - Dublab brings the latest in music happenings.......
Digital Topographic Maps– Arizona Regional Digital Topo Maps.....
The Wayback Machine - The Wayback Machine is a Rockin' Worldbeat/Grateful/Dance Band from Tucson, AZ.....
Dominion Institute - The Dominion Institute was established in 1997 by a group of young people concerned about the erosion of a common memory in Canada......
Woody Harrelson - A guide to simple Organic Living - with Woody Harrelson and Friends......
KALW - A San Francisco-based community radio station featuring the Laura Flanders Call-in Show.....
High Times - is a cannabis advocacy magazine returns to its roots as new editorial team takes over.....
Roy Orbison - One of the original Sun Records rockabilly artists recording alongside Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis......
The Solar Bus - The Solar Bus is an educational project, designed to promote awareness about solar energy.... - "...TayTV ...a video Archive highlighting informative, educational and cultural video clips...."
The Urban Farm - "....a place to see what and how to farm and garden in the city, a place for you to learn and then go to your own farm space and implement the pieces that we display that work for you and your space....."
The Real Dirt on Farmer John - A documentary - "....goal is to help protect and preserve family farms and to create alternative communities that link urban and rural dwellers into creative partnerships. Our grass roots outreach program will help promote Community Supported Agriculture ( CSAs ) advocacy and educate people about sustainable agriculture....."
The Power of Community How Cuba Survived Peak Oil - A Documentary - "...a story not just of individual achievement, but of the collective mobilization of an entire society to meet an enormous challenge....Farmland that for years had been poisoned by over-reliance on oil-based pesticides and gas-based fertilizers and degraded by mechanized cultivation has been regenerated and replenished with soil-enriching organic farming techniques..."
The Community Solution - ".....dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated...."
Ruralisation - integrating settlements and agriculture to provide sustainability - ".....Folke Günther of the Dept. of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University, has devised a model for integrating settlements and agriculture for sustainability..." - Thanks to The Community Solution.......
International Astronomical Union (IAU) - "....further the development and improvement of astronomy education at all levels, throughout the world..."

Online Beat - writen by John Nichols - "..progressives get up in the morning and go about the work of fighting racism and homophobia, defending the environment, organizing trade unions and tackling corporate hegemony....."
Verde Valley School - " college preparatory boarding school and day school.... dedicated to the highest ethical and academic standards teaching languages and cross-cultural communication, anthropology and responsibility, biology and environmentalism, and the arts through self expression....."
North American Mycological Association - "...promote, pursue, and advance the science of mycology..." - POISONOUS AND HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOMS.......

Dalai Lama – Spiritual Leader of Tibet and Peace Activist - Audio - (Interview about 9/11, September 25, 2003 with Democracy Now!) - More.......
Center for Justice - "....a non-profit law firm dedicated to the experience of justice with those of limited or no resources or influence, through compassion and an awareness of the sacredness of the earth...."
California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) - "......provides certification services to all stages of the organic food chain from farms to processors, restaurants and retailers...."
Berrett-Koehler Publishers - ".....creating publications and a publishing company that inspire a more humane, ethical, healthy, and globally conscious world...."
Bainbridge Island Graduate Institute - ".....prepare diverse leaders to build enterprises that are economically successful, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable....."
Wonderwater - "....designs, creates and installs Rain Catchment Systems...."
Talking Leaves/Lost Valley Educational Center - " intentional community and nonprofit educational center dedicated to learning, living, and teaching sustainable, ecologically-based culture..."
Trillium Asset Management Corporation - "...pride ourselves on being the leading proponent of proactive social investing...."
Sustainable Community Development - "...a marketing and distribution company specializing in natural microbial-based products and services for human health and environmental sustainability....."
Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tours - "....A great deal of planning and costs have gone into providing you with an incredible, safe, life-altering experience...."
The State PIRGS - "...Public Interest Research Groups....delivering results-oriented citizen activism to protect our environment, encourage a fair and sustainable economy...."
Tree People - "....staff and volunteers continue to plant trees and restore the pollution-damaged mountains of Southern California...."
T.S. Designs/Maggie's Organics - "....We envision a world where no harmful chemicals are produced, worn, or discarded.....
The Pachamama Alliance - "...initiated by the indigenous elders and shamans themselves who, out of their deep concern for the growing threat to their ancient way of life, and their recognition that the roots of this threat lay far beyond their rainforest home, actively sought the partnership of committed individuals living in the modern world..."
Peaceful Goods - "...fair trade clothing..." - Under Construction as of 9/01/06.....
Permaculture Credit Union - ".......established to allow its members to share their excess with other members of like mind who would use it for sustainable projects and, at the same time, take care of the Earth...." - PCU Recommended Links to Earth-freindly Websites.......
Pesticide Action Network North America - " to replace pesticide use with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives...."
Pharmaca - Interative Pharmacy - "...achieve optimum health, vitality and wellness, whether through traditional prescription services, complementary and natural remedies, or a personalized blend of both...."
Planetary Coral Reef Foundation (PCRF) - "....pioneering a Coral Reef Satellite Mission in cooperation with scientists at College of Charleston, MIT, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, SeaSpace, Stevens Institute of Technology and USC......"
Portfolio 21 - "....advocate for the highest environmental sustainability practices within the companies we choose for Portfolio 21..."
Presidio School of Management - "....offers an MBA program in Sustainable Management integrating social and environmental values within every course...."
Reddy's - "...At last, a cloth menstrual pad that is totally comfortable, 100% reliable and fabulous to wear..."
Resurgence Magazine - "...cutting edge of current thinking, promoting creativity, ecology, spirituality and frugality...."
Rudolf Steiner Foundation (RSF) - ".....provide individuals, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises innovative financial services, and foster a growing community committed to creating social benefit and environmental sustainability...."
Rupam's Apothocary - "....The preparation of these products follows ancient principles of co-creating with the plant kingdom..."
Saybrook Graduate School - ".....developing and applying knowledge that frees and transforms the human spirit, and develops leaders, who work for the creation of a just, compassionate, meaning-rich and sustainable future...."
The Share Guide - ".....a free holistic health magazine and alternative medicine directory. The focus of this holistic website is health and wellness, education, self-help, spirituality, and environmental awareness....."
ShoreBank Pacific - "....the first commercial bank in the United States with a commitment to environmentally sustainable community development...."
Snow Lotus Aromatherapy - "....essential oils are genuine and authentic oils for use in clinical and home-care aromatherapy...."
Social Equity Group - ".....Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in socially responsible investments...."
Solar Living Institute - "..... hands-on workshops on renewable energy, ecological design, sustainable living practices and alternative construction techniques like strawbale, cob, and bamboo....."
Sound Spaces - " sales, distribution and consultation business that specializes in providing cutting edge, hip and conscious, genre bending titles from World, Ambient, Electronic, Sacred, Trance, Meditation....
Ocean Revolution - "...has; using interconnectedness and the tools of communication to learn from the mistakes of distant people and to work communally on new solutions. We link environmental action to the laptop...."
Ode Magazine - "....Sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond the war, poverty, exploitation and pollution that the mainstream media use to fill our view of the world...."
OM Organics - "...part of Organic India ..... We are dedicated to an international movement of service. In India we have hundreds of acres of organic farmland, and a vast network of responsible wildcrafting...."
Organic Seed Alliance - ".....ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed...."
Organic Valley - "....our philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth...."
The Orion Society - "....inform, inspire, and engage individuals and grassroots organizations in becoming a significant cultural force for healing nature and community.....Orion Magazine - influential forum for re-imagining humanity's relationship to nature, featuring America's foremost writers and artists....."
Organic India - "....creating a holistic sustainable business modality, which inspires, promotes and supports well-being and respect for all beings and for Mother Nature...."
Nutiva - ".....Our watchwords—nutritious superfoods, healthier people, and a sustainable planet...."
Nuclear Information and Resource Service - "....information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues...."
Northland College - "....Do you stand up for what you believe in? Are you passionate about life and curious about everything?...."
Mother Jones Magazine
- An Environmental Must Read!......
New College of California - "...... committed to education in support of a just, sacred, and sustainable world....Green MBA - "....a full-time, two-year, 4-semester program in which we seek solutions that promote financial viability, ecological sustainability, and social justice...."
Northern Sun Merchandising - "....T-shirts, Stickers & Unique Gifts for Thinking People..."
New Leaf Paper - "...leads the paper industry in the development and distribution of environmentally superior printing and office papers......"
PLUTONIUM FREE FUTURE - "....Japanese and US citizens' network that opposes Japan's transportion of plutonium by ship and new nuclear developments around the world...." - Founded by Mayumi Oda......
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps - "...pledges to continue to responsibly produce the fine ecological soaps you have loved and lathered with for over 50 years, while sharing our profits with our workers and worthwhile causes worldwide..."
Earthwatch Institute - "....brings science to life for people concerned about the Earth's future...."
Ecore and Eco-restore - all about Sustainable Living but still under development.
Eclectic Institute - "...develop and market their own line of botanical products using only organic herbs carefully grown and harvested and processed while fresh. Eclectic is committed to working with nature's healing power, in the preparation of botanical products which nutritionally enhance total health and well-being......"
Earthware Biodegradables - "....helping to reduce waste by developing and marketing sustainable solutions – compostable, recyclable and reusable products for households, businesses, and institutions...."
EcoVersity - "....Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, EcoVersity's 11-acre campus serves as a demonstration site and a community building center for the promotion of "hands-on" learning and sustainable living....."
EV Rental Cars - "...The Nations Only Environmental Rental Car Company..."
ForestEthics - "....Our mission is to protect Endangered Forests, and to achieve that goal we’ve created a revolutionary new approach....."
Foundation for Global Community - "...Through education, outreach, and inspiration, these projects are building a world that functions for the benefit of all life...
Falcon Waterfree Technologies - "...the world leader in waterfree urinal systems...."
Friends World Program - "....a group of committed Quakers....we break down the boundaries of our traditional ways of thinking and develop new ways of seeing, understanding and existing in our world...."
Global Exchange/Green Festival - "....promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world....Green Festivals....."
Green Careers - "....a consulting practice designed to help people find jobs that support ecological, social and economic sustainability...."
Global Greengrants Fund - " grassroots action in some of the world's most despoiled and impoverished places...."
Green Yoga Association (formerly the Ecological Yoga Association) - "....teaching yoga to whale sounds, meditating with students by a creek, and inviting animal and plant energies to join us in the postures...."
GreenLight Solar - "....‘go solar’. We make the process as easy as possible, every step of the way: from guidance on making best use of incentives, to design, to installation and financing...."
GreenMoney Journal - "..socially responsible investing is a positive pathway to a sustainable future...."
Greenwood School - "....Waldorf-inspired education...fosters reverence, wonder and stewardship of the natural world...."
Healus Neuro Rehab Center - "....Anusara Yoga, Active Isolated Stretching, Core Conditioning,, Massagercize, Sound Healing..."
Heifer International - "....helping people obtain a sustainable source of food and income..."
Herbs America - "....Maca was first used by the Incas more than 3000 years ago for energy and endurance and is still commonly traded as a medicine and energy giving herb throughout the towns and villages of Peru today....."
Heyday Books - "....foster an understanding of the history, literature, art, environment, social issues, and culture of California and the West...."
Honoring All Life Foundation - "....when we dare to live life as a declaration of WHO WE ARE WILLING TO BE, instead of as victims of perceived limitations...."
Huichol Indian Art - This is one of several online stores.......
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) - ".....employ the rigor of science, balanced by personal and collective wisdom, to support a shift in consciousness that transforms present global conditions into a world grounded in freedom, wisdom, and love...."
Island Press - "....established in 1984 to meet the need for reliable, peer reviewed information to help solve environmental problems..."
Klean Kanteen - "....reusable, lightweight, and risk free stainless steel...."
Leave No Trace - ".....promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships...."
Let's Talk America & Conversation Café - "....Café movement to help create social spaces where empowered citizenship might truly show up..."
Al-Kemi - "...Truly holistic healing methods understand that we are more than just our physical selves...."
Adina for Life Inc. - ".....juice company dedicated to bringing you authentic flavors from around the world. We share a passion for juice independence by working with small farmers and spreading a vision beyond Fair Trade practices......"
Amazon Herb Co. - "....Products and Services to Enhance to Enhance Our Experience on Earth....and Earth's Experience of Us..."
As You Sow - "...Utilizing Capital Markets, Shareholder Leverage, Inovative Legal Strategies and Grant Making to Transform Corporate Behavior and Create a More Socially and Evironmentally Just Society..."
Astrographic Software - "....astrology software provides an interactive view of natal, transit, progressed and compatibility charts..."
ASET - "....The Ashland School of Environmental Technology is a collaborative learning community dedicated to life-enhancing, technological innovations that serve ecological and humanitarian values worldwide...."
Bay Area Naturally/City Spirit - "....THE place to advertise holistic health, environmentally conscious and socially responsible products and services...."
Botanical Preservation Corps - "....Dedicated to furthering human relations with the harmonious resonant constituents of the botanical realm...."
Breast Cancer Fund - "....identifies – and advocates for elimination of – the environmental and other preventable causes of the disease. Founded in 1992, the Breast Cancer Fund works from the knowledge that breast cancer is not simply a personal tragedy, but a public health priority that demands action from all...."
Burt's Bees - "...., we believe that sustainable business practices are always the best practices. Our ingredients and packaging choices reflect our careful consideration of the impact our activities will have on our environment and the overall health and well-being of all living things on Earth...."
California College of Ayurveda - "....We train our students to become the healers of the future; Ayurvedic practitioners dedicated to understanding the whole person physically, emotionally, and spiritually...."
Caifornians for GE-free Agriculture - "....a coalition committed to ecologically responsible and economically viable agriculture..."
Center for Media and Democracy - "...strengthens participatory democracy by investigating and exposing public relations spin and propaganda, and by promoting media literacy and citizen journalism, media "of, by and for the people."..."

Calvert Group/First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC, Lincoln Pain, CFP - "....the nation's largest family of socially responsible mutual funds...."
Center for Food Safety - "....challenging harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable alternatives. CFS combines multiple tools and strategies in pursuing its goals, including litigation and legal petitions for rulemaking, legal support for various sustainable agriculture and food safety constituencies, as well as public education, grassroots organizing and media outreach..."
Visions of Earth - Original Maya Crafts - "...A healthy society is not an unrealizable Utopia, but the only real ideal we should all have...."
Clarus Products International/Q-Link - "...the Q-Link, a sleek pendant that tunes your being for optimal living: More energy, less stress, greater focus, and enhanced well being....."
Coalition for Clean Air - "....dedicated to restoring clean, healthful air to California by advocating responsible public health policy, providing technical and educational expertise, and promoting broad-based community involvement...."
Dragonfly Media - Conscious Enlightenment Publishing - "...acknowledges the lack of a common place for people in the world to fulfill their various spiritual and creative needs and offers them the opportunity to spread their wings by providing them a platform to express themselves, share their ideas, and offers them access to a wealth of information, goods, and services which they can better align....."
Chelsea Green Publishing - "....While going to recycled paper is an essential first step, real change will only come when book sales become nonreturnable....."
Synthesis/Regeneration - A Magazine of Green Social Thought - ".... a journal of debate on social and political matters of interest to Greens and a resource for Green and allied organizers working on technological, environmental, trade and other issues, and on Green Party organization-building. We invite articles from all Green perspectives. ....."
The Canyon Country Zephyr - ".....Mormons And Heathens for a Better Utah...." - Moab, UT news.....
Native Movement Collective - "....Young leaders motivating the world's peoples toward balanced relations with each other and Mother Earth....." - Flastaff, AZ based....
Science and Environmental Health Network - ".....concerned about the misuse of science in ways that failed to protect the environment and human health......"
The Waifs - ".... Being in a band is a marriage. 3 is an odd number Independent means hard work. But to have the freedom to go where you want, with your closest friends and play music to anyone who chooses to listen, it's just the best thing......
Vikki (1995)......" - Bio - Wow! this group is way into Sustainability and Social Justice! - bsolr......
Apollo Alliance - "....on a global scale we face never before seen environmental disruption, rising social inequity, and the emergence of fundamentalist anger that threatens our very security. We need new leaders of vision, and a new unifying call to action...."
NAACP - ".....a champion of social justice, fought long and hard to ensure that the voices of African Americans would be heard...."
Common Ground Collective - ".....provide short term relief for victims of hurricane disasters in the gulf coast region, and long term support in rebuilding the communities affected in the New Orleans area...."
Buzzflash - "....provides headlines, news, and commentary for a geographically-diverse, politically-savvy, pro-democracy, anti-hypocrisy web community, reaching five million* people a month and growing...."
Natural Capitalism Inc. - "....enables organizations to increase profitability and efficiency while becoming more environmentally and socially responsible...."
UTNE Reader - ".....latest ideas and trends emerging in our culture... Provocative writing from diverse perspectives... Insightful analysis of art and media... Down-to-earth news and resources you can use... In-depth coverage of compelling people and issues that affect your life... The best of the alternative media....."
Big Noise Films - "....We are rebels, crystallizating radical community and weaving a network of skin and images, of dreams and bone, of solidarity and connection against the isolation, alienation and cynicism of capitalist decomposition...."
One World - "....encourages people to discover their power — power to speak, connect, and make a difference — by providing access to information and enabling connections between thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world....
Native Energy - " to help you fight global warming and climate change. Take a few minutes to help build a new wind farm or a renewable farm methane project today, that will reduce CO2 on your behalf....."
RestoretheMedia Internet Services - "....a partnership between Liberty News TV and ManyOne Networks, aimed at providing independent minded people with an ISP alternative......"
Citizens for Health - " consumer access to a wide range of therapies, a healthy environment, safe foods, and the dietary supplements of their choice....."

Earth Island Institute (EII)" - ...evelops and supports projects that counteract threats to the biological and cultural diversity that sustain the environment...."
Urban Habitat - " in partnership with low-income communities and communities of color to advance social, economic, and environmental justice in the Bay Area region and beyond....."
Marijuana Policy Project - "....MPP believes that the greatest harm associated with marijuana is prison....emphasis on making marijuana medically available to seriously ill people..."

Ed Rosenthal – marijuana advocate and Peace Activist - audio interview - stream Ed's 420 Report every 1st Friday (moving to the last Fiday of the month - look for this first change August 25) at 12 noon on The Living Room broadcast and streamed from KPFA - Berkeley, CA .....
The Living Room
- "..... Interviews and analysis with host Kris Welch ....." - broadcast and streamed from KPFA - Berkeley, CA every Thurdsay and Friday.....
Michael - A fabulous truth-to-power breath of fresh air.....
Michael Moore - "...Academy Award winning American film director, author, and social commentator. He is widely known for his outspoken, critical views on globalization, large corporations, gun violence, the Iraq War, and the George W. Bush administration...." 
Chicago Public Radio
- ".....broadcasts a wide array of jazz, blues, and world music and is home to the Third Coast International Audio Festival......"
Sarah Vaughan - "....considered one of the most influential jazz vocalists of the 20th century...." - deceased.....
John Coltrane - ".....credited with reshaping modern jazz and with being the predominant influence on successive generations of musicians......" - died in 1967.....
CHINA MEDICINE MALL - "......complete directories of herbal pills, tablets, ginseng capsules, powders, liquid extracts, massage oil, plaster, and balm, and teas of the legendary Plum Flower and Min Shan brands......."
Beyond Treason - Movie - "....horrific underworld of the disposable army mentality and the government funded experimentation upon US citizens conducted without their knowledge or consent....
Alchemy Lab Directory - "....there are two primary ways of knowing reality, and learning to work with both of them is how we must begin the journey of transformation......"

East West Herb Course & Planetary Herbs and Formulas - "........a unique combination of herbal studies in Western, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese herbology......"
Blue Poppy - "....Chinese medicine and acupuncture provide the focus for the high quality products, information and materials that Blue Poppy provides to both professional practitioners and the general public world-wide......"
Hybrid Technologies, Inc. - ".....development and marketing of lithium powered vehicles, products, commercial and residential properties......"
Electro Automotive - ".....We believe in electric vehicles built to live in the real world....."
Rex Research - "....archive and distribute information about "unconventional", suppressed, dormant, or emerging sciences, technologies, inventions, theories, therapies, and miscellaneous alternatives that offer real hope of liberating humanity...."
Energy Smart Builders - "...harnessing the sun's natural energy to both heat and energize the home, to using computers for maximum operating efficiency...."
TreeHugger - "....web magazine, dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible...."
The Loft - ".....Tucson's community-owned, membership-supported nonprofit art house, home of the Tucson Film Society...."
Flag Live - "...Northern Arizona's Arts and Entertainment Weekly...."
Northern Arizona's Mountain Living Magazine - "....Each month, the magazine presents a cover story and related features that explore these facets, with reflections on scientific, cultural and artistic contexts....."
FLaGNEWS@NOON - " hour "good news" presentation....evokes a hybrid of the 1970's community television experience......"
KNBA - ''....nonprofit, Alaska Native governed and operated media center located in Anchorage, Alaska....Educate, Advocate, Celebrate, Carry the Messages of Native/non-Native Voices...."
Windpower Monthly - " hidden allegiances and no economic ties, Windpower Monthly is free to report technology flops and development errors, bureaucratic incompetence and government failings....."
Sustainable Arizona - "......dedicated to improving the quality of life in Arizona and the Southwest. We work with businesses, individuals, governments and other organizations to build resilient economies, strong communities and healthy natural environments....."
Fair Trade Certified - "...innovative, market-based approach to sustainable development...The Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that farmers and workers received a fair price for their product....."
New York Graphic Society - Beautiful Art Grahics by Hundreds of Artists. -
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso - Official Site - deceased - ".....he painted the dove as symbol of peace, an image that became the icon of the world peace movement of the 1950s, reproduced on posters and postage stamps around the world. The dove was Picasso’s version of... “All we are saying is give peace a chance" - 
John Lennon....
The Eat Well Guide - " of sustainably raised meat, poultry, dairy and eggs from farms, stores, restaurants, inns and hotels, and online outlets in the US and Canada....."
Loose Change - 2nd Edition - Watch it here - ".....the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today....."
Ad Busters - " network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age......"
Center for Constitutional Rights - ".....empower poor communities and communities of color, to guarantee the rights of those with the fewest protections and least access to legal resources, to train the next generation of constitutional and human rights attorneys, and to strengthen the broader movement for constitutional and human rights...."
Melanie Street Jewelry - ".....I draw great inspiration from the diverse natural landscape of the southwestern United States....."
From the Wilderness - "....economic and military analysis, detailed exposés of the CIA and the American political and economic system...."
Flagstaff Activist Network - (F.A.N.) - "...individuals who demonstrate their commitment to the earth by defending cultural diversity, ecological health and natural beauty...."
YOUSENDit - a free large file sending service (with for fee added services if so chosen)......
Sierra Club - Arizona’s Grand Canyon Chapter - "....Promote Energy Efficiency and the Production and Use of Clean Renewable Energy...."
The American Prospect - Independent News Service - ".....reviving and rebuilding liberalism, renewing its connections both to American history and to people's lives in the 21st century, and giving progressive political leaders the weapons they need for battle....."
Beat The Press - Written by Dr. Dean Baker - "...commentary on economic reporting....." and hosted by The American Prospect....
Concrete Work - "......Earth's Largest Directory of Concrete Services....."
Tucson-Pima County Metropolitan Energy Commission (MEC) - "....national leaders in adopting energy-efficient building codes and permitting the use of sustainable natural building materials including, adobe, rammed earth, and strawbale construction. The Livable Tucson Forums have led to the creation of the City of Tucson Sustainable Communities Program...."
KCRW - Santa Monica, CA - Schedule - Archives - Left, Right and Center with Robert Scheer and
Arianna Huffington - Fridays 2:30 - 3:00 PM - "....confrontation over politics, policy and popular culture...."
Buffy Sainte-Marie - ".....As part of a blacklist which affected Taj Mahal , Eartha Kitt and a host of other outspoken performers, her name was included on White House stationery as among those whose music "deserved to be suppressed"...." - Bio......
Taj Mahal - "....he formed The Rising Sons with Ry Cooder, Ed Cassidy, Jesse Lee Kinkaid, Gary Marker, and Kevin Kelly...." - Bio
Eartha Kitt
- "....distinctive voice has enthralled an entirely new generation of fans....." - Bio - "...made anti-war statements during a White House luncheon that reportedly made first lady Lady Bird Johnson weep uncontrollably...."- deceased....
Appleseed Recordings - "....independent record company founded in 1996 by Jim Musselman, an activist attorney, after he worked closely for years with consumer advocate
Ralph Nader...."
Jim Musselman - "..... an activist attorney..... founder ..... Appleseed Recordings is an independent record comp

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