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VIA22 - "[It is] a new international, open and  horizontal, collective initiated in Montreal, Quebec – is launching monthly  processes of local and global actions of convergence every 22nd of each month."
MixCloud - "Rethinking Radio".
10 Lessons American Protesters Can Learn from Quebec’s Students - From Occupy Washington D.C.

Stephen Fry - "English actor, screenwriter, author, playwright, journalist, poet, comedian, television presenter, film director and a
director of Norwich City Football Club." - Thirty-Minute Monologue. Oct. 25, 2012
MapsOfTheWorld - "Political and Administrative Maps of continents, countries and regions, as well as online resources of maps, map collections, reference maps, and world maps."
EarthShip Biotechture - Using Recycled, Reuseable and Nature-Based Permaculture to Design and Build Sustainable, Living Structures.
Earth Matters - "Permaculture Workshops."
Charlie's Revolutionary Garden - "My whole life revolves around gardens. I have no lawn, no grass, just fruit trees, food beds, ponds and bee hives. I eat from it, tend it and relax in it. I teach gardening, run school gardens and get my university students to think about them as metaphors for life. Gardens bridge wilderness and culture, and temper our arrogance and loneliness. They awaken us, fortify us and teach us. The next revolution begins in the garden."
RadioNational - The Science Show - Everything Science.
The Post-Standard Syracuse News - Central New York.
New Economics Foundation - "NEF (the new economics foundation) is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being." Happy Planet Index - "An index of human well-being and environmental impact that was introduced by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) in July 2006."
Communities Magazine - "Communities[Magazine] has been the primary resource for information, issues, and ideas about intentional communities in North America—from urban co-ops to cohousing groups to ecovillages to rural communes. Communities now also focuses on creating and enhancing community in the workplace, in nonprofit or activist organizations, and in neighborhoods, with enhanced coverage of international communities as well. We explore the joys and challenges of cooperation in its many dimensions."
A Better Focus - A Solar Cooker - "Our patented  Vacu -Dish Design utilizes reflective film, eliminating the need for tons of glass substrate."
SolarCookersWorldNetwork - "A group of like minded individuals in sunny Arizona, learning and teaching the art of cookin with the sun."- Plans (Wiki) - VietnamSolarServe.
PermaCulture - Design and Principles (Wikipedia).
PermaCulture Principals - "A design system based on Ethics and Design Principles which can be used to guide efforts made by individuals, households and communities towards a sustainable future."
PostCarbonInstitute - "It is Absolutely Necessary that We Plan Our Energy Future. We must work hard to transition as smoothly as possible to largely Fossil Fuel Free Communities. If we’re caught off guard (too late?), chaos is quite likely."
WhoWhatWhy - "Journalists are supposed to do – provide information crucial to A Well-Informed Citizenry In Democracy."
Gawker - Biting Occupy News. - All Occupies.
PressTV - Live from Iran.
Deep Green Resistance - "The task of an activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much personal integrity as possible; it is to dismantle those systems." - Lierre Keith"
Earth Policy Institute - "Dedicated to planning a sustainable future and providing a roadmap of how to get from here to there."
ArizonaGreenParty - Right here.
TheMormonTherapist - "A safe, confidential 'advise column' to get Your questions answered."
NakedCapitalism - A Stern, Penetrating Examination of the wallstreet cons.
Food And Water Watch - They're messin' with Our Life's Necessities. We'll catch you, "bank" on it!
Arizona Community Press - Occupy Arizona News that corporate Arizona distorts against The 99% or supresses.
Tesla Motors Blog - Full-On Electic Vehicles.
CFS (The Campaign for a Fair Settlement) - "It seeks to create a more Just U.S. Economy by Building Public Support for a Fair Settlement between wall street banks, the ags, and the fed. government on the issues of mortgage crisis."
NetRoots Radio - ProgressiveTalk - Schedule.
The Telegraaf Bindenland - The Netherland's Newspaper. -
BuzzFeed - Biting humor all over the place that follows the current public chaos and Depression.
DailyBail - Refering possibly to the "dailycrap" that needs to be bailed out of Our Ship Of State - constantly.
Intentional Communities - "Is an Inclusive Term for Ecovillages, Cohousing Communities, Residential Land Trusts, Communes, Student Co-ops, Urban Housing Cooperatives, Intentional Living, Alternative Communities, Cooperative Living, and other projects where People Strive Together with A Common Vision. - Communities Magazine
POV - (Point Of View) - On PBS (Public Broadcasting) - Independent  Films. Check IT OUT! - Occupy The Debates - Stop the empire before it destroys Us All!
TheTucsonWeekly - The Entertainment Mag for SW Arizona.
TheIntelHub - "Brings you real news and information that you can count on." - "Civilian Intelligence Agency."
Voluntary Hippie Radio - An interesting ISC. 10pm - 12am. We'll give It A Go!
NaturalNews - "Thousands of articles and dozens of downloadable reports and guides (like the Honest Food Guide) that are designed to educate and empower individuals, families and communities so that they may experience improved health, awareness and life fulfillment. "
Shouse Law Group - California's Asset Forfeiture Laws - "Asset forfeiture is one of the most powerful—and potentially unfair—weapons the government can use against people, regardless of whether they are guilty of a crime."
Centers For Medcare & Medicaid Services - (pdf)
The Examiner - From San Francisco, CA.
RadioNetherlands - News and True-Free-Spirit Vibes -Take a break from fascism's oppression.
Barry Commoner - A Pioneering Environmental Scientist and Activist, Died Sunday At Age 95.
Communications Workers of America (CWA) - Local 1180.
LiveStream - "Join the Livestream community to discover, watch and share live events for free."
Journal of Environmental Quality - American Society of Agronomy - "Anthropogenic impacts on the environment, including terrestrial, atmospheric, and aquatic systems."
DisQus - It is A Comments Tool with Likes and Unlikes. Uses Log-ins and Profiles, etc.
English and Spanish Dictionaries - From Wiki. - Posted 10/02/2012
Recovery From Mormonism - "A site for those who are Questioning their faith in the Mormon Church."
Fully, Tony & Santa - 'Harvest Uptown' - Reggae On YouTube.
WikiNews - "The free news source You can write!" - Need WE Say More?
WikiLeaks - You Know This One!
OccupyBerkeleyFaceBook - Community Page.
OccupyWallStreetFacebook -  Community Page.
The PepperSpray Times - Reporting Since July 2000!
The Institute For Southern Studies - "A New Voice For A Changing South."
RawFoodsSOS - "Rescuing Good Health From bad Science."
Occupy Arcata FaceBook - Community Page.
CAASTRO - "The ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics."
NewStories - "What happens when the Old Stories, the ones we were taught to believe, no longer serve or match our experience?"
Banoosh - A Share Site.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory CIT News - Good Stuff Except they stupidly take nuclear crap into Space! - "A decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability."
Aboriginal Peoples Network - A Canadian First Peoples Perspective.
History Is A Weapon - "History isn't what happened, but a story of what happened."
Food And Water Watch - "Works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced."
Margaret Flower's Blog - From Occupy Washington D.C.
Kevin Zeese's Blog - From Occupy Washington D.C.
S17NYC - "OWS has emerged from our one year anniversary energized and ready to take the struggle to the streets, the schools and the neighborhoods where the 99% confront the 1% every day."
The Other Possibilities Network - "collecting and sharing interviews with activists and organizations engaged in positive social change and challenging the status quo of greed, corruption and excess." - Great Science Site. Posted 09172012
UprisingRadio - "We hope to motivate our listeners to take an active role in their communities - On KPFK, Pacifica in Southern California from 8-9 AM PST."
Blase Bonpane - "He is the Director of the Office of the Americas which he co-founded with his wife Theresa in 1983." "He served as a Maryknoll priest in Guatemala and was assigned by the Cardinal of Central America as National Advisor to Centro Capacitacion Social, a center for university and high school students working in the field with indigenous people on matters of health, literacy and labor organization. He was expelled from that country in 1967 in the midst of a revolution."
Paolo Soleri - He is An Artist, Thinker, Creator and Architect. "The Foundation's major project is Arcosanti, a prototype town for 5,000 people designed by Soleri, under construction since 1970."
Arcosanti - An Amazing enclave of Conscious Living, Sonoran Desert Style - l'amore. Heart-Inspired Architecture Co-mingled With Mother Earth and the Stars. WE Know, NOW, when Joseph Campbell Spoke, "Follow Your Bliss [paraphrasing] and Doors Will Open For You That cannot Exist, Otherwise." I Believe Paolo Soleri Knows This. He Radiates Inspiration.
George Bernard Shaw - "Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics.  Nearly all his writings address prevailing Social Problems." - Deceased.
Wavy Gravy's 75th Birthday - Great Sound/Video - 5/14/11 - YouTube.
WavyGravy, KenKesey and TimLeary - From YouTube? - Yes, A Brilliant Sacred Space - A Conscious View far Removed from The Insane Asylum of the madison avenue slime machine.
DelphiForums - "Occupy America."
Occupy Everything - "And/Or Evacuate."
Occupy Stories - "First-Person News From The Occupy Movement."
Occupy Together - "We Stand Together, We Advance Together."
New York City General Assembly - "Official website of the working groups which comprise the New York City General Assembly. Together we work to organize and set the vision for the #occupywallstreet movement."
OccupyWallStreet -  "Is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many Colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants."
Wunderground - Another Good, Weather Forecast Site.
Honolulu Civil Beat - "For the second year in a row, Civil Beat was named the best news website in Hawaii and awarded top honors for both public service and government reporting by the Society of Professional Journalist's Hawaii Chapter."
Northwest World Reggae Festival - Bob's Ranch, Marcola, Or - August 10, 11, 12, 2012!
The Gaia Festival - Wavy Gravy's Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA - August 3, 4, 5 2012!
AlaskaDispatch - News and more from Alaska's Last Frontier.
BlackAgendaReport - With Glen Ford. "News, Commentary and Analysis from The Black Left."
The Majority Report - With Sam Seder - a daily political talk show, M-F at 12PM EST (Sam is also on "Ring of Fire" with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mike Papantonio.) - Sat 3PM EST.
EarthSky - "A Clear Voice For Science." - Blogs - ScienceWire.
Reuters - News Wire Service.
BusinessInsider - A Fresh Look, A Transparent Uncovering of tacky/felonious business practices.
RT - "Question More." News, Videos, Focus on Russian and USA Culture.
EyeOnOccupy - "The latest news about the Occupy movement." Posted 07-11-2012
OccupyCafe - "As creators of Occupy Cafe, we refer to ourselves as "Stewards."  It is with Deep Respect and Honor that We Welcome You to this Open Space for Global Conversation."
Occupy Victoria BC FaceBook - Community Page.
Occupy National Gathering FaceBook - Community Page.
Occupy Philadelphia FaceBook - Community Page.
Universal Declaration Of Human Rights - (UDHR) is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. "30 articles which have been elaborated in subsequent International Treaties, regional Human Rights instruments, National Constitutions and Laws."
WiredScienceBlog - Worth a Try - From
Occupy LA FaceBook - Community Page.
The "Glow." - Triangle L Ranch - Oracle, AZ - "Bring a Flashlight! [Full moon this go round?], Wear comfortable shoes and a jacket. You may BYOB. NO PETS!!!!! GLOW on! Join our Facebook page: ". Check First Weekend in September, 2012.
Occupy Boulder, CO Facebook - Community Page.
Occupy San Francisco Facebook - Community Page.
Occupy Seattle FaceBook - Community Page.
Occupy Portland FaceBook - Community Page.
Occupy Cleveland FaceBook - Community Page.
Occupy Indianapolis Facebook - Community Page.
Occupy Hawai'i FaceBook -  Community Page.
We Act Radio - "Truth is Our Product." - Schedule M-F & S-S - It has "AlterNet's Weekly Radio Show", plus the Usual Talk Show Suspects.
Occupy Phoenix FaceBook - Community Page.
Occupy Flagstaff FaceBook - Community Page.
Occupy Caravan - "This Land is Our Land" Summer Caravan kicks off June 11 from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We will travel three routes across America on our way to Philadelphia for the five-day Occupy National Gathering that ends July 4 on Independence Mall!"
Merry Pranksters - "Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters are noted for the Sociological Significance of a lengthy Road Trip They took in the Summer of 1964, traveling across the United States in a Psychedelic painted School Bus enigmatically and variably labeled "Further" or "Furthur.""
The Gazette - Montreal, Canada News.
InterOccupy - " provides channels of communications between GAs, Work Groups and Occupiers across the Occupy movement." - "An Ordinary Person's Guide to Overthrowing the corporate elites."
The Seattle Times - "Winner of a 2012 Pulitzer Prize." Added 0516 2012.
Tucson Occupedia - "An Archive of Occupy and Occupy Tucson History." Send it in. Your Children and Their Children Want to Know.
Flixster - "A social movie site allowing users to share movie ratings, discover new movies, learn about movies, and meet others with similar taste in movies." - Added 05142012.
Sunset Celebration - Key West, Florida. "Sunset Celebration is a nightly Arts Festival at Mallory Square Dock. Arts and Crafts Exhibitors, Street performers, Food carts, Psychics and of course the thousands of tourists from around the world who visit this Key West art show."
WePay - A Paypal sort of site.
First Solar-powered boat completes trip around the world.
EcoWatch - "Uniting the voices of grassroots Environmental Movement in Partnership with WaterKeeper Alliance."
The OccupiedTucsonCitizen - News that corporate media purposely misses or misrepresents.
Anonymous News - News from Guess Who?
ZeitNews - The latest in Humane, Human Technologies for Conscious People - Let's Hope!
WindHunter - "Hydrogen can be produced by wind turbines and electrolysers on the proposed WINDHUNTER vessels. These large ships or platforms will operate out of sight of land either moored or anchored while facing into the wind and the oncoming waves."
IXmaps - "An interactive tool that permits internet users to see the route(s) their data packets take across North America, with 'interesting' [gov eavesdropping] sites highlighted along the way." - "Free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis."
The Revenge of the Electric Car - Believe it or not?
Color of Change - "Stop corporate-controlled voter suppression."
The Real News Network - No corporate influence. Give 'er a try!
Progressive Radio Network - "PRN: The #1 Station for Progressive Minds" - posted 4-17-2012
MBN LIVE - Going to Be in DC this Spring?  -  From NOW-DC: Send Live Streams to - Mobile Broadcast News - Edited videos will be sent here. Archived here.
West Coast Leaf - "The Cannabis Newspaper of Record"Triangle L Ranch - Oracle, AZ - "Sharon Holnback purchased the ranch in 2001. Sharon is an artist and gallery owner who also creates metal garden art through her company, Apparatus Iron. Her vision, in addition to the B&B, is for the property to be a haven for artistic endeavors."- Home of the "Glow".
DuckDuckGo - Since google screwed "Scroogle"     -     Let's try "DuckDuckGo" - No cookies       No trail       Screw google - An Occupy ISC - great stuff including Current TV here.
More TV Channels - Lots of them. - 2012.       Saturday, MAY 6th (Noon - 2pm) Let's Get Wild. Learn how to forage intuitively for wild edible plants in almost any ecosystem at any time of year.       Friday, MAY 18th - 20th Havusu Falls Swimming Vision Quest. Helicopter, swim, hike and quest deep inside Arizona's spectacular Grand Canyon.       Friday, JUNE 15th - 17thYoga & Meditation Celebration. (3-Days) (3-Days) Trampoline & pool yoga, spectacular hiking, hot tub sunrise & stargazing, inspirational music, sublime silence, organic raw vegan garden meals.
Mystic Island Festival -       6th Annual       Mystic Garden Gathering of the Tribes       July 18-23, 2012- Selma, OR      [1 hr N of Ashland]       "Lake Selmac is an amazing venue right on an amazing lake with 25 acres in Southern, Oregon!"
The US Bill of  Rights - From "The Charters of Freedom" .....
The Occupied Wall street Journal - Very powerful ..... attraction ..... reaction reading .....
Freedom Manual - Things to know for personal protection when Peacefully Assembling .....
US Newspapers ...... Alphabetical Listings by state .....
The Telegraph - Newspaper from Sidney, Australia .....
FileZilla - "The free FTP solution" - "a client and a server are available. FileZilla is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License" .....
Vimeo - Do your own video - "created by filmmakers and video creators who wanted to share their creative work, along with intimate personal moments of their everyday life" - Free and pay versions
KPOO - Community Radio - San Francisco       Soul       Blues       Reggae       Jazz - Schedule (pdf)
Rick Simpson - "My name is Rick Simpson. I have been providing people with instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines for about 8 years. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. Even with this knowledge hemp has always been used as a political and religious football"..... - "Hemp is one of the most diverse plants on the planet, and could literally supply most of humankinds needs for fuel, food, clothing, building products, and medicine. Despite its usefulness, hemp is illegal to grow in the United States. This site is intended to be an avenue for the community to empower themselves with information. There is a truth that must be heard!".....
Next tag - compare shops
Bizrate - compare sales outlets
Amazon - compare sales outlets .....
Nation of Change - A must read .....
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - "America's Top Source for pure Heirloom seeds".....
Greentech Media - News in the green markets - "energy storage markets quadrupals in 5 years" - map (pdf) of Solar Thermal installs in the Southwest, USA .....
Concentrating Solar Thermal Power 2012 - better late than never ..... - Everything a 99% community needs to know - homemade battery chargers - focuses on Occupies.
The Music at Bob's Camp      Good Morning      One Love Elders - Great sound tracks to surf the net.
Live Streaming from Freedom Plaza - Occupy DC
The Talking Drum Collective - "collective of organizations used to create an United Front for African people in order to effectively fight the criminals as One. It takes a whole village to raise a child, and it also takes a whole nation to win justice. We must fight this battle to end globalization, IMF World Bank loan poverty creation loan programs, neocolonialism, imperialism, terrorism, drugs usage, racism, and zionism. Democracy itself is at stake".....
Peter Tosh - "was a saint. Not a saint in the conventional, religious definition" - deceased ..... - "Progressive Tough Liberal News and Opinion".....
NOW-DC - The National Occupy Washington DC (NOW-DC) begins March 30, 2012 .....
The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, Ohio .....
Cleveland Plain Dealer - Cleveland, Ohio ....
The Boston Globe - Boston, MASS .....
WMNF - Tampa, FLA - Schedule .....
Venezuela Newspaper listings - About 25 choices (Spanish) - Translator.....
Argentina Newspaper listing - About 10 choices (Spanish) - Translator.....
Costa Rica Newspaper listing - About 10 choices (Spanish) - Translator.....
Brazil Newspaper listing - About 50 choices (Portuguese) - Translator.....
WMNF - Community Radio - Tampa - Schedule .....
Smooth Radio - R & B from London, England .....
KPIG FM - a commercial-free, fee for service internet radio stream from Freedom, CA
KSDS -FM - Jazz from San Diego - Schedule
Saul Alinsky - "Alinsky faced down the hatred of establishment politicians, attacks both verbal and physical, and jail time".
Environmental Research Lab - "Use of cooling water to create Urban wildlife Habitat".
KTRC 1260 - Progressive Talk - Sante Fe, NM - hosts reflect a progressive points of view.
Emma'sRevolution - "Emma Goldman stood for everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things. Join the revolution!"
Earthscan - Fomerly...Renewable Energy World Magazine - "The world’s leading publisher on climate change, sustainable development and environmental technology."
MotherEarthNews - Home     Do it yourself     Renewable Energy     Green Homes     Organic Gardening     Natural Health     Green Transportation     Nature & Community      Modern Homesteading      Sustainable Farming     Real Food      Land for sale - Paid Subscription.
EV Innovations - formerly: Hybrid Technologies, Inc. - "development and marketing of lithium powered vehicles, products, commercial and residential properties."

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