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Chronologically Listed November, 2015 through October, 2016

Websites That Depict, Discuss and Build

a Possible SUSTAINABLE Future!




Sustainable Energy Installations to     Sustainable Life Systems

No GMO Agricultural Practices to     Alternative Medicine

Green Building Practices to     Progressive Media Sites

People-of-Peace to     Peace and Music Festivals

Zen Events for the 99% to     Direct Democracy Solutions

Historical Pictures and Cartoons

Bismark Tribune - North Dakota News
History Is A Weapon - ".....some histories paint a picture where only the elites have the power to change the world, while others point out that social change is rarely commanded from the top down.
The Daily Astorian - Astoria, OR - on the south shore of the Columbia River at the Pacific coast
Iceland Monitor - Iceland news
S.P.Q.R.: A History of Ancient Rome e-book by Mary Beard

The Assassination of Julias Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome • e-book by Michael Parenti
Havana Times Dot Org - English-speaking news from Cuba
KRVM - Public radioo Eugene, OR - Schedule
Redwood Times - Southern Humboldt news
The Bellingham Herald - Bellingham, WA
The Jet Stream Today

Star Talk Radio - With Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, PhD.
Randi Rhodes - Randi Rhodes Talk returns, TODAY! July 5, 2016 - after two years sabatical.
Weekdays from 1pm - 4pm PST
Radcast Dot Org - Geiger Counters
National Nurses United - Nurses Union for Bernie Sanders
Las Cruces Sun-News - Las Cruces, NM
Aboriginal Multi-Media Society - "Independent and Indigenous is who we are...."
Tucson Folk Festival - April 30 & May1st
The Register-Guard - Eugene-Springfield, Oregon news
VOX - The news explained
Democracy At Work Dot Info - "Economist Richard Wolff and his wife, psychologist Harriet Fraad, will discuss how economic policies impact our psychological and social well-being"
Common Cause - "Holding power accountable" - "Whether, you're looking for an old report on money in politics, background on Common Cause's campaign to fix the fiilbuster or our work to protect and strengthen the right to vote, or a guide on how you can get more involved in the movement to fix our democracy, our search engine probably can help."
Roots Action Dot Org - "We call on the governments of the world to stop providing Saudi Arabia with weaponry, and to boycott, divest from, and implement sanctions against that country until the Saudi government ends its military aggression and abuse of human rights."
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Review - Here -
"An Indigenous People's History of the United States"
Indigenous Peoples' Literature Index - "Writings celebrating the rich and diverse cultures of Indigenous Peoples' that thoughtfully assert the sovereign rights of the Peoples' of North and South America." - Historical Geology - Here
France 24 - Video Corporate News from France

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