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Anita Roddick - "deceased...Body Shop Founder & Environmental Campaigner Anita Roddick 1942-2007...."
1480 KPHX - Progressive Talk Radio; Phoenix, changed into weirdness....
Flagstaff New Day Peace Center - Find out what's happening in the Peace scene.....
Inquiring Mind - "...Each issue of Inquiring Mind explores in depth a particular theme or subject that is of relevance to Westerners interested in the teachings of Buddhadharma...."
Imagine Peace - "....The biggest online peace event. On October 9th 2007, John Lennon's birthday. IMAGINE PEACE as Yoko Ono unveils the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER....."
Reggae Rising Music Festival - Aug 3, 4 and 5, 2007; Humboldt County, defunct?....
Grace Paley - ".......acclaimed American poet, short story writer, and anti-war activist...." - deseased - Remembered.......
Max Roach - deseased - "....Over 2,000 people gathered at Riverside Church in New York on Friday for the funeral of the legendary drummer, educator and activist - Special Tribute...."
Yurt Info - ".....Yurt is a Turkish word meaning tent-site or camping space...."
Al JazeeraEnglish and You Tube AlazeeraEnglish - "'s first English language news channel to have its headquarters in the Middle East; covering the world, bridging cultures and setting the news agenda...."
The Daily Show News and CC Insider - Transcripts (sort of....), and videos of past shows for The Daily Show with
Jon Stewart.....
No Fact Zone and CC Insider - Transcripts (sort of....), and videos of past shows for The Colbert Report with
Stephen Colbert......
Comedy Central - Home for the The Colbert Report with
Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart......
Solartopia - ".....shows us a world free of coal, oil, nukes and gas (King CONG), where efficiency and the revival of mass transit have made possible a post-pollution planet supremely prosperous...."
Post Carbon Institute - "....the strategy of Relocalization, which aims to rebuild societies based on the local production of food and energy, and the Relocalization of currency, governance and culture...."
Ecology Action - ".....GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming — that nutures soil, produces high yields, conserves resources and can be used successfully
by almost everyone....."
The Land Institute - "....purpose is to develop an agricultural system with the ecological stability of the prairie and a grain yield comparable to that from annual crop...."
US Social Forum - June 29-July1, 2007; Atlanta, GA - "......more than a reaction to war and repression. The USSF will provide space to build relationships, learn from each other's experiences, share our analysis of the problems our communities face...."
Mike Ruppert - Creator of the now defunct:
From the Wilderness -....economic and military analysis, detailed exposés of the CIA and the American political and economic system......a one man crusade trying to expose America's bogus war on of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil...the only book to show that Vice President Richard Cheney, the US government and Wall Street had a well-developed awareness of Peak Oil before the 9/11 attacks and..."- More.....
Act 2: From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog - ".....With the arrival of Peak Oil, the curtain has closed on Act 1 of the drama Petroleum Man. What will happen in Act 2? Chekhov said, "If there's a gun on the wall at the beginning of the play, by the end it must go off." In the world's nuclear arsenal are many guns on the wall. If life copies art, will there be an Act 3 in which the players, having learned their lesson the hard way, live sustainably? To explore these and other questions...."
Cynthia McKinney - Peace Activist - "....spoke out against the Persian Gulf War, causing many legislators to walk out in protest at her remarks...." - For Congress......
Emma Goldman - Activist, deceased - "....I want freedom, the right to self expression, everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things....."
Jane Addams - Peace Activist, deceased - ".....her adult night school which set the stage for the continuing education classes offered by many community colleges today...."
Scott Nearing - Peace Activist, deceased - "....wrote pamphlets on low income, peace throughout the world, feminism, and many different environmental causes....."
Headwaters News - "Reporting on the News" - "......a project of the Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana...."
The Air Car - "...An engine which uses air as fuel Tata Motors and technology inventor, MDI of France, sign agreement..."
Public Campaign Action Fund - "....Help us spread the word about Clean Elections in your area. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today!...."
Live Earth - "...a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis...."
Austin Freedom Fest '07 - August 10th; Austin, TX - A NORML Benefit with Willie Nelson!....
Blues by the Bay - Eureka, CA - Two day blues music festival on the picturesque Humboldt Bay waterfront, July 14th & 15th, 2007....
Tucson CSA - "...Community Supported Agriculture...getting Farmer Frank’s great produce, we now also place bulk orders with other sustainable local and regional producers who provide some of us with goat cheese, grassfed meat, eggs, honey and more. We are operated by volunteers..."
Reggae on the River
- Aug 2-3, 2007 - ".....Northern California along the Eel River, at French's Camp in Piercy, California. Approximately 200 miles North of San Francisco, 75 miles South of Eureka....... caring for one another, sharing one’s love, shedding the worlds problems, and cleansing from the everyday bull, all happen in the name of “UNITY”...."
Doug Green MC - "...A 37 year resident of Humboldt Co...His words have been described as “funny and passionate/compassionate activism..."
Patti Smith - "....Smith was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame March 12, 2007. Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine gave Smith's induction speech. Smith dedicated her award to the memory of her late husband, Fred. Smith gave a performance of the Rolling Stones classic Gimme Shelter, a song she termed a great anti-war song. As the closing number of 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction evening, Smith's "People Have the Power"..." - Patti Smith music site
- "....Radio Free Georgia..." - Community radio - Schedule.....
Links - Provided by Ft. Lewis College Environmental Center, Durango, CO - Producer of KDUR Community Radio......
MedlinePlus - "....Trusted health information for you....."
Freecycle - "....a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns...."
Craig's List - "....What can I find there? ......Jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, local activities, advice - just about anything really....."
SICKO - The new documentary by
Michael Moore. Opens June 29th everywhere - Interview 06172007 with Democracy Now! - Mike's website: Michael - A fabulous truth-to-power breath of fresh air!.....
Vanessa Redgrave - ".....has supported a range of human rights causes, including opposition to the Vietnam War, nuclear disarmament, independence for Ireland , freedom for Soviet Jews ...." -
Interview 06132007 with Democracy Now!.....
Farm Aid......Rockin' News - Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced today [June 12, 2007]......A HOMEGROWN FESTIVAL will be at: Randall's Island, New York City, Sept. 9......
Links to Electric Vehicles thanks to Electric Auto Association - Phoenix Chapter - MAEAA Links.....
Your Own Health and Fitness - Tuesdays at 1:00 pm on
KPFA - Berkeley, CA - Free Speech Radio - "...A critical, independent voice on the politics and practice of health..."
European Sleep Works - "...[Green]...Mattresses, Pillows, Bedding and Furniture..."
In the Heart o the Beast - "....Since 1973....has been using water, flour, newspaper, paint, and unlimited imagination to tell stories that explore the struggles and celebrations of human existence....
Against the Grain -12 noon every Monday thru Wednesday on
KPFA - Berkeley, CA - Free Speech Radio- "...A program about politics, society and ideas....."
Mavis Staples - "....Her voice has influenced artists from Bob Dylan to Prince (who dubbed her "the epitome of soul") and she has appeared with everyone from the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Bill Cosby, Presidents Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton, to Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, Santana and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and has recorded with Bob Dylan, Los Lobos, Aretha Franklin, Marty Stuart and many others......"
Cisco Houston - deceased - "......fine folksinger, the definitive interpreter of Woody Guthrie's massive songbook....." - Bio.....
Mahalia Jackson - deceased - ".....her good friend Martin Luther King said "a voice like hers comes along once in a millennium".....
David Dellinger - deceased - "....a renowned pacifist and activist for nonviolent social change, and one of the most influential American radicals in the 20th century..."
Eugene V. Debs
- deceased - "....“For President Convict No. 9653, Debs received nearly one million votes that year!..."

Weekly Column
by author, journalist, TV personality and Peace Activist
Amy Goodman - Anchor on Democracy Now! – One Hour, Weekly TV/Radio and Internet News Broadcast.....
KFAT Radio - It just won't die - ".....the only dead radio station you can listen to on your computer. It doesn't even smell up your speakers - not too badly, anyhow. ...."
- "....The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection.....
Alternative Fuels Data Center
- "....biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, and propane. This site has more than 3,000 documents in its database...."
- ".....We promote plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). PHEVs are like regular hybrids but with larger batteries and the ability to re-charge from a standard outlet (mostly at night)....." - ".....when you might see a plug-in hybrid arrive at your local dealership, we have begun our efforts to build this section of dedicated to the early stages of the plug-in movement....."
The Greywater Guerillas
- "....This desert greywater pond has flourishing papyrus, water hyacinth, and duckweed -- a much more pleasant use than sending it to the sewer...."

Rachel Carson
- deceased ...." American marine biologist whose landmark book, Silent Spring, is often credited with having launched the global environmental movement......" - Birthday Special with 
Democracy Now!....
Ashland Free Press - "..... Ashland, OR - leads the state In Tolerance Towards Same-Sex Couples..... is a small town of less than 20,000 people, right on Interstate 5, about twenty miles north of the California border. About 300,000 people visit Ashland every year..."
John L. Lewis
- deceaesd - "....was the driving force behind the founding of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, which established the United Steel Workers of America and helped organize millions of other industrial workers in the 1930s...."
Hellen Keller
- deceaesd - "....went on to become a world famous speaker and author. She is remembered as an advocate for people with disabilities, as well as numerous causes..."

Mark Twain
- deceaesd - "....began his career writing light, humorous verse but evolved into a grim, almost profane chronicler of the vanities, hypocrisies and murderous acts of mankind..."
Alternative Radio
- "....a weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free to all public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and on short-wave on Radio for Peace International...." - Stations Carrying AR......
Tucson Peace Center - A very importnt Site to check out for what is currently happening in Tucson's Peace Community!.....
The Buckminster Fuller Instittute - "....Buckminster Fuller challenged us with a bold vision: "To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone."
Jon Stewart - " of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and .......political satire......
Wang Wei Lin - ".....was the man who stood unflinching in front of a convoy of tanks moving their way up the ironically named 'Pathway of Everlasting Peace' from Tianamen Square in early June 1989...."
Solari - " our money works transforms our world. This begins with each one of us -- as we create wealth and security for ourselves and our families by supporting and investing in people, communities, natural resources and diversified enterprises that we and our networks know and trust ...."
Save Our Seed - "....On-farm seed saving is a dying art, and with its disappearance is the loss of many generations of farmer selected and bred crop variety improvements......"
Seed Savers Exchange - ".....a nonprofit organization that saves and shares the heirloom seeds of our garden heritage, forming a living legacy that can be passed down through generations. When people grow and save seeds, they join an ancient tradition as stewards...."
International Seed Saving Institute (ISSI) - ".....The non-profit, educational organization dedicated to seed saving, seed saving education and permaculture....."
Organic Seed Alliance - ".....Ethics are an essential component in the development of any life-sustaining natural resource. While the genetics of much of the world's food supply originated in what are currently some of the world's poorest and most unstable regions...."
NAFDMA (North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association) - ".....Its members support their family farms by selling millions of dollars worth of farm-grown produce directly to consumers at farm stands, farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, consumer-supported agriculture, agritourism venues, and other ever-growing innovations in direct producer-to-consumer agricultural marketing methods....." - Find a Farmer's Market......
Planet Coexist - ".....During Spring, 2004, the original visionary, Tzadik Greenberg, began plans for building an integrated wholistic global Tanque Verde Falls, in Tucson, Arizona, where 100 people joined us to celebrate life! Since October 2005, the community has also hosted five successful events - four consecutive full moon gatherings ......"
The Daily News
- NY finest! - BSOLR........includes columns by Juan of
Democracy Now! – One Hour, Weekly Internet Broadcasts and TV/Radio News.
Rights and Liberties - a watch of our governments encroachment upon US citizens' Bill of Rights created by - A fantastic web portal of Progressive Issues......
Planet Coexist's Full Moon Celebrations (Tucson, AZ)....Saturday, at 7pm @ Terrasante Eco-Village......also each Saturday closest to the full moon........
Citizens for Solar - ".....educates the general public about the benefits of solar power by demonstrating solar technology and helping people become part of the solar culture. To this end we put on one major event each year, The Annual Solar Potluck and Festival of the Sun......."
KPIG FM - Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, CA - Playlist (for dial-up users: paste "" into your Windows Media Player - without the quotes!).......
Ohlone Center of Herbal Studies - " earth-centered, herbal medicine school. The mission of the herbal classes is to keep Western Herbal knowledge available by teaching the medicinal benefit of plants to people, thereby enhancing a person's ability to heal through plant use....."
The Solar Cooking Archive - Everything Solar Cooking! - BSOLR......
Hundred Year Lie -"....Look around and ask yourself: Why are we all so sick?....What you're about to read is all true and how it affects you is bigger than you know....." defunct...
Santa Fe Hemp - "....from strictly hemp products to a lovely array of natural fibers of all descriptions...."
Royal Robbins - " Outdoor and Travel Clothing company that has made affordable men's outdoors' clothing and women's outdoors clothing since ...."
WPFW - 89.3 FM —" THE MESSENGER" - Washington, DC - a Pacifica Affiliate Station - great programing!
wikiHow - ".....a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual...."
Joe Conason - peace activist and author" of It Can Happen Here.......a select group of extremely powerful right-wing ideologues are driving us ever closer to the precipice....." - writes for The New York Observer......
The New York Observer - A good one....featuring a column by Joe Conason, author of "
It Can Happen Here"......
Chris Hedges- Peace Activist and Journalist - "....because when I was speaking out against the war, I was on the news staff of The New York Times, and ....." - Truthdig Interview......
Activist Radio Network - " can upload an audio mp3 track together with related artwork, description and link to your own website, as it will appear in the new receiver interface...."
Worst - "....Our Advice: DO NOT USE 210 drugs including...." defunct....

Liberty Tree - "...A new, more democratic constitutional order based on principles of popular sovereignty, participatory democracy, universal human rights, and sustainability...."
Vashon Island Earth Fair - August 4, 5 and 6 2006, Puget Sound, WA - "....We are almost finished booking performers for the 10th Anniversary event, but there might be some spots still available. Friday night is going to be a fantastic...."
Seattle Hempfest - Saturday and Sunday, August 18 & 19, 2007 - "....You have found the website of an event that is distinctly innovative in its attitudes and approach...."
Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, OR - "...The WellSprings site was selected because it offers the quintessential ingredients that are required for building strong and healthy bodies, namely good water, clean air, and healing water...."

9-11 Power to the Peaceful with Michael Franti - Goldengate Park....San Francisco, CA.....Sept 9, 2006 - "....The Festival began humbly in 1999 as an international day of art and culture in support of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal...."
Casbah Teahouse - Tucson, AZ - " international, eco-friendly, eclectic, organic, vegetarian restaurant coffee tea house, deli and bakery...... During the summer months (June through October), we become a traveling teahouse...." moved to N California.....please say your ok!...
10th Annual Homeless Marathon - " offshoot of, "The Nobody Show," which I then broadcast weekly on WEOS, an NPR and Pacifica affiliate....."
The Loft Cinema - located in Tucson, AZ - "...Tucson’s independent arthouse, home of the Tucson Film Society...."
Daniel Ellsberg - "....His trial, on twelve felony counts posing a possible sentence of 115 years, was dismissed in 1973 on grounds of governmental misconduct against him, which led to the convictions of several White House aides and figured in the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon...." - Official Site......
Bernie Sanders - "....Through eight terms in office, the former mayor of Burlington, Vt., has struck a maverick, middle path between Democrats and Republicans, agitating most often for pocketbook issues of importance to middle- and lower-class Americans: protecting Social Security, expanding access to lower-cost prescription drugs, raising the minimum wage, and promoting trade policies that protect rural and manufacturing jobs....." - Senator Sanders!.....

Co-op America - "...mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society....."
Terra Verde - "....Fridays at public affairs program focusing on investigating and analyzing environmental issues from a global perspective...Terra Verde's website...."
Farm & Garden - "....publish news, information and resources related to living in a sustainable fashion with a focus on food, flowers, fiber and families..."


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